This bundle includes the Treasure Mountain base game and the Caverns of Gandûm expansion (with all the stretch goals from the campaign) as well as the Dragon Brew Promo pack and the custom metal coins add-on!

Plastic box insert – check. Acrylic gem bits – check. Upgraded beer tokens – check.  Upgraded dirt piles – check! Wait, what?!? Haha… suffice to say that this bundle is the complete Kickstarter package… including the metal coins (in a sweet dragon bag) that were offered as a $25 add-on during the campaign!!  But wait!  There’s more!!  Act now and I’ll throw in the Caverns of Gandûm expansion and the Dragon Brew promo cards as well!  Haha. Actually that’s part of the bundle no matter when you buy the game… but it was fun to go a little “TV shopping channel” for a minute… 😉

Bottom line: THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!  If you want to get in on the Treasure Mountain goodness… and you want to go ALL IN… this is the bundle for you 🙂

Worker placement, worker re-placement, and tile laying…. Oh my!

Treasure Mountain is at its heart a really well-done worker placement game…. So, of course, I love it! And, what’s more they throw in a cool worker RE-placement component where you can bump other players’ Meeples out of an action space that you want to use! Finally, they add in some tile laying to bring you that dungeon exploring goodness! All of this comes together to create a fun, thematically tight, mid-weight Euro with some fantastic artwork, components, and mechanics.  Bravo!

But to be honest, they had me at dwarves, a dragon living in a mountain, colored acrylic gems, metal coins in their own custom pouch, and worker placement!  Yeah, it’s true…. I am a total geek!! 🤓 I blame it on playing D & D in the 80s…. and well, my personality I guess… hahaha…

Beard length is important… (No, this is not an excerpt from a heated hipster debate on Twitter!)

Treasure mountain is played over a set number of rounds that are adjusted spending on the player count. Each round consists of three basic phases: Dwarf actions, determining player order for the nex5 round, and board reset.  Obviously (smile), it’s all about those dwarf actions!

Daniel A. George did a really nice job with the worker placement mechanic in this game. Each player has a set number of dwarves. Each of these dwarves has a specific beard length ranging from one to five.  Note – depending on player count you might not have 5 dwarves… if there are fewer dwarves in the game, you would use the dwarves from 1 through the number of dwarves per player used in your game.  That is, they always number from one to something… it’s not a random mélange of beard lengths when using fewer than 5 😉

But why does beard length matter?!?!?

Well you see….. turn order is actually a two-layered affair.  First, as one might imagine… there’s good, old-fashioned player order. But…. what’s really cool is that your dwarf’s beard length is a factor as well; with longer beards going before shorter beards.   When the game starts all of your dwarves are resting in their beds… and of course, since everyone is there and all are arranged sequentially in beard length, turn order is a simple affair.  However, once players start bumping each other out of action spaces, those bumped dwarves go back to the barracks!  So, let’s say you bump a beard-length-of-2 dwarf back to the resting area, but all of the other dwarves there are level one beard lengths. In that case, the next turn will be taken by the level 2 dwarf!!  And then, all things being equal, the system defaults back to player order.  SO COOL!!! 🙂

What this means is that depending on the beard length of your “bumped” dwarf, it is quite likely that the player who bumped you will be allowing you to jump right back into the mix as soon as their turn is completed!  For certain, that dwarf will come out again at some point!  A nice reward for being bumped off the board…

And, as you might imagine, this can happen more than once – so say hello to potentially getting multiple chances to re-place those dwarves each round! Game ON!

Now, there are a few limitations.  First, you have to have a dwarf of higher beard length than the one currently occupying the displaceable spot… and, you can’t bump your own dwarves.  That makes sense of course, because otherwise you might end up with an ongoing chain of personal displacement that would make your turn go on and on 😉

Don’t take that…

Adding a little pseudo take-that (actually more like “don’t” take that) to the game, you are not required to take the action of the action space you choose to occupy!  Ohhhhh… a good friend of mine would be ALL OVER this! Taking up that action space you wanted even though he didn’t need it… just for fun!  Agent of Chaos you know who you are!!  …Brian Shea 😉

Speaking of take that… the game come with a Rahdo variant!  Now, this particular variant has nothing to do with the take that mechanic, but since my impression (after watching tons of his run-throughs) is that Rahdo and Jenn aren’t big fans of “take that,” I used that as a segue.

When the dragon attacks during the game (you can read about that in the rules), each player typically rolls their own base defense score separately, and then adds Axes to the result to add +1 or +2 to the dice roll in preparation for having a higher value than the dragon; and thereby not being attacked!

When playing with the Rahdo variant , one die is rolled and all players us that die rol as their base defense (adding axes as before to plus-up the value).  This levels the dragon-fighting playing field a bit in that players who are prone to rolling a one will not get crushed repeatedly as other, luckier players, roll 6’s each time and readily thwart the dragon’s advances! I am a really big fan of this variant because in dice games I always roll HORRIBLY!  :-/

Caverns of Gandûm

This expansion comes with a game board extension, 32 spell cards, 10 new mine tiles, 70 purple, acrylic mana gems, a golem Meeple, and 2 automa playing packs!  It’s time to get that solo game on, people!!

Solo play option

Automa decks are used to simulate the actions of another player in the game. The automa players claim action spaces, score points, fight dragons, and collect treasure like normal players. The automa cards are simple to use and do not have a lot of overhead often seen in other solo variants.

Automa players score points throughout the game. This helps create tension and fun throughout the game, knowing you can lose the game to the automa player. There are three levels of difficulty to play so you can adjust the difficulty as you get better at playing Treasure Mountain.


Ages: 10+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 40 – 80 minutes
Designer: Daniel A. George (I)
Artist: Mac Hillier
Publisher: August Games
This bundle (minus the Dragon Brew Promo
pack) was on eBay for $139.99 at the time of
this listing – March 2019.
Our Price: $74.50
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This bundle includes the Treasure Mountain Kickstarter Edition base game and the Caverns of Gandûm expansion (with all the stretch goals from the campaign) as well as the Dragon Brew Promo pack and the custom metal coins add-on!

Your Dwarf clan has been chosen by King Grimsteel to mine the vast riches buried within Treasure Mountain. You must dig deep, keep your axes close, and beware of the pillaging dragons that inhabit the mountain in search of treasure.

Dwarf clans earn victory points by mining gems, earning gold, building mines, and fighting dragons. The clan with the most victory points at the end of the game gains the favor of King Grimsteel and wins the game.  Easy!  😉

Treasure Mountain is medium-light strategic worker placement game with a unique “bumping” mechanic that also creatively integrates some tile laying. With multiple paths to victory, which will you choose?

To see exactly which stretch goals were completed, visit the original Kickstarter campaign here.


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