So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Star Crossed Beloved Edition

OK everyone. This game is definitely a bit of a departure from my standard game genre and style. And, to be fair, I have not played this game yet as I am not very adept at RPGs… which is secret code for “I’m not very good at creating stories and role playing in general.”  Hehe.

I backed this game because I thought – and still believe – that the concept of this game is really on point!  And, I love the idea of a physical manifestation of the tension between two “star-crossed lovers” represented by the “jenga” tower. ???

VERY cool construct.

Your very own maple block tower!

This game can obviously be played with a digital copy of the rules and a Jenga set that you dig out from the back of your closet ? But what drew me to the Beloved Edition is that it comes with its very own maple-block stack!!  And well, I like a game that is entirely self-contained and self-sufficient… I want to grab the one box off my shelves and head out… Not grab the game and then start looking for my copy of Jenga (side note – I don’t actually own a copy of Jenga. Maybe that had something to do with my decision as well… haha) ?

The game also comes with scene cards, a hard copy of the rule book, and tear-away character sheet pads! Plus, if you need more character sheets when you run out, I can shoot you a pdf of the character sheets or you can download it from the Bully Pulpit website here.

A game of exploration

I think it’s probably fair to say that this game is generally for two people who are either exceptionally comfortable exploring areas of love that they might not otherwise discuss in a first-person sort of context… or who are already partners in some fashion.

My point is that this is probably not a game you pull out at GEN CON and play with a total random stranger; unless you are hoping to explore forbidden love with said stranger. I think you get my meaning ? Of course, it may be that I am just too uptight and need to talk to a therapist about this pronto! Uh, seriously… ?

I’m 100% on board with whoever or however someone might choose to play this game… of course! But, I think it’s also reasonable to mention that the game is a first-person, role-playing, forbidden love exploring, block-tower tension including sort of adventure… not 7 Wonders: Duel with a slightly re-worked theme ?

Game play

This is an amazing 4X emotional experience. Players craft characters from their own imaginations and then the absent director calls “Action!” The only requirements of the game are that the characters are two entities who are attracted to each other. Further, there needs to be some very compelling reason that these would-be lovers have not yet allowed themselves to express said love.

Think Optimus Prime and Megatron… or perhaps Capt Kirk and Khan… or Princess Leah and Darth Vadar. These characters have compelling reasons to not embrace or unveil their love of each other… and it is exactly this sort of storyline tension that makers Star Crossed a solid win!

I won’t get too far into the weeds but suffice it to say that the two players work together to craft their characters and the backstory and then they go through the scene cards; sharing dialogue back and forth until they decide the scene has reached its conclusion. Then it is on to the next scene… and whatever the story may hold…

The wooden block tower of tension!

Each player must touch the block tower whenever they are speaking as their character. This simple act adds its own tension as a precariously balanced tower may lead one player to speak more briefly than they otherwise might have for fear of knocking the tower over. Brilliant!

Certain actions that are perhaps more revealing, or that come closer to crossing the line of revealing the characters’ true love, require the player to pull a block from the tower and add it to the top. Pure Jenga rules here… you know how this works. And not to fear, the game tells you which sort of dialogue requires a block pull. Whew!

As an example, one of the wooden block movement-requiring actions in the game is “Describe your character unintentionally revealing something personal.” The idea is that these actions increase the attraction between the players… hence the “tension” of the precarious Jenga-like tower.

Because of this, these more compelling actions are tracked (with stars) by the players and will ultimately be tallied in order to “score” the game. Game end is triggered by the block tower falling – or being intentionally knocked down! Love is tricky… and the designers get it ?

Final score

Once the game ends, players tally their “attraction score” based on the number of stars they each scored and then a table in the rule book informs them of how to act out the epilogue to their story. Perhaps they finally reveal their hearts desire…. Or one character walks out of the café into the pouring rain, never to be seen again. Or perhaps after coming exceptionally close to revealing their secret love for each other, Kahn traps Captain Kirk and his minions place a Ceti Eel in his ear. You get the idea… ANYTHING can happen!

Score over 20 attraction points and that story can only end in love…

Well… there you have it.

Star Crossed by Bully Pulpit Games.

This is definitely a game that falls outside my normal gaming wheelhouse, but I simply HAD to carry it in the shop. I love what they are doing here… and I wanted to support their solid efforts! And heck, maybe I’ll even break out my copy and give it a whirl! If you see me at a CON with the “player needed” sign up and Star Crossed on the table… you have been warned! ?


Ages: No specific recommended ages on RPGGEEK…
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 120 minutes
Designer: Alex Roberts
Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games
SKU: Bully Pulpit Games 001
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So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Star Crossed Beloved Edition     Star Crossed Beloved Edition has arrived!

This is a game about two people who really, really want to, but really, really can’t.

Star Crossed is like being pulled in two directions at once—like when your head and heart are telling you two different things, or when what you want and what you believe in are impossible to reconcile.

Savor that tension.

You’ll need:

„. Two players and two hours

„. The Rules

„. Character sheets and pencils

„. A tumbling brick tower (included with the game we carry!)

Together you’ll craft characters who are powerfully attracted to each other, but have a compelling reason not to act on their feelings. You’ll watch the attraction between them grow as you play out scenes, taking turns describing what your character says and does.

Some of the things you’ll want your character to do are going to increase that attraction—and when that happens, you are going to pull a brick out from an increasingly shaky tower and place it on the top.

If the tower falls, your characters act on their feelings! Your combined attraction score will determine whether their love is doomed, triumphant, or something in-between.

The tower may never fall, and in that case the game simply ends after the final scene.

The characters will never act on their feelings.

Sometimes that’s the right thing to do.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 4.10 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.25 × 2.25 in

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