Cooks and Crooks Kickstarter bundle of fun!

This bundle includes everything you need to start cooking your way to victory!  The Cooks & Crooks base game, the Fat Fry (5th Player Expansion), All unlocked Stretch Goals, the KS Exclusive Metal Coin and the KS Exclusive Ingredient Card.  Now heat up the oven and get ready to WIN!

Chef Cook-off… with a twist?‍??‍♂️

In the spirit of the classic televised cooking show Top Chef… or Chopped… or Master Chef… or Hell’s Kitchen… or Iron Chef… or… Wait.  Why are there SO MANY cooking competition shows?  I don’t get it.  Order a pizza, grab a beer, watch other people compete in a cook-off.  Huh?  Oh well.. this is why I am not a rich, Hollywood mogul ?

But I digress…

This game puts you in a head-to-head competition with the other chefs at the table as you race to complete one of each of the 5 dish types before the final round of the game. Add ingredients to your pantry, toss the required ingredients in your oven (according to the recipe on the different dish cards), and score points for each completed recipe.  Easy, right?

Well, that part is pretty straightforward… but it’s the twist that adds the fun.  Unlike most of the shows listed above, in this competition chefs can overtly sabotage other players’ culinary efforts!!!  Raid a player’s pantry by stealing cards from their hand…. or heck, even steal an ingredient card right from their oven why don’t you?  Can you DO that? Yes. You can.

Waiter! There’s a fly in my soup!

As if stealing ingredients wasn’t dubious enough… players can actually add trash or “radioactive” ingredients to their competitors’ ovens to try and rob them of well-earned points.  There are a variety of “ingredients” that can be played in this way; and some of them can actually BENEFIT certain meals.

Toss in a fly, and the player loses one point when they score their dish.  Yeah… there’s no positive spin on the fly card… ?

But, toss a snail into a tasty soup and you’ve just added 5 points to your dish! On the other hand, if you add that same snail to a burrito or something that might not normally contain snails, then that chef loses a whopping FIVE points when they score their dish!   Nice! ?

Fear not my fellow chefs… there is actually an action that allows you to rid your oven of one of these pesky sabotage cards. So all is not lost.

Detestable Games. Well named, good sirs…. Well named…

I’ve only had the pleasure of chatting with the good people over at Detestable games via email and KS messenger… but even over electronic comms, the team’s energy and positivity shines through!  This is one group of people I cannot WAIT to meet at a CON some day…

Great people – fun games. #WINNING!

[I should note that according to the publishers, Detestable is short for “The test table”… but given this game’s nature… I’m thinking there’s a bit of double entendre going on here ?

Roll A Game Expo WINNER!

In December of 2018 the Detestable Games team were present at Roll A Game Expo to show off Cooks and Crooks. And their efforts paid off! Cooks & Crooks obtained 1st place (from a group of more than 20 competitors) for the Quetzaladder Award in the category “Best Game of the Expo.”  The public has spoken! This is a solid game…

Parting words

If you’ve browsed around the shop you know that this game is a bit lighter than other games in the product line-up.   So, you might be wondering how this fits with the rest of the theme…. And well, it’s simple.  I stock games that I want in my own collection, and this is definitely in that category!

My niece and nephew will be visiting soon (8 and 9 years old), and I cannot wait to get this to the table with the whole family! What niece or nephew can resist putting a fly in their Uncle’s soup?


A little light-hearted “Take THAT!” in a game where (in my opinion) the experience of playing the game is the primary driver; and winning the game is actually secondary?  Yeah… that’s good for the soul… no doubt 😉

If you’re the kind of family where tossing a fly into someone’s pretend burrito in order to pave your own way to victory sounds like fun… you need Cooks and Crooks in your library. Trust me.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 20 – 40 minutes
Artist: Luis Muñoz
Publisher: Detestable Games
Selling on eBay for $37.49 at the
time of this listing (late MAY 2019)
Our Price: $24.00
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Cooks and Crooks Board GameCooks and Crooks. 5th Player “Fat Fry” expansion. All Stretch Goals. You get the idea…

Our international chefs are competing between each other, but unlike most competitions, these cooks don’t mind playing dirty!

They will try to obtain victory while sabotaging their opponents’ efforts by stealing their supplies, swapping ingredients in their ovens or even by adding a nasty ingredient to another recipe. Be the most crooked cook in order to win!

Clean your oven, make room in your pantry. Select a dish and start collecting the ingredients to cook it. All the while trying to raid other players’ pantries, introducing trash in their ovens or swapping ingredients between them. Be a nice cook or be a crooked cook, whatever it takes to win.

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