So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Pulp Detective and the Double Cross, Masterminds, and Sidekicks Expansion!

This is another portable hit from AVStudioGames!!! In the mood for a quick, light, story-telling game set in the world of “pulp” fictional detective magazines… then you are in for a TREAT!  This combo comes with both the base Kickstarter game as well as the first expansion – Double Cross, Masterminds, and Sidekicks.  As the title suggests, the expansion adds some really fun character-driven twists to your investigation 🙂

Pricing note: this combo was selling at Alban Viard Studios for €30 (about $34) but at the time of this listing (MARCH 2019), they were out of stock.


Pulp magazines were inexpensive fictional magazines that were published in the early 1900s… the term “pulp” refers to the cheap wood paper on which the magazines were printed. This game is brimming with nostalgia and grit!

Grab your gun, find the clues and confront the criminal at the end!

The gameplay is relatively quick (under an hour if luck is not on your side… and easily under 30 minutes if your investigation goes well).  The game plays in solo mode, cooperative mode, or competitive mode (coop and competitive are for 2 players max).

Each time you start a new round you’ll set up the storyline using the investigator cards; choosing to focus on following a lead, talking to an informant, or taking your chances on a cliffhanger.  Draw three cards… decide which one you’re going to investigate this round… then discard one, put one back in the deck, and you are off to the races!

The goal of each card changes as time runs out in the game.  So, after you choose your card you will check the time tracker.  Gain/lose options on each card align with certain time on the tracker – telling you what you’re going to gain or lose as you attempt to solve the card.  As time ticks down, the risks increase as you become desperate to solve the case before your time runs out!

Roll your dice to see if you can meet the criteria on the card.  If you do – gain the benefit (stamina, clues, or items).  If you fail to roll what you need – suffer the consequences; lose stamina, time, items…or if you’re lucky – lose nothing (whew!).

Boost your stamina to increase your investigative mettle – roll more dice when trying to complete each card. Lose too much stamina and you lose the game.  Argh! Use items to gain investigative benefits (various bonus actions).  And all the while… keep an eye on your time… there’s never enough (just like in real life… haha).

Once you have successfully found 4 clues, you’ll determine what criminal you are up against and then enter a final phase of dice rolling to try and solve the case.  Leftover time on the tracker allows you to re-roll certain dice during this phase; so try and keep time on your side 😉

Get the dice icons required on the criminal card to solve the case and you win!  Roll poorly, and it’s “game over” with no win for you!

Luck… or lack thereof 🙂

As you might imagine, rolling dice in a game like this means that there is a pretty decent luck component. Of course, the game has mechanisms to mitigate risk… but roll poorly for 10 minutes and you’ll start to get that tingly feeling in your spine that you always get when your friend breaks out “The Grizzled” as a filler after a long Euro 😉  Those of you who have played that game know what I mean! Winning Pulp Detective can be tough! But, the game works for me.  Its light and fast enough that I don’t mind the losses… And, when those dice are purring… the wins are that much sweeter!!  Vegas, Baby!

This is a great game to play after you’ve melted your brain playing a 3-4 hour heavy-weight Euro…  building that killer engine that lets you decimate your opponents and ride the wave to victory despite their best efforts to thwart you at every turn. 😉

In a nutshell…

Pulp Detective is a beautifully illustrated game that you can toss in your backpack and bring to game night for a little light-hearted challenge with your gaming group.  Just be forewarned… your detective skills might not be up to par if you have a karmic disconnect with dice rolling… haha.


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 2
Play Time: 20 – 30 minutes
Designer: Todd Sanders
Todd Sanders
Publisher: AVStudioGames
$30 for Base Game and $18 for
the Double Cross expansion on
eBay (US) at the time of
this listing (MARCH 2019)
Our Price: $29.25
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Pulp Detective is a game designed by Todd Sanders for 1–2 players that lasts 30 minutes. You take on the role of a detective who is in charge of solving a case. But you only have 24 hours to do it. You need to use your ingenuity and flair to find 4 clues so you can confront the criminal. Grab your gun and solve the case!

The Pulp Universe

Pulp Detective is a card/dice/narrative game with a strong theme, that takes place in the middle of the 1930s, the golden age of pulp magazines and hardboiled movies, between the two world wars. The illustrations come from real pulp magazines covers (Black Mask, Detective Tales, Detective Fiction, Dime Detective, All Story Detective).

How to Play

Each turn of the game consists of two phases: The Storyline and the Investigation.

Phase 1: Storyline

Draw 3 Investigation cards from the deck; keep one, discard one, and return the last one to the deck. You can use these Cliffhanger, Follow A Lead, and Informant cards to get new items, gain stamina, or unearth a new clue!

Phase 2 Investigation

Use your stamina and the items you have to roll dice which can help you complete the task on the card you kept during the Storyline phase. Choose your dice and decide which order to roll them in, using your detective instincts to match icons.

Find all 4 clues, and if you still have time and stamina, confront the criminal in the final showdown!

Additional information
Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.375 × 5 × 3.5 in

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