So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

The Anachrony Infinity Box has arrived. Scroll down now!!

It’s HERE!!

Mindclash’s insanely talented team releases another KILLER game! Anachrony!  Well, I suppose to be more precise, it is a re-release… BUT, this time around they’ve developed the Infinity Box and a new expansion – Fractures of Time.

The Infinity Box includes every expansion and module released for Anachrony so far, plus the new Fractures of Time expansion and all stretch goals in an exclusive box with plastic trays to hold all the content! Ohhhhhhh…. I am in love! 💞

On top of that, I’ve tossed in the Resin Energy Source Pack, the Promo Pack, and the Metal Resource Cube pack. When completing the pledge manager, the system noted that in order to have EVERYTHING, you needed to include these add-ons even though you were backing the Infinity Box… and as you now, I like to include everything. 🤓

SO, when your friends say that bought the Infinity box but didn’t get those few add-ons, you can casually say, “I am really sorry about that.. but yeah… I actually got it all.” 😝🎉

I’m just teasing!  But still… you will have it all!

I won’t waste your time by talking too much about the game itself…

… because most of you are just going to scroll down to the “add to cart” and be done with it.  Haha.  Seriously! It is THAT good… and you are probably already well aware of that.

The base game was released in 2017 and is solidly sitting at #50 in overall best games on BGG and #38 on the strategy games list. I’m guessing that with the added exposure of the new Infinity Box, more people will enjoy the wonder that is Anachrony… and those rankings will climb even higher.

Back when the first release was coming out, Tom and Melody at the Dice Tower reviewed the game and were really impressed. Of course it landed the Seal of Approval.. and a rating of 8/10. You can watch the video HERE.

For those of you who are shouting from the back of the theater, “Just show us the awesome bits, Drew!!” you can check out a solid Infinity Box unboxing video by So Many Games So Little Time HERE.

If I still have copies of this game in a week… I’ll come back and add my personal thoughts on the game… for now, know this: Anachrony Infinity Box. You need this.


Ages: 15+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 30 – 120 minutes
Publisher: Mindclash Games
At the time of this listing (JAN 2021)
this combo was selling for $280-325 on
various sites.
Our Price:
$233.75 for the complete set!!
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Anachrony Infinity Box has arrived! The all-in saga that we’ve all been waiting for!!

Anachrony is a worker placement and tableau building game set in a foreboding future. As a leader of one of humanity’s four ideological Paths, your goal is to prepare for an asteroid impact bound to happen over the course of the game, and become the dominant power on New Earth once the dust has settled. At your disposal are not only your loyal workers and high-tech Exosuits, but also the ability to open Time Rifts, implemented as an innovative game mechanism.

The Infinity Box includes every expansion and module released for Anachrony so far, plus the new Fractures of Time expansion and all stretch goals in an exclusive box with plastic trays to hold all content.

The Infinity Box is a Kickstarter exclusive.

Anachrony Base Game
Anachrony: Fractures of Time Expansion
Anachrony: Future Imperfect Expansion
Anachrony: Doomsday Module
Anachrony: Pioneers of New Earth Module
Anachrony: Guardians of the Council Module
36 large Exosuit Miniatures
Plastic Tray
Printed Plastic Warp Tiles
Art and Storybook
All Stretch Goals

Anachrony Fractures of Time

Since the Paths’ Time Rifts powered up for the first time on the Day of Reminiscence, masses of people across New Earth have been seeing visions of a fifth Time Rift hovering over the eerie Ground Zero of the impact, waiting to be discovered. These visions also invoked an increasing sense of empathy and fellowship between these people — a bond much stronger than their Path affiliation. A mass exodus from the Path capitals took place over the course of the first Era, and the first pioneers discovered that the Time Rift in their visions not only exists, but it holds the foundations of a new civilization, one that may eventually set all people of New Earth down a new path – the Path of Unity.

Explorers from the Path of Unity soon discovered a secluded mountain valley where the enigmatic flora not only survived the impact, but it mutated and evolved by the asteroid’s toxic Neutronium dust. The resulting flower-like crystal formations synthesize a substance called Flux, which is collected and studied by the Harvesters, the valley’s mysterious inhabitants. The Harvesters are willing to share the secrets of the Flux technology with the Paths, but remain silent about its side effects, which only they are immune to…

In the alternate storyline of Fractures of Time, Anachrony’s first major expansion, the four original Paths and the newly formed, sanguine Path of Unity have gained access to a powerful new technology called Flux. Flux Cores can be acquired in the Amethynia Valley, the expansion’s new main zone. By using the Flux Cores to power up their Fracture device, players may move (“Blink”) one of their already placed Exosuits to a new action space instead of placing a new one, or immediately retrieve some of their Workers or Free Action markers. This can result in never-before-seen action efficiency, but just like the Time Rifts, the Flux technology is a double-edged sword. Without a sufficiently advanced Fracture device, overusing it can cause Temporal Glitches; hectic negative effects such as shutting down the Exosuit bay slots, temporarily disabling buildings, or making players more prone to Anomalies.

The Valley holds other secrets as well. The Operators’ advanced technology allows players to remove the Temporal Glitches, upgrade their classic Path tech with new quirks, and even enlist the Harvesters themselves as a powerful new class of Workers, who are immune to the Flux’s side effects.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 23.1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 13 in
Gugong Deluxe Combos

Gugong and Panjun Deluxe together in a velvet box, Panjun Deluxe ONLY in the velvet big box (with space for your personal copy of Gugong Deluxe)


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