So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

This bundle happily includes the Struggle of Empires base game, the metal coins, and the upgraded Unrest counters!! Sweet as pie! 🍰

In-cart coupon!!

Due to Minimum Advertised Price restrictions that Eagle-Gryphon has in place, I can’t list the game for less than $144; but that seems WAY too high to me, darn it!

So, I am offering a $24 shipping coupon to anyone who adds this game to their cart. This coupon will apply to your entire cart, so if you add other games in, you’re still OK!

The coupon code is –> thestruggleisreal

Thanks for your understanding, everyone! I will always keep things on the up-and-up with publishers, designers, and with you… 😇 I really wish I could just list this game for less… but, I have to stay true to my word! Hopefully the added step of inputting the coupon code isn’t too much of a hassle! If you have any issues with the coupon, please email me and let me know! I’ll get it sorted.

Once again… life is busy!  Ha!

And so… I will be exceptionally brief! This is a WONDERFUL deluxe edition of a game that is already very well regarded for its crunchy Euro goodness. I’m not usually one for games that involve war. Particularly where this war is carried out on a historically accurate map, and is based on actual past events.

So uh… if the theme is historic in nature and the game involves war… you can usually see me reaching for a different game. Hahahaha. [Many apologies to my Social Studies teachers throughout the years and to Mike Ricotta!]

But I’ve made an exception for this beauty. Not only is the game really fun to play… the deluxe components and reimagined artwork really makes it an absolute pleasure to get to the table. For those of you who don’t know me well, if you hear me saying anything remotely positive about a historical war game… take notice!  🤔

The cardboard is heavy.

The silk-screened wooden bits are gorgeous.

And the game board is HUGE and beautifully illustrated.

Eagle-Gryphon is certainly known for their stunning deluxe game versions… and Struggle of Empires does NOT disappoint!

Video assist

You can check out a sweet Silent Unboxing video HERE to get a feel for how amazing the components are.

This is my first time watching Small World Gaming’s Silent Unboxing series… but I have to say, I LOVE it!  And I will be back! Finding unboxing videos can be a tricky thing… so I’m hoping this will become my new go-to!!

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Again, if you enter the coupon code thestruggleisreal into the proper coupon-code space while checking out, and this game is actually in your cart, you will relieve a $24 reduction in shipping cost. And yeah, if your shipping is only $12, the other $12 will apply to the total balance. Not to fear… you will get every penny out of this coupon!!

**Please note that this coupon will ONLY work if Struggle of Empires is in your cart! I know this is the third time I’ve said this… but I just want to be sure we’re all on the same page 😉

Game ON!

Ages: 13+
Players: 2 – 7
Play Time: 180 – 240 minutes 
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games
SKU: Eagle-Gryphon Games 003
$160 and up on various sites at the
time of this listing (JAN 2021)
Our Price: $144.00 (before the $24 off in the cart!)
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Struggle of Empires DELUXE! The ship has come in!!!


As a highly regarded strategy game, Struggle of Empires has long been a candidate for a deluxe edition – and Eagle-Gryphon Games is known for its expertise in creating deluxe quality game editions.

We have created new art throughout the game, a large and re-imagined game board and map, enhanced cardboard components, new wood components, and a larger box with a complete storage solution.

The game board now includes a game track that guides players through each phase of the game. Trade Tiles now appear on the map until they are taken by players for themselves. Local Alliances are now tracked on the map with new player tokens so that it is clear who gains the benefit of the local alliance. Piracy and Colony revolt are now classed as Covert Operations and have their own wooden markers for player to claim and use.

Player components are now all in wood including 20 Control Markers, 14 Armies, 8 Navies, 2 Forts, 6 Local Alliance Markers, 1 Population Marker, 1 Alliance Marker, and 1 VP Marker.

We have also created a player aid that summarizes all activities and actions on the front and gives a summary of game tiles on the back.

Most importantly, we have developed an updated rule book!

The updated rule book clarifies the original rules and examples. It also provides a wealth of variant rules. In each instance of rules revisions, we have kept the original version as a variant. In other cases, we have kept the original rule and have introduced a variant, including 2 new variants from the designer, Martin Wallace. Other variants are based on designer and fan suggestions. Some address issues of “balance” and “luck” in the game and others provide new ideas for setup.

~Description by the Publisher

Struggle of Empire thoughts by designer Martin Wallace:Think of Civilization/Age of Renaissance set in the 18th century. Players take the role of one of the major powers of the period and fight in both Europe and the colonies. The twist to the game is that in each war, players must form into two alliances. Once allied with a player, you cannot fight each other. This means that you do not have the backstabbing of Diplomacy to worry about; if he’s allied, he’s with you until the end of the war.

This means that a player has to think carefully about who he wants to fight against and who he wants to ally with. Very often he will want to ally with his natural enemy and go to war with the guy who doesn’t really want to fight him. On top of this, you have lots of improvement tiles that you buy to shape your empire, plus alliances with minor powers, and the possibility of going into revolution. Even though it is a big empire building game, it will scale from 3 to 7 players and has pretty simple rules.

Additional information
Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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