So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Dead Throne: World of Veles has arrived.

Sweet, open-world adventure with ridiculously cool/ingenious in-box market!

Holy Mackerel!  The box is insane!

You all know that I am a component hound… and that I love a solid theme… and that I am drawn to cool table presence and art! I mean, you all know that… right⁉️

Of course I also need a game that utilizes solid mechanics to create an enjoyable gameplay experience. So, there’s that ?

Sharkee Games has done a nice job of hitting all these wickets… but where they go “to the moon and back” is with the box design. A critical component of the game involves obtaining and crafting items; and as a result players will find themselves taking cards, returning cards, moving cards around, etc. etc.

In order to facilitate smoother gameplay (and to just be ridiculously cool in my opinion… haha), they designed the box top as a card-storing/holding market; while using the bottom of the box to keep additional decks on ready display. No need for a third-party box insert here folks! [Mind you, I really love my various box inserts from Broken Token, Tower Rex, and Game Trayz… but it is pretty darn cool when the box is its own insert!] ?

This box is HUGE! And the functional-card-market-in-the-box-top has me belting out show tunes in excitement!! “Maria… I’ve just met a girl named Maria!” ???

Adding to the awe-inspiring box, the team added to the “they’ve thought of it all” effect by including individual player-card trays!! These trays hold all of your cards in an easy-to-read, standing-on-end orientation; with the overall card holding area split into three zones so you can keep everything straight.

The central card area holds your armor cards… and then your other cards (items, scrolls, traps, monsters, etc.) are stowed to either side of the dead-center armor cards. With one glance you can see it all. SOLID!

D & D ?? Pathfinder ??  Dead Throne ?

Now before anyone gets all upset… please note I am being a bit lighthearted in this comparison. But, from the 30,000 foot view I think it holds. Basically, Dead Throne starts with your basic quest-laden, combat-featuring, adventure tale… You get a group of people and you send them out to explore a new world.

Then you take away experience points and instead focuses solely on scrolls and items to enhance character strength. For good measure you add in the ability to lay traps and summon monsters to fight by your side. Of course, you keep health (hit points) to track survivability and what not… I mean, you have to measure damage somehow! ⚔️

Now you create a beautifully illustrated modular game board to explore… and you throw in cool, 6cm high, character minis to help create that immersive experience. And yeah, you create a killer game box and toss in some sweet card trays. While you’re at it you flesh out the backstory on the entire land and its inhabitants for people who really want to get into it…

This, my friends, is Dead Throne.

And… it is a WIN! ???

One against many! Straight up competitive! Solo and coop!  Oh my!

There are 6 hero characters and one evil-villain character in our Dead Throne universe; giving us a max player count of 7 in the one versus many mode. I’m not a huge fan of one-versus-many… although if my buddy Mike is reading this right now, he is thinking, “But you LOVED Fury of Dracula, dang it!”  And yeah, he is right… haha.  But in my defense, he was Dracula and he went all-in with plastic fangs and an accent… how could you NOT have fun? Uh, plus we won ?

OK, maybe I do enjoy one-versus-many!  Haha.

Anyway, this game does a really great job of delivering an enjoyable experience in all of the multiplayer modes. Period. I have no experience with the solo play in this one, but my perusal of the rules tells me that the design team thought it through…

At first I was worried that the streamlined gameplay might over simplify things. Combat is a simple matter of comparing attack and defense strength and deducting the delta between these two from the losing combatant. Hard-earned experience points are replaced with questing about and gathering items to trade or use to craft even stronger items.

You get the idea.

But, while I feared that my D&D roots would have me crooning for more depth, I find that Dead Throne does a fantastic job of creating just enough depth to keep things fun and engaging, but not so much that you need ten #2 pencils, three pencil sharpeners, and a ream of paper just to track what the heck is happening 😉 It definitely works for me.

The game just oozes theme… and I love it! This image (from the rules) sums up the decidedly devilish gameplay in one shot…

Yeah… that might be Agrimor… or it might be the dragon I summoned to do my bidding… ?

Game ON!

<insert voice-actor from the opening segment of Lord of the Rings here>

Explore the lands… Gather quests from the tavern. Set out and fight monsters, gather items, craft powerful weapons, and purchase scrolls to unleash your greatest fury! Summon monsters and grow your strength before heading into battle with your fellow heroes.

Only one can survive.

Only one can be King.

This is Dead Throne.

Annnnnndddd…. cut! ?

[Anti-climactic side note – in competitive mode there is an option to win by defeating the Dragon Agrimor… so I guess there are scenarios where more than one can survive… but where’s the fun in that? ?]

In all seriousness, I would seriously consider grabbing a copy of Dead Throne if:

  1. You like a good, old-fashioned adventure-story type game that can be played in under 2-3 hours even when there are 6 players…
  2. The idea of owning the most unique board game box ever intrigues you beyond measure! Are you an Upstart Boardgamer or not? ?
  3. A fun gameplay experience, with great artwork and an immersive theme for up to SEVEN players is a win in your scorebook.

Consider heading over to SharkeeGames’ website to read more about gameplay modes, see a full copy of the rules, or just sit back and soak in the awesome artwork…


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 7
Play Time: 30 – 90 minutes
Publisher: SharkeeGames
SKU: SharkeeGames 001
Listing at $159 on eBay at the
time of this listing (JUN 2019)
Our Price: $92.25
Link to BGG: Dead Throne


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Dead Throne Board GameDead Throne is HERE!

An open world, adventure, strategy game based in the World of Veles.

2,400 year’s worth of history that can be discovered through gameplay and in more detail on our website. After the battle of the Iron Gates against the Dark Mages, peace existed in our lands. But then Agrimor, a fire breathing dragon entered Lirennor and killed our king. The king’s brother, an evil mage, tried to take power but he failed. He now seeks the Medallion Pieces from the heroes to seize the throne. But the heroes each require what Saladar, the kings brother has. Only one can be crowned the new ruler of Lirennor.

1-7 players with competitive, solo and Co-Op modes to play.

Three ways of winning as well as the ability to simply roam around killing creatures, completing side quests and interacting with the game in the open world setting.

Select your base character and build them up as you go along by collecting, buying and winning weapons, items, equipment and so on. Equip these items and become more powerful.

Use magical scrolls to manipulate the map itself. Twist the large hexagonal tiles around. Teleport across the land, conjure weapons, summon creatures, mitigate your opponents’ attacks, enchant your items and so on. There are 150 scrolls in the game, so there’s always something to do.

The Box itself has been designed with fluidity in mind.

Everything is organized as soon as you open the box. There are 500+ cards in the game all within their own tuck boxes. When playing players will use the awesome card trays designed to manage your inventory as you progress through the game and containing your cards to an easy to visualize battle board. And by far the most unique of all the features is the mechanical market located within the lid itself.

Future expansion packs are already in mind and the box has already taken care of that. We have included extra room to store whatever is needed now and in the future.

Dead Throne is a game that is never the same. With 10 large double-sided tiles, multiple paths to victory, loads of options and decisions with every turn, and an in-depth world to discover, you’ll never say it’s predictable.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 13.8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 5 in

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