This is the Kickstarter Edition of Dinogenics with all of the stretch goals AND the corrupted DNA T-Rex meeples!!  If you found your way here, you’ve probably already seen the game for $120-$150 on eBay in the US.  Wow!

Anyway, let’s get to a little rundown of the game, shall we?

In 2056, a breakthrough in genetic reconstitution allowed a research institute in a small South American country to recreate once extinct lifeforms from preserved genetic material. In hopes of attracting new benefactors through name recognition, the institute re-branded itself as DinoGenics IOM.

A new venue for greed was born as industry leaders from around the world flocked to the nation in hopes of building the first successful dinosaur park. Spurred on by the sudden influx of wealthy investors, the once impoverished nation seemed to change overnight. New infrastructure projects and vacation homes quickly filled the landscape.

Unfortunately, the early days of the DinoGenics collaboration proved unfruitful. Tourists did not want true to life dinosaurs; they wanted the great beasts and monsters that had wowed cinemas and popular culture for generations. With the promise of ever-increasing revenue, DinoGenics gave into demands and engineered the dinosaurs the world wanted.

Storyline set.  Check.  Basic game play description below. Check.  Now onto my thoughts on the game (smile).  Well… let me tell you… the TABLE PRESENCE of this game is off the CHARTS!

Beautifully crafted 2-layer boards.  Amazing artwork.  Solid theme integration. And smooth mechanics that really make this a very fun game.  WIN, WIN, WIN!

And, I dare you to find cooler meeples!  Yes yes… I know there are other games with cool meeples… I’m not trying to upset anyone. But seriously, DINOSAURS!!?!?!?!?


This game is listing for between $120-150 on E-bay now and that’s the only place I can find it online… So hopefully my pricing comes a little closer to something you feel is a bit more fair 🙂  As always, if your friendly local game store has this game – PLEASE buy it there!!!  Don’t live near a game shop??  Your local shop doesn’t carry this title?  Well then, hop into your spherical dino-park explorer and roll over to the checkout page 🙂



Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 5
Play Time: 90 -120 minutes
Designer: Richard Keene
Jeff Brown
Gregorz Pedrycz
Publisher: Ninth Haven Games
SKU: Ninth Haven 001
MSRP: $120 and up on eBay (US)
Our Price: $82.50
Link to BGG: Dinogenics


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DinoGenics is a worker placement game where players compete to build the most successful and profitable dinosaur park. Each player takes on the role of a multi-billion dollar corporation, each with access to their private island park. Over the course of seven seasons, players will send workers to the nearby mainland to collect resources such as DNA, fences and other necessities needed to run a successful park.

Once a player has assembled their resources, they get to choose how to layout their individual parks and decide which dinosaurs they will attempt to house. Parks with the most prestigious dinosaurs will attract the most visitors, but remember, dinosaurs have a mind of their own and if neglected or improperly penned, they will attempt to escape and spread havoc.

DinoGenics plays out over 7 seasons, each composed of an Open Season and an Upkeep phase. During the Open Season phase, players will attract visitors based on the reputation of their individual parks. Reputation in DinoGenics is decided primarily by the types of dinosaurs a park contains; in general, the more dangerous the dinosaur, the more exciting it will be for visitors and increase your reputation the most.

Reputation is important because the more visitors your park attracts the more money you will receive in a season. Reputation also determines player order, with the highest reputation park owners deciding where they send workers before lesser parks.

Players take turns assigning their workers to action spaces on the mainland board based on their reputation order. Once a worker is placed, a player immediately pays any associated costs and receives the benefit of the chosen Action Space.

Mainland action spaces are limited. Players need to prioritize when and where they send their workers to get the best results. Having a bunch of high value carnivores is great until you don’t have enough meat to feed them. Once all players have assigned all of their workers, play progresses to the Upkeep Phase.

During the Upkeep Phase each park owner must attempt to feed any carnivores in his or her park. Failure to feed carnivores or properly pen dinosaurs will result in the potential destruction of park facilities or the death of visitors.

Following the feeding step, all visitors are returned to the main stockpile and any building resources or benefits are generated.

At this point, the game will advance to the next season…. and the game continues!

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Dimensions 13.5 × 11 × 3.5 in

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