So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Shaolia: Warring States is HERE!!

Let’s get ready to rumbllllleeee!!! ??

This offering includes the deluxe version of the game…

The deluxe version includes the Mountain people expansion pack, metal coins, wooden attack/life/blockage tokens, and a custom sleeve for the game box! Now let’s roll our dice… place our workers… and get into this game!!

Laziness-driven change-up alert!

OK folks… I have done about 9 or so write-ups over the past couple of days… and that means lots of rules reviewing and reminiscing about times I played or demo’d the game at a con… or playing the game… and watching videos to try and find the ones that sum it all up the best, writing up my poetic prose… and on and on.

So, short story… I am tired! Hahaha. Lame! ?

Instead of my standard waxing (blathering), I’m going to try offering up a variety of videos that walk you through unboxing, how to play, full-game-run-through and what have you. For those of you who are usually scanning my text thinking, “I wish he would just create a 9-line report of the things that matter to me,” this is your moment! ?

In fact, perhaps I will expand the ever-present grid at the end of each listing to include summary statements on components or mechanics or something… hmmm… then people could just scroll to the bottom and be done with it!

We shall see… I’ll add that to my list… right after “replace all door handles and hinges in the apartment and reverse the swing of the bathroom door.” I’m sure I’ll have it done soon. ??

OK here it goes!

First up – let’s see what the deluxe game components are all about! To get a look at the deluxe components up close and personal, Steven Gulik put up a combo unboxing/preview video HERE. The unboxing portion of the video is the first two minutes… so for those of you looking to save some time you can just watch that bit!

In summary – the wooden bits are sweet… the metal coins are nice… and well, there you have it! The largest version of the metal coins has the color and size of those gold-foil-covered chocolate coins many of us received at the holidays when we were kids… which brings a smile to my face straight out of the gate! Unfortunately it also makes me want a snack! Hahaha…

Of course pleasant memories of holiday fun doesn’t exactly fit the head-to-head combat in Shaolia! But hey… maybe after the war there’s a celebration… and foil-covered coins are part of the spread? ???

Regardless, despite being somewhat simpler in design than my favorite faux game coins, the coins have a nice heft to them and they make satisfying clinking sounds when they hit the table or each other. Or in particularly frustrating times… your opponent! Win!

For another preview of the game, head over to Tantrum House where Will and Sara share their thoughts on the game. Will was definitely amped about the game.. and Sara seemed to enjoy it as well… but you’ll have to see for yourself HERE!

Next up an AWESOMELY produced how to play video put out by the good people at Bad Comet themselves!! You can find it HERE. This video not only thoroughly teaches the game in 14 minutes – it is narrated with funny quips and intermittent over-enthusiasm and all sorts of other small flairs that make it helpful and fun!

The narrator hit that sweet (?) spot right between “But wait, there’s more!! Get 4 extra Ginsu knives for free if you act now!” and “a thoughtful how-to-play video.” I’m sure some viewers will be less enthusiastic.. but for me, I give it an all-thumbs up for being unique! ?

Finally, if you would like to see a play-through of complete game, head on over to Ready Steady Play where Ollie and Mike provide an as-always entertaining preview of the game! I really love these guys… their sense of humor aligns brilliantly with mine… so I suppose it’s not surprising that I enjoy their work. Here’s their 2-parter on the game…

Part 1 (Aggressive Culture)

Part 2 – (Casually Burning Things)

Finally, if you’d like to see a Nascar-style, narrated, head-to-head show-down… head over here for another creative video put out by the Bad Comet team… HERE.

Final cannon fire…

This is a really fun, head-to-head game that can be played in a variety of ways.. although primarily, it’s a two-player head-to-head battle royale!!

Sure, you can win by getting to 18 culture… but I’m telling you… you are going to need to do some warring! GET SOME!

The game plays in about an hour or so… it’s easy to teach and learn… and yet it delivers plenty of strategic decision making – Win, win, WIN!

Shaolia: Warring States (where you can also win through peaceful acquisition of culture… hehe). Grab your deluxe copy here!


Ages: 14+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Publisher: Bad Comet
SKU: Bad Comet 001
$39 for base game at the time
of this listing (AUG 2020) – on Amazon
Ugh… I really do not like it when
the market is flooded by Amazon… ?
Our Price: $44.50 (for the deluxe version)
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Shaolia: Warring States! Build your kingdom, create your combat engine, and BOOM! Or, perhaps go the culture route… ??

This is the deluxe version of the game… which includes the Mountain people expansion pack, metal coins, wooden attack/life/blockage tokens, and a custom sleeve for the game box!

Shaolia is a board game filled with deadly strategy and countless possibilities to build your own kingdom.

  • Build your very own kingdom with various building & character cards
  • Utilize creative tactics to take the lead with highly dynamic game play
  • Dive into the world of Shaolia through fantastic artwork and storylines

There are two ways to win in Shaolia. You can either deal 12 damage to your opponent’s palace and destroy it, or you can achieve 18 culture score.

The game is played through multiple rounds.

A round consists of 3 different phases.

  • Purchase Phase: Purchase cards and resources.
  • Building Phase: Build the purchased cards on the territory board.
  • Action Phase:  Roll the dice and activate cards built on the territory board, using dice.

-description from designer

Additional information
Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 2.5 in

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