So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


This package includes the Rise of Tribes standard edition and the Deluxe Upgrade Kit!!!  The deluxe upgrade kit provides wooden component replacements for 94 pieces in the Standard Edition. Once you see the bits, you will be happy you purchased this combo…. trust me 😉  The game does a really nice job of balancing depth of strategy with expedient game play.  My gaming group and I feel like the designers did a great job of creating a medium/light weight Euro that can be played in the time it typically takes to enjoy a more involved filler game (which for our group is anything that can be played in an hour or so).  With that said, Rise of Tribes is most certainly not a quick/ultra-light filler game…. This game would serve well as your main event for game night if you wanted a solid area control and dice-driven action selection game but you had to wake up at 0600 for work the next day 😉  ENJOY!


Ages: 10+
Players: 2- 4
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Designer: Brad Brooks
Artist: Sergio Chaves
Breaking Games
MSRP: $75.00 (base game $50 + Deluxe Bits $25)
Our Price: $52.00 
Link to BGG: Rise of Tribes


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢



In ancient prehistoric times, you have discovered a new land with plentiful lakes, mountains and forests (and apparently many stone rocks that shall be called dice). Your people can develop new things like basketry or find oxen or simply grow and conquer.

In Rise of Tribes, players control a tribal faction in prehistoric times that’s looking to grow, move, gather, and lead their people. The board is modular, composed of hexes in various terrain types. Each turn you roll two dice, and may select from four actions. The power of your action depends on your die roll PLUS the last couple of dice on that action card. Victory is possible in a couple ways: gathering resources to build villages and/or completing development and achievement goals for your civilization.


Additional information
Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 12.25 × 4.75 in

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