So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Catapult Kingdoms Kickstarter Edition all-in pledge!!  The neoprene mats, the expansions, the kitchen sink… Get some!! 🪖🎖

Catapult Kingdoms All-in pledge… soooo sweet! As a quick reference (for the enquiring minds amongst you)… this was the $110 pledge during the original campaign…. And it is selling at $299 on eBay at the time of this listing (June 2021). Wow.


Also, please note that this is the KICKSTARTER version of the game with the expansions and stretch goals and what have you. This is not the retail release of Capital Feud by Iello… 😊👍

With that said… let’s get ready to ruuuuummmmblllleee!!!  💥🥊

Catapult Kingdoms as ARRIVED!

This bundle includes the base game of Catapult Kingdoms, the Siege Expansion, the Artificer’s Tower Expansion, the Volcano Expansion, the Vikings Expansion, the Royal Feast Expansion, and 2 of the neoprene player’s mats!!! This is exactly what you wold have receive if you pledged for the all-in during the Kickstarter campaign.

This is a LOT of game… so you will need a decent amount of shelf space to accommodate this hoedown… but it is SO dang fun!!!

Make catapults at the READY!!

Is that how you say that? Dang it… I was in the modern Navy… no catapult’s to be had. Haha.

Anyway… 😬👍

Ohhhhh…. This is a FUN one!  OK.. OK… this isn’t a heavy-weight Euro… and it isn’t even a tabletop game…. But bear with me, people. This game is HEAVEN! 👼

Build your fort.. place your people… be mindful of the Volcano… ???… and engage the catapults! This is an amazingly fun, family-oriented game where you try to destroy your opponent’s battle-weary castles vis-à-vis an all-out Alexander the Great catapult cataclysm!

Sorry. I got a little carried away there.. haha. Whew! 🙄

Also, family oriented and war don’t seem to go well together in a sentence… or DO they?!?!? 😂😂


I’m going to forego my usual banter (well at least the REST of my usual banter) for this write up and for a few others… because I need to get these games into the shop… and… I am short on time!

Haha.  Yes, yes… I am retired but I am still busy…

I know. I need help.

All joking aside though.. I am helping my sister by installing custom closets in her house.. and I’m prepping the house I grew up in to help my Mom get it ready to put on the market (my parents have/had been living in a new house since back when my Dad was alive… but he just couldn’t bear to part with the “ancestral” home and what not. So time to get hat moving! And I’ve got a handful of my own projects… and I run this company called Upstart and… er… you get the idea. Hehe. 😉😅

Anyway… I have a lot of plates spinning… sooooo… it’ll be Kickstarter campaign links.. and a few videos… and a few hugs… until I start having a LOT more free time. Sorry team!

And yes… I am traveling a lot too… so there is that! Ahem. 🧐 In fact, I’m heading out to Colorado Springs to meet up with some good friends later this week…

CANNOT wait to see you… Randy and Marleen!!!

And….. back to the game… ha!

OK… You can find the original Kickstarter campaign page HERE.

And you can find a great video of the Tantrum House crew getting into some all-out war, HERE!

Annnnnndddd.. without further ado… you can find Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower review HERE.

And it’s ACTUALLY Tom doing the review.. woot woot! Hahaha… I know.. I know… he can’t be everywhere all the time… but I can’t help it. It’s just not the same to see a host of different not-Tom’s doing his schtick. All in the name of progress I suppose…

Anyway, he really enjoys the game and he has plans to play the game with his kids.. and even his grand-kids some day! He gives it a good recommendation… and it gets the official Dice Tower Approval!  Boom!


Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Play Time: 20 – 30 minutes
Publisher: Vesuvius Media
SKU: Vesuvius Media 001
At the time of this listing (JUNE 2021)
this exact bundle was selling for
$299 on eBay. Sweet Lord above! 😬
Our Price: $139.50
Links to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Catapult Kingdoms Kickstarter All-in Pledge!!  Get some! 💥🪖


Build your castles, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to win the day!

The War for the Floor has begun once more!

Catapult Kingdoms, is a game of last person standing. Your objective is to knock down all your opponent’s troops!

Starting with the youngest player, choose your family: Chaufort or Cunningfields. Then, use your bricks to build a castle to fortify your troops. Using your catapult, launch boulders in an attempt to destroy your opponent’s castle and knock over their troops. When all troops of one family are knocked over, the battle is over. The winning family must have at least one troop standing upright.

The game is played in a series of rounds. During a round, starting with the youngest player, everyone takes a turn. Each player’s turn is divided into four phases: Tactics, Aim, Fire and Cleanup. Perform these phases in order, finishing each one before moving to the next. When all players have had their turn, the round finishes. You keep on playing round after round until there is only one player with troops on the table.

Warning! This is a game of construction/destruction of plastic bricks and figures… NOT your opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of battle! Please play fair and be careful not to hurt each other or damage anything… other than your opponent’s attempt at a impenetrable fortress!

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 17.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

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