Gentes Deluxified

Gentes: Deluxified Edition!!!!  Woooo-hooooooo!

<insert enthusiastic, poorly executed cartwheel here>

Ok people… keeping in the spirit of getting all of the wonderful games in my storage facility onto the site (smile), I’m going with an ultra-short lead in for this one.

Gentes. You know it.  You love it. The deluxe bits are awesome.

Well. There you have it! Great discussion, Drew…

No no no… haha… just kidding 😉

Gameplay basics

Having only come out in 2017, the base game is already well loved and doing quite well on the BGG ratings scale. In the event you aren’t familiar with the original game, Paul Grogan does a fantastic How to Play video here. If you’ve never watched Paul before, you simply MUST add him to your YouTube speed dial! His teaching videos are thorough and accurate and the production value is solid.  Win!

If you’d like to see the game in action you can check out Rhado’s run through here. I know that Rhado’s style isn’t for everyone, but I have to admit… i am a Rhado junkie.  Sure, it might be difficult to watch a run-through by him and then jump right into game play without reading the rules.  But that’s not the purpose of his videos in my mind.  For me, I watch his videos to see a frantic, high-energy sample of how the game plays over a few turns 😉 Generally I read the rules, think through how I might teach the game, and then watch a Rhado video. Game ON!

Please note that both of the videos are using/demonstrating the original version of the game. That is, don’t pay any attention to the components in these videos… the Deluxified Edition is quite different.

Speaking of Components…

Silkscreened wooden meeples!  Metal Coins! Wooden Action Tiles and bits!  Oh My!!

I have to hand it to TMG.  Their new Deluxified series REALLY delivers! There are a ton of wooden and silkscreened bits in this box and the quality is fantastic!  On top of that you’ve got the always-welcome, metal coins… 🙂 Add to this the component boxes that allow for faster set up and break down and you’ve got yourself quite the deluxe experience!

I am a huge fan of organizers that allow for rapid set up and break down… and the Gentes component boxing system includes a box for each player that holds everything you need to get started!  Sure, it’s not the Broken Token Terraforming Mars insert, but it is darn nice!! 🥰

The Deluxified Edition also includes dual-layered player boards. I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of double layered boards.  There is something endlessly satisfying about placing wooden bits and plastic pips into a perfectly die-cut space on your player board…. <insert long, satisfied sigh here>  I’m not alone on this, am I? You all do know what I am talking about, right? 🤓🤩🚀❤️

For a great unboxing video give this link a try. I enjoy unboxing videos by people with a bit of personality… and I’ve started to check out Mark’s work for games that he receives before me. There’s something very catchy about his overall approach and commentary. Nice. 😉

Gentes: Deluxified Edition. Great game. Fabulous bits.

Your shelf is calling for this game.

Class Dismissed 🤓

Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 75 – 120 minutes
Designer Stefan Risthaus
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
SKU: Tasty Minstrel Games 001
Running between $90 – $120 on eBay
from multiple sellers at the time of this
listing (MAY 2019).
Our Price: $80.00
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 Gentes Deluxified… All the great gameplay from the original PLUS sweet, deluxe EVERYTHING!

Gentes is an interesting civilization game with an innovative timing mechanism.

“Gentes” is the Latin plural word for greater groups of human beings (e.g., tribes, nations, people; singular: “gens”). In this game, players take the role of an ancient people who are attempting to develop by building monuments and colonizing or founding new cities in the Mediterranean sea.

The game is played in six rounds, each consisting of two phases: action phase, and tidying up.

There are three eras — rounds 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 — with new monument cards entering the game at the beginning of rounds 1, 3 and 5. Each player has a personal player mat with a time track for action markers and sand timer markers. In the action phase of a round, the players take their turns in clockwise order, conducting one action per turn. Each action requires an action marker from the main board that is placed on the time track.

Depending on the information on the action marker, you have to also pay some money or take sand timers that are placed on the time track.

When you have no free spaces on your time track, you must pass for the remainder of the round. Therefore, the number of actions per player in a single round may vary significantly if, for example, you choose double sand timers instead of two single ones or take action markers that require more money but fewer sand timers. Single sand timers are dropped in the tidying up phase, while double sand timers are flipped to become single sand timer markers and stay for another round.

The actions are:

Buy new cards from the common display
Build monuments (playing cards from your hand to your personal display for victory points and new options)
Train/Educate your people
Build/found cities
Take money

To play a card, you must meet the requirements printed on that card, such as having specific persons on your personal board (e.g., two priests and four soldiers). These requirements are why training — i.e., getting specific people — is important, but that is not that easy because there are six different types of people — three on the left and three on the right side of your personal player board — and you have only six spaces in total for the two types in the same line.

If you have three merchants, for example, you move your marker for counting merchants three spaces toward the side of the soldiers and thus you have only three spaces left for soldiers. By educating a fourth soldier and moving your soldier marker forward to its fourth space, you automatically lose one merchant because that marker is pushed back to its second space.

It is crucial to generate additional actions by using the specific functions of monuments in your display and cities you have built. Cities are expensive, but they create benefits at the end of each round or provide new options for taking an action without acquiring an action marker, gaining only a sand timer marker instead.

Try to have a steady income to avoid wasting actions to take money. Pay attention to the display of common cards, which is new in every single game, because the monument cards are shuffled randomly within the decks of eras I, II and III. Collect identical achievement symbols on the cards to benefit from the increasing victory points for a series of symbols. Build cities to enlarge your options!

The differences between the Deluxified and regular edition:

The Deluxified version includes the following…

“New Cities” Expansion
A foil stamped box
6 oversized meeples
24 normal sized meeples
89 metal coins
28 wood action tokens
21 wood lock tokens
60 wood hourglass tokens
4 dual layered player boards
4 custom shaped score tokens
folded space custom insert
1 drawstring bag
1 upgraded round token

Additional information
Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 9 × 5 in

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