So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Apex: The Collected Edition.

They have arrived… and the ground is trembling.

(just like the gamers who can’t wait to get this game to the table)


This version of the game includes a newly designed storage box with all new box art and “collects” the BASE GAME with the ALL available Expansions!

Hunt. Evolve. Dominate.

Class dismissed!

I’m not a huge fan of deck builders (although I enjoy it as a component of larger games), but there was no way I could turn away from an amazingly illustrated, Dinosaur-combat-themed foray into Apex predator rampaging!! Arrrr! Ahem… sorry… let me get back on track. 😅

Plus, I love the idea of having the base game and all the expansions in one place! True confessions… my copy of Smash Up – The Big Geeky Box – must weigh 40 pounds!  Hahaha.  Anyway… now that my Upstart cred is re-established… back to the game.

Educational caveat!

This game has not been proofed by a paleontologist!

If you are a dinosaur purist… you may need to sip a bit of chamomile tea – or have a stiff drink – before you sit down to play. These dinosaurs are not your standard backyard variety… hehe.

It wouldn’t even dawn on me to mention something like this, but the Kickstarter campaign and the rule book each made a point of highlighting this detail… so I wanted to pay it forward.

You’ve been warned!

Gameplay – insanely ultra-brief-and-unhelpful summary

Here we go!

Each player chooses a species deck. These decks are comprised of cards that help you battle the environment, cards that help you battle infection, predators, or prey (hehe), and cards that help you evolve and develop your species!

Rampage about enjoying the seriously awesome artwork on the cards while you create the ultimate Apex predator deck… battling your fellow Apex predators until one of you emerges victorious!

⚠️ If bone-chilling combat and literal teeth-gnashing aren’t your thing, you should probably browse a different title in the shop forthwith!

🪖 If, however, the idea of battling it out as an apex predator with loose dinosaur origins who cannot rest until it rules the Earth sounds like your kind of adventure… sign right up!

As you might imagine this game has many, many mechanisms familiar to your classic deck-builders… but with lots of added pop and sizzle! I won’t get into the details here becauseI am lazy… haha. But, let’s face it… if you are here checking this game out you probably already know of its existence and don’t need me to drone on about the absolute epic’ness of the collected edition. 😁

Still, in order to help out a LITTLE (smile), here are some helpful videos!

Here’s a basic set-up video with some very clear video of the artwork, game boards, etc. by LonelyMan BGs. You can find the video HERE.

And here’s a quick unboxing video by the gents over at Board Game Rundown on the Game Talk Network. You can find the video HERE.

I can’t say it better than the game publishers…

…and this simple statement had me champing at the bit to get this game!

“Theropods were bipedal “beast-footed” dinosaurs, and the largest predators to ever walk the Earth.” [and heavily inferred is, “and you cannot wait to try your hand at planetary domination!” 😉]

This game is an insanely fun way to partake in all the apex predator mayhem without having to risk life and limb after:

  1. exiting a time machine in the Mesozoic Era.
  2. dressing up in dinosaur attire and LARP’ing it in the woods with other realistic-looking claw and teeth outfitted titans of the “next level” of the gaming universe.
  3. emerging from cryogenic sleep in 500 years and visiting an actual Jurassic Park. Those never work out…

You’re welcome. 👏🏼😆❤️


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 6 
Play Time: 60 – 160 minutes
Artist: Herschel Hoffmeyer
$180 on eBay at the time of
this listing (FEB 2021)
Our Price: $114.65
Links to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢



Apex: The Collected Edition has ARRIVED! The ground trembles as the ENTIRE collection of expansions (along with the base game) demands to be heard!! 🦖🦖🦖🦖

This version of the game includes a newly designed box with all new box art and collects the BASE GAME with the ALL available Expansions!

Apex is a deck-building game, played solo or with up to 3 – 5 friends.

You play as a prehistoric predator competing for territory and resources against other predators. Each playable species has a unique deck to master. Each deck has different strengths, weaknesses, and strategies—creating a varied and constantly evolving experience.

Your species must overcome a very brutal environment including harsh climate changes, disease, attacks from predators, grievous wounds, infections, and deadly prey. The game incorporates many dinosaurs that behave in their own distinct way. The goal of the game is to endure the environment, build up the population, evolve your species, and become the apex predator.

~description from publisher

Additional information
Weight 12.1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

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