So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

This is the “I WANT IT ALL” Feudum package!!!

First, the main feature… the Feudum Big Box.  This is the standard big-box game that includes: 1 Copy of Feudum + Windmills and Catapults w/o Box + Seals and Sirens w/o Box + Alter Ego w/o Box.  This big box version does NOT include Squirrels & Conifers, metal coins or Deluxe Wooden Pieces; however, I’ve thrown in Squirrels & Conifers as well as the metal coins to soften the blow (smile).  And while I am at it… I’ve decided to add-in the Quen’s Army Solo expansion!  Sure, all of these components will be outside the “big box” but you can just toss them in once you receive your shipment – easy!  Please note that the “big box” is actually the same size as the standard Feudum box… it simply comes with 3 of the expansions inside (without their individual boxes).

In addition, I’m including the original KS stretch goals pack that contains 1 Royal Starting Player Marker, 11 Foil Royal Writ Cards, 1 Embroidered Haversack, 9 Foil-Stamped Wooden Vessels and 1 Gilded Progress Die; basically all the free (non-expansion) stretch goals from the original campaign.  Please note the special add-ons (wooden king seals, rosary beads and archery targets as well as the glass rosary necklace) are NOT included.  Despite my penchant for all things deluxe, the original cardboard king seals, rosary beads, and archery targets just look too good to be replaced!  If you’d like me to try and get you the wooden bit add-on for those 3 components… shoot me an email and well figure something out!

The “I WANT IT ALL” Feudum Experience includes:

  • Feudum Standard Edition Base game (included in bog box)
  • Windmills and Catapults (included in big box – not in a separate box!)
  • Seals and Sirens (included in big box – not in a separate box!)
  • Alter Ego (included in big box – not in a separate box!)
  • Squirrels and Conifers (comes in its own box, but there is room for the expansion within the main big box)
  • Queen’s Army  (comes in its own box, but there is room for the expansion within the main big box)
  • Feudum Custom Metal Coins (come outside the big box but can readily be stored inside)
  • Feudum Kickstarter Stretch Goals (a set of limited-edition original Feudum Campaign Stretch Goals)


Ages: 12+
Players: 2 – 5
Play Time: 80 – 180 minutes
Designer: Mark K. Swanson
Artist: Justin Schultz
Crowd Games
Ludofy Creative
Maldito Games
Odd Bird Games
MSRP: $172.00 (without Queen’s Army!)
Our Price: $135.00
Link to BGG: Feudum


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


You and your blokes have been banished and stripped of everything but a few shillings and table scraps. Undaunted, you journey to a strange land to reinvent yourself and reclaim your honor! Will you farm the earth, fight as knights or finagle your own feudums? Your fate is in your hands. (And for better or worse, the hands of a steely-eyed monarch named, Queen Anne).


Feudum (latin for fiefdom) is an economic medieval game of hand and resource management for 2-5 players. With many strategies at their disposal, players optimize four actions per turn in attempt to score the most “veneration points” over five epochs.

Each player controls several medieval characters that roam the countryside tending farms, taxing towns and taking outposts in effort to rise in power.

But that’s only the tip of the behemoth’s horn! You will also compete to acquire coveted feudums, which increase your membership status in one of six guilds. But beware! Feudum owners must pay homage to the king through military service or face the charge of disloyalty.  Once a guild member, you will dutifully play your part in a progressive economic cycle, whereby the farmer ships goods to the merchant who equips the alchemist, who invents black powder, which arms the knight, and so on.

If you run your guilds wisely, maintain control of key locations and adapt best to changing events, you will be victorious. Unless, of course, you starve, get sidetracked by sea serpents or develop an unhealthy interest in fermented grapes. Long live the King!



Bull spit and horse feathers! More strange folk have migrated to your neck of the woods, leaving you with little elbowroom.  To make matters worse, windmills and catapults are popping up like dandelions. That takes the biscuit!  You’re not about to lick someone’s boots without a fight. 

Feudum: Windmills & Catapults is a riveting and rambunctious region tile expansion for 2-6 players! The game adds new region tiles, royal writs, a wooden windmill as well as action cards, pawns and influence markers for a 6th pewter-colored player!



Codswallop!  A famine has emptied your barns and you must look to the sea for sustenance.  With harpoon in hand, you hoist your anchors and begin your hunt for seal meat. But beware! Not all fins are friendly. The siren’s song is sure to shipwreck you! 

Feudum: Seals & Sirens is a surreal and slippery seafaring expansion! The game adds whirlpool discs, royal writs, and a sultry siren known as, Elizabeth Jane of the Shore!



Heavens to Betsy! Or is it Betty? Just when you think you know the locals, their moods get all mishmashed and it’s hard to predict what they’re going to do next. Better watch your back! 

Feudum: Alter Ego is a deck-building expansion with multiple personalities! The game lets you swap up to 6 of the character action cards for ones with alternative special abilities.



Feudum: Squirrels & Conifers is a “mini-expansion” featuring 50 tasty squirrels and 6 wooden conifer trees that bring the board’s topography to life! This expansion replaces the green food cubes with pink ones and creates a multiplying food source on the map. NOTE: The pink cubes are more accessible for color blind players and may also be used apart from the expansion rules.

* Remove the green food cubes from the game and use the pink “squirrel” cubes instead.
* Whenever a brown wood cube is placed on the map (during setup or replenishment), place a conifer tree next to it, if one is available.
* Place a pink cube beside any tree you just placed and beside any tree without a squirrel during replenishment.

Additional information
Weight 13.1 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11.5 × 6 in

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