OK everyone.  This is a real treat!  I have a handful of copies of Tales of the Northlands: The Sagas of Noggin the Nog in the shop!!!  More details on how this took place below!

Please note that these copies do not include the wooden tokens for fish, wood, or crops.  Additionally, the metal minis are not included.  To be honest, the metal minis were an add-on from a separate manufacturer;  so you can still buy them if you’d like!  Just visit The Little Soldier Company online.  The physical shop is based in the United Kingdom.

Anyway.  Moving right along with my standard pre-amble.

Nick Case!!!  You have really knocked it out of the park, my friend!  After finishing a multi-hour game of Tales of the Northlands my brain hurts…. but I love you for it!  Hahaha….

Seriously, this is a crunchy Euro with all sorts of goodness found at every turn!  From the rondel that drives season change and the number of actions you must complete on a given turn…. to the sagas that keep my darn Nogs busy until they return home from their far-off adventures… this game delivers in the heavy Euro bandwidth!  I really enjoy this game!  [Despite my persistent inability to actually pull a single dang fish from the fishing sack (smile)…]

And, don’t even get me started on the theme!!  Nick worked with the original artist for the popular British children’s cartoon by the same name (Peter Firmin) to make sure that everything visual about this board game held true to the original story content.  Amazingly cool.  And the sort of attention to detail that one finds throughout the entire production.

I badgered Nick from the start of his Kickstarter campaign in hopes that he would allow me to offer the game at Upstart Boardgamer, LLC.  Things didn’t look too promising, but then over a demo of the game at Essen and some stories and laughs, he was kind enough to allow this “descendant of former colonial rebels” to carry a few copies home to the shop (smile) .  Thank you, Nick!!!!

If crunchy, beautifully illustrated games with engaging and enjoyable themes and some creative mechanics are your thing…. Check out this epic adventure by Nick Case and the fine people at A-Muse-Ment.


Ages: 8+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 120 – 150 minutes
Designer: Nick Case
Peter Firmin
Publisher: A-Muse-Ment
SKU: A-Muse-Ment 001
MSRP: Deluxe version on eBay (US) for $299
Our Price: $55.50 (not the deluxe version!)
Link to BGG: Tales of the Northlands


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In the Lands of the North, where the black rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale…

As a Lord of the Northlands, you must try to help Noggin retain his crown against the diabolical plans of Nogbad the Bad. By developing your estate and collecting resources, you must do your best to assist with Noggin’s adventures. Help Olaf the inventor, mine for gold, or spend time rummaging through the Counting House looking for useful artefacts. Participating in this way will gain you prestige and hopefully ensure that Noggin defeats Nogbad. Succeed and if you have performed the best in the service of Noggin, you will be promoted to the Council of Elders. Fail, and you will be exiled from the Northlands, leaving the poor Nogs at the mercy of Nogbad the Bad.

Players are Lords of the Northlands who control small estates of Nog workers. A player’s Nogs are sent out to farm, fish, chop trees and mine for stone. These resources are in turn used to develop the estate with new buildings and to improve transport. They are also used to help Olaf the Lofty to create marvellous inventions and to assist Noggin on his adventures (sagas).

By successfully completing sagas, Noggin’s popularity will grow which moves him closer to securing his crown. Players can also gain prestige by delivering resources to the sagas and performing other feats that raise their status. Fail to complete enough sagas diligently by the end of the 8th season, and Nogbad will gain the crown.

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Dimensions 14.75 × 11.375 × 3 in

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