So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

This bundle includes the Ultimate Edition of the Chronicles of Crime base game, as well as the rest of that same Kickstarter package!  Both expansions – Noir and Welcome to Redview – are included!  Also included are the VR glasses that were produced as part of the campaign. Visit the original Kickstarter page *here* if you’d like to see the details.

Chronicles of Crime… this is going to be fun!

David Cicurel and the team at Lucky Duck Games really have a HIT on their hands with Chronicles of Crime!!! The integration of the app with the boardgame is fantastic!  And, the use of the VR glasses to explore scenes really amps up the cooperative aspect to the game; as the person exploring for clues tries to work collectively with the rest of the team! I. LOVE. IT!

Player using VR Glasses: “OK… there’s a large bookcase in the back of the room… I’m going to try and see if any of the book titles might be clues.”

The rest of the group: “Do you see a knife?” “No no… we need to find the groundskeepers rake!”  “Wait, I thought the groundskeeper was innocent? “Are we supposed to call out clues while we’re exploring an area?” “Is there a Stephen King book about a renegade clown in the bookcase?”

Player using the VR glasses: “This is SO cool!  Can I always be the one to explore the rooms?  Did you guys say something?”

The rest of the group: “Hurry up!   You’re wasting time!!  We only have 30 seconds left!”


Yeah… it is awesome!

Basic game play

Straight out of the gate one of the really cool aspects to having a game that runs through an app is that there isn’t a lot of teaching to do before you jump in.  Set up the board and cards… play through the tutorial… and it’s GAME ON!

Lay out the Scotland Yard location… arrange the forensic contacts (an assortment of standard characters in the game who are available at any time to help you investigate certain clues)… pick a case… and start exploring!

Everything in the game has a QR code that can be scanned with the app.  As you progress through your investigation the different locations, informants, pieces of evidence, etc. etc. will tell you anything you need to know about game play!  Most locations will allow you to explore (using the VR glasses) and search for more clues.  Informants will share information (uh, of course)… and so on.

Special Items versus Evidence

The special items deck contains items that the game will specifically tell you to reveal once you’ve found them.  These don’t require any additional investigative work as the game will tell you, for example, “you found the artist’s paintbrush – Item 15.”

However, when you’re searching through a location or crime scene, the player using the VR glasses will describe what they are seeing as the other players go through the evidence deck to see if something fits the description.

This part requires a little individual interpretation as the bits of evidence aren’t specifically called out like the special items are. For example, if someone describes a bag of cement and the evidence card says “construction material” it would be spot-on to go ahead and scan the “construction material” evidence card.  But if the person exploring the room sees a bicycle, it might not be appropriate to say, “OK cool!  I think we’ve got the “office supplies” evidence card locked down!” You get the idea…

Does the game just hand you the case?

No!  Although the game is designed to keep things rolling along… your investigative mettle will be key to solving the crime!   As you explore the locations, talk to the informants, and reveal clues or potential evidence, you’ll need to arrange the different facts in a way that helps you determine your next steps.  This iterative aspect to the game is WONDERFUL and generates a lot of dialogue with the group! For me, this is an exceptionally well done choose-your-own-adventure with some really fantastic depth!!  This game is SOLIDLY cooperative and engaging!!  Although admittedly this is also a game I would enjoy playing solo – and that is saying something as I almost never play solo!

As the game unfolds you’ll be cross-referencing locations, asking different informants or forensic contacts about objects or parts of the storyline, and re-visiting items/people discovered earlier to see if there’s more information available.  This aspect of the game has a very sand-box feel to it and it is really fun!!

As you locate clues (the app will confirm when this happens), you’ll place them on the game board in the center of the table.  Informants are placed on their locations, or if no location is indicated, they go onto the informant section of the game board. This way everything is organized and easy to find if you need to re-check anything.  Type-A personalities rejoice! 😉

Winning the game

Once you think you have enough clues to win the game, you select “Solve the Case” and answer a series of questions using the clues you collected… Have the right clues and you solve the case.  If not, it’s back to the investigation!!

The expansions

The Noir expansion comes with 4 new “atmospheric” scenarios, a wonderfully imaginative 1950s Los Angeles Noir setting, and some new action card mechanisms that are designed to add even more depth to the game!!!  This kit comes with 15 location boards, 30 character cards, 10 special item cards, 4 action cards… and of course… the rules 🙂 I know I alluded to this above, but it needs to be said again – The artwork in these games is fantastic and, not surprisingly, creates a wonderfully immersive experience!

The Welcome to Redview expansion comes complete with 4 new “exciting” scenarios, a new immersive 1980s small American town setting, and a new dice rolling “RPG-like” mechanism!!  The box contains 15 location cards, 6 character boards, 30 character cards, 10 special item cards, 12 energy cards, 4 dice… and of course, the rule book. 😉

Both of these expansions are included with this bundle!!

The VR glasses (also included with this bundle)

You don’t need the VR glasses to play the game… but they add a really great immersive experience to the exploration aspect of the game.  Honestly, I’ve played both ways (without the VR glasses when I first demoed the game at BGG CON and with the glasses after receiving my copy)… and I REALLY enjoy having the VR glasses available! If you already own more advanced VR goggles, Lucky Duck has that covered!  They added VR goggle support to the app during the Kickstarter campaign as one of the stretch goals.  I can’t comment on how well this works since I don’t have VR goggles… but at the very least, that’s a nice option.

Solo play

As you might imagine, the use of the app as such a critical piece to gameplay means that solo play is FANTASTIC!!  This game has been well received by solo players and that’s not surprising!  Grab your VR glasses, set up the game, and solve that crime!

Bottom Line

This is a FANTASTIC release by Lucky Duck Games!  The artwork is wonderful, the app integration really adds thematic depth, and the VR glasses allow for an immersive experience as you search for clues, talk to informants, and solve the case!  The game plays beautifully in team-mode or solo-play mode with no adjustments to gameplay required. The themes are seamlessly connected to game mechanics and game play.

This is an uncategorical WIN and a must-have for all you Upstarts out there!


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 60 – 90 minutes
Designer: David Cicurel
Matijos Gebreselassie
Mateusz Komada
Katarzyna Kosobucka
Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
$110 on Ebay (US) as separate items.  
As of this listing (MARCH 2019), base
game with VR glasses – $50.
Noir and Welcome to Redview are
listing at $30 each.  Some sellers
are located outside the U.S. [I only 
mention this for shipping implications :)]
Our Price: $82.25
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Chronicles of Crime with VR Glasses and Both Expansions!Chronicles of Crime!  Noir!  Welcome to Redview!  VR glasses from the Kickstarter!!

In the city of London, a team of forensic experts are sent out to crack the unsolvable cases. Homicides, robberies, and the unimaginable crimes will not go unpunished. Proof of evidence and motive is key to locking the suspect behind bars. Find the hidden clues in the crime scene to uncover the trail to the truth.

Mobile phone app required to play!

Chronicles of Crime requires a free app, which you can download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. You only need the app installed on one phone or tablet to play. It’s impossible to play without the app (once downloaded, the app doesn’t require any internet connection during gameplay). The language can be changed within application.

Once the game is set, launch the app and select the scenario and episode you want to play.

NOTE: Try the short tutorial investigation to get familiar with the game. Instructions are explained in this scenario to understand how the game works.

Scan, scan, scan!

You progress in Chronicles of Crime by scanning Locations, Characters and Evidence Category cards. When the scan window is displayed, point at any QR Code on a card or board. Wait for the code to become green, then tap anywhere to trigger the scan.

As you work your way through the game you have a variety of options that help you in your investigation. You can:

  • Scan a Location card: this allows you to move to this location in the game.
  • Scan a Character card: this allows you to interrogate the character.
    • Once scanned, the character will answer questions about any other characters or evidence. To do so, simply scan these cards and the character will speak about them.
    • You can exit interrogation mode by pressing the “good bye” button.
  • Scan an Evidence Category card: allows you to pick up a clue that you have spotted. Extra details become available and, if it’s im­portant, it indicates that you should put it on the evidence board.
  • Scan a Forensic Contact: allows you to call your contact.
    • When calling your contact, every other scan will make your contact speak about the topic.
    • You can exit the call by pressing the “goodbye” button.

Search for Evidence

Some Locations (like crime scenes) allow you to search for Evidence. Press the ”SEARCH THE SCENE” button to enter the search mode. You can either search for Evidence in 3D (to do so, place the glasses in the middle of the screen over the yellow line on the phone) or In panoramic view (select this to experience the crime scene without extra devices). This won’t be an issue with your Upstart package as you’ll be getting a copy of the VR glasses with your game!!

Game Ending

When you believe you have solved the case, you can give your report to your superior.

Go back to the Home location and press “SOLVE THE CASE.” A series of questions will be asked. To answer them, scan the cards that support your deductions. Your score will depend on your answers and the amount of time it took for you to solve the case!  Good luck team!!

Additional information
Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 11.75 × 5.0 in

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