OK folks… the Night Cage is here!

And it is gooooood! Spooky and engaging…. and goooood! 😁

Quick side note – as always, I strive to not undercut the original Kickstarter price of any game that I sell… but since I also strive to offer some seriously sweet pricing… I’ve added a $12 shipping discount to this game. As long as this game is in your cart at check-out, you can use the coupon code 12OFFNIGHTCAGESHIP to get $12 credit. #WINNING

Unfortunately due to my increasingly hectic retired-human schedule (I know… pathetic!), I simply do not have time to wax poetic about this game. But it oozes theme… it gets a big thumbs up for solidly mastering the “darkness is all around us” vibe… and the flickering candles and soundtrack are a nice touch for setting the tone! #spookyasheck!

SO, what is included in the Upstart bundle?

I’m offering the ALL-IN bundle from the original Kickstarter campaign (link to the campaign below). This means that you get the standard game with all the Kickstarter stretch goals PLUS… the ALL-IN components – which are… five flickering LED Candle Status Lights, the acrylic upgrade kit with a short acrylic tile holder (intended to hold the standard cardboard tiles), and a soundtrack download, which you can find HERE.

I think it’s basically required that I say that his soundtrack is SPOOKY AS ALL GET OUT!

With or without the game… it gives me the willies! Talk about theme immersion… whew! I am looking around nervously just thinking about that soundtrack… seriously. It’s good.

Here are a few quick links to help you find out a bit more about the game…

The original Kickstarter campaign is HERE.

An awesome theme-dripping, spooky overview by the game’s creators can be found HERE.  [N.B. You may want to get out a blanket to hide under before you watch this video… I know I did!]

A SOLID review/overview of the game by Quackalope can be found HERE.

There are a handful of other videos out there.. but none of them hold a candle to the great work done by Quackalope (see what I did there?)… so, I won’t bore you by listing them here.

Now… dim the lights… set the flickering candles and the game up… load-up the soundtrack… and prepare to have an immersive, theme-bursting good time!



Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 5
Play Time: 40 – 60 minutes
Publisher: Smirk & Laughter Games
SKU: Smirk and Laughter 001
At the time of this listing (SEP 2021) this was
selling for $100 and up on eBay. There were copies
selling for $50 in a variety of places, but they
were sold out.
Our Price: $49 (plus a $12 shipping credit!)
Link to BGG:


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The Night Cage ALL-IN! On-point spooky theme… flickering lights… soooo good! 🕯

You awaken in the dark, your skin cold, your mind blank. You have nothing but your fear, a flickering candle, and a question: How long will your light last?

Trapped and crawling your way through a pitch-black labyrinth, equipped with nothing but dim candles, you must work together to explore the maze and escape. Unfortunately, your weak candlelight illuminates only your immediate surroundings. Worse still, horrifying Wax Eaters — monsters who despise the light — lurk in the suffocating darkness for their opportunity to strike.

The Night Cage is a fully co-operative, horror-themed tile-placement game that traps 1-5 lost souls within an unnatural labyrinth of eternal darkness. To win, players must each collect a key, find a gate, and escape as a group.

Escape won’t be easy as each player’s visibility is limited by the weak light of their candle. They illuminate only tiles directly connected to their own, and when players move, tiles that fall into darkness are removed from the game. Doubling back the way you came only opens new paths, the old ones being lost forever with critical keys and gates vanishing if your light move away from them…

— description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 in

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