So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Miremarsh, The Undermire, the Monsters miniatures pack, the plastic fish and bones, and the metal coins! Game over. Christmas came early!

This bundle includes the base game, the Monster Expansion, the Undermire Expansion (takes the game to 5 players), and the plastic fish and bones as well as the metal coins (of course)! This is the Goblin Chief pledge from the original Kickstarter PLUS the £20 plastic fish/bones/metal coins add-on. Winning!

Gorgeous dice, beautiful miniatures, mind-blowing artwork!

OK folks. This is an Upstart automatic win! I mean, gameplay aside… the components are GORGEOUS! The cardboard is chunky, and the illustrations drag you into the theme brilliantly. Dim the lights… fill your flask with your favorite blood-wine… and embrace your Goblin persona as you delve into the Miremarsh!! This game has me amped up! ?

Basic gameplay…

Roll your dice (your selection is driven by the Goblin you represent in the game), explore the board, complete challenges (or die trying). Not to fear… you’re going to be running through Goblins like toilet paper during a pandemic! So, although losing a Goblin character to a difficult challenge is never fun… it’s not the end of the world either. Press on, young Goblin. Press on! ?

Work your way along the game board to reach the level 4 challenges. Complete one of these and you will win the game! This is not a task for the faint of heart though… trust me! Slaying your way to the bottom of the board can get tricky! But fear not, if your opponents fall on their swords at a higher rate than you, you can win the game simply by being the last Goblin standing! LOVE IT! ?

Getting through the various challenges of the game requires a bit of good ol’ D&D preparedness. Wander out into the easier areas of the Marsh… complete a challenge… get some gold… and then head back to the warrens to pick up equipment, weapons, pets, and other helpful gear before heading back out on your adventure!

…where’s that bag of holding? ?

Fortunately, unlike D&D, if your Goblin perishes, you simply pull another Goblin card off the deck and press on! But once those cards run out, the pressure is on! If your Goblin dies when there are no cards left in the Goblin deck, you are out of the game! Bam! Again, last Goblin standing wins!! You know… if you don’t have what it takes to get to the higher level challenges and win legitimately… heheheh. Just kidding… just kidding… ??

Boggy summary…

Room 17 games did a fantastic job with Miremarsh! Beautiful artwork, wonderful components, satisfying mechanics (including that trusty replacement-Goblin mechanic that keeps you from worrying TOO much about getting wiped out early on), and plenty of fun icon-laden dice rolling; all packed into a game that plays in an hour or so! Game ON!

Videos!! ?

The line-up starts with a straightforward preview by Mark and Randy over at The Dice Tower that you can find <HERE>. This is a great summary of basic game play and a great way to get a peek at some of the components. Well done!

To get an idea of the AWESOMENESS of the miniatures included with the game, head over and check out Luke of Luke’s Affordable Paint Service here.

[As always, I have no financial arrangement or any other sort of arrangement with any of the creators of these videos… I just post the ones I find the most helpful (or entertaining] ?

And finally, a beer-laden play-through by the insane humans over at Beer and Board Games!!

If you haven’t watched these guys before… they generally do play-throughs of silly/funny board games while they drink beer. I stumbled across them when I first got into the hobby… and I LOVE their work! Mind you, I only watch them for entertainment… as they a) usually play games that I wouldn’t necessarily play and b) the videos aren’t precisely made to be educational or helpful for actual game play. This is PURE comedy and is not to be taken too seriously!

Anyway, since this is the first time I’ve found them playing a game that I actually carry in the store, and I am a huge fan, I figured I HAD to add the link.

[Side note – I am somewhat obsessed with a guest-appearance-making sidekick from the show – Baby Cookie. Head to Google if you’d like some insight into the way my mind works… haha. Buyer beware!]


Please note that this is NOT your typical board-game review/play-through… and their work is NOT family-friendly. Nothing insanely egregious.  But still… they drink beer, curse colorfully and often, and make plenty of off-color, potentially offensive remarks. Think South Park or anything by Trey Parker and Matt Stone with added cursing and some occasionally toe-curling remarks that might make you blush.

They are improv comedians by trade… so please, please skip this video if that sort of thing upsets you! (as a side note, the video is included on the BGG page for this game… so I’m not going rogue or anything by including it … I promise!) Still, they are a bit randy… so skip this video if they don’t sound like your thing. ?

If I’ve piqued your interest… check the Beer and Board Games play through out HERE!


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 5
Play Time: 40 – 60 minutes
Artist: Andres Martinez
Publisher: Room 17 Games
SKU: Room 17 Games 001
$199 and up on eBay at the time
of this listing (APR 2020)
Our Price: $130.25 (with plastic fish & bones & metal coins)
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Miremarsh and the UndermireMiremarsh, The Undermire, the Monsters miniatures set, the plastic fish and bones kit, and the metal coins!

Miremarsh: A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles!

Starting from your home in the Warrens, you and your rival Bog Goblins set out to defeat a party of adventurers, slaughter a unicorn, steal a baby or do something equally evil to prove they are the best and become the Goblin King. However, the deadly swamp of Miremarsh stands in your way. This is your chance to slay the monsters, win glory, and try not to die. Again.

Miremarsh is a 40-60 minute game of strategy, skill, resource management and card buying for 1-5 players aged 14+. Players collect equipment items, gold and old bones to buy pets, items or spells to defeat the monsters and overcome traps that stand in their way to the final quest.

Each game starts with a set amount of goblins available to the players which they use up as they are eaten or killed by the denizens of the swamp. The player then re-emerges as a new goblin to continue the quest. Tiles are turned over and monsters, traps and gateways are unveiled allowing players to become more familiar with their environment as the game goes on. With some push your luck dice rolling as well as competitive horseplay the player who completes the final quest first is the winner.

Additional information
Weight 12.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

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