So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Planet Unknown Deluxe is HHHEEERRRREEEEEE!!!!

And, yes.. this is the fabled version that comes complete with triple layer boards, molded plastic bits, and yes… the ultra-amazing, rotating polyomino distribution hub – aka the Lazy Susan!!

Let’s just start right where you expect me to….

Talking about anything but the actual game play!  😂😬

TV remote controls are very nice!

Let’s face it.

While plenty of people are always talking about how they couldn’t care less if a game is deluxe… and that upgraded components don’t change the gameplay… and that boring cardboard or print and play chits are MORE than enough… Let’s just set aside all that silliness and talk about a deluxe upgrade that DOES affect gameplay.  Introducing the deluxe-only Lazy Susan polyomino display and distribution hub!!!  <trumpet flare> 🎺🎶

Everyone who is about to email me to say that just because the Lazy Susan is helpful does not mean that it changes actual game play… yes…. Yes… I know…  I know.  I got carried away… 😅

You are right, my friends.

The presence or absence of the deluxe-only Lazy Susan does not impact game mechanics. And in that same vein, having a television remote control does NOT actually improve the TV shows you are watching… but let’s face it… are you going to toss your remote out the door and manually go over to the hidden buttons on the edge of your LCD television to change the channel or adjust the brightness? No… you’re not.

Class dismissed.

And yes… technically you are all still correct! ❤️😊

I should also mention that the player boards are triple layered in the deluxe version of the game… safely nestling your polyomino, Tetris pieces in their proper place. Just like you… safely nestling in the couch with the remote nearby… hehehe…

Finally, the Lifepods and Meteors are all injection molded plastic bits… and they add that POP that all Upstarts are looking for when it comes to some serious high-quality table presence. 🍿

Bärenpark meets Terraforming Mars meets that spinning thing that you have your spices on in your kitchen cabinets

This game is hands-down amazing. Period. Paragraph. OH, AND IT PLAYS UP TO 6 PLAYERS! We all know how the game options drop precipitously after 5+… so, this will be coming out a LOT at my game table when the player count is sitting nicely at 6!!!

Step 1 – stare in awe at the rotating polyomino distribution hub 😍 (also known more simply as the lazy susan… hehe)

Step 2 – Tile drafting… spinning the Lazy Susan and selecting our precious resources… the beloved Tetris-style polyominos. I could literally buy 100 copies of this game and fill a kiddie pool with these bits and then Scrooge McDuck my way through the rest of the day and feel more contentedness than ever before. Just sayin’ 🥹

Step 3 – Place your tiles and try to get that engine going! Upgrade technology… activate the meteor cleanup crew… the choices are many and so are the paths to victory.  This is one of those games that does a nice job of keeping the basics simple.. but still delivering on PLENTY of strategic depth.

Step 4 – Translate those tile placements into advancing your planets resource/activity tracks. These tracks represent the engines that will drive you to victory. Pay attention!

Step 5 – Remember that tile placement isn’t ONLY about getting those step-4 engine tracks going. If you want to score points from the planet board, you’re going to need to have completed sets of rows and columns.  Oh, and you can’t have any meteor strikes on said row/column dyads. Better get your rover out there to clean those up before the game ends…

Sooooooo fun!!  I love the tensiony goodness of all of it!!  And it’s got plenty of puzzley goodness too! Ohhhhhhhh…. This doubling down of awesomeness has me EXCITED!!! 🎉🎉

So much to do… and so little time.

Well folks that sums up my entire existence.. hahaha.  But seriously, here are a couple of videos from my favorites to give you a little visual sense of the game..

And as always… we know who the likely culprits are… as no Upstart Boardgamer write up is complete without these two…

Slickerdrips – Planet Unknown First Impressions can be found HERE.

Rhado – Play through and Final thoughts can be found HERE.

Sure, both of these were paid previews… but I also don’t know either of these fine gentlemen to gush over a game just because they were paid to a do a preview. And yeah… they loved it.

Game……. ON! 🎉🎉


Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 6
Play Time: 60 – 80 minutes
Publisher: Adam’s Apple Games, LLC
At the time of this listing (JUNE 2022) this was
selling for $169 and up on eBay.
Our Price: $99.25
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Planet Unknown DELUXE with the fabled lazy susan tile display… such an AMAZINGLY GOOD game! 🎉❤️

Our planet has run out of resources, and we are forced to move. We have discovered a series of planets and sent our rovers to test their environment with the hope of colonization. Our rovers have confirmed 1-6 viable colonization options.

Planet Unknown is a competitive game for 1-6 players in which players attempt to develop the best planet. Each round, each player places one polyomino-shaped, dual-resource tile on their planet. Each resource represents the infrastructure needed to support life on the planet. Every tile placement is important to cover your planet efficiently and also to build up your planet’s engine. After placing the tile, players do two actions associated with the two infrastructure types on the tile. Some tile placements trigger “meteors” that make all planets harder to develop and prevent them from scoring points in the meteor’s row and column.

Planet Unknown innovates on the popular polyomino trend by allowing simultaneous, yet strategic turn-based play via the Lazy S.U.S.A.N. space station in the center of the table.

— description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 12.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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