I predict this game will ROCK the holiday season!

[And, I’m selling the KS edition – with the bonus “All Who Wander” Journey card pack – cheaper than most people are selling the base retail game. BAM! 💥 Start stringing the lights!! ]

This is an absolutely wonderful light/medium weight game that delivers enough strategy and depth to keep seasoned gamers happy… while at the same time being straightforward/light/fun enough that your family will actually return to the table after the holiday dinner dishes are cleared!

Come on… you know what I mean!!!

Your extended family are all together for the holidays… you have a few choice games out in the trunk of your car (or in your suitcase in Mom’s spare room). Dinner is finished, and everyone is in a jovial mood. Suddenly talk of playing a game starts to fill the air… Could this be it?

Will they finally indulge your hobby (obsession) and play a board game?!?!?! 🤓😊🥰

Is THIS the year?!?! You think to yourself, “I definitely need a win after all this COVID madness!!” 🤞🎉

You dash out to your car (or scurry off to your suitcase) and gleefully return carrying Rising Sun in all its glory… only to find that they’ve already started shuffling the ol’ Uno deck.

Oh, the humanity! 😩

Take your meds and tell us about the game already, Drew!

OK… OK… Trekking the World is a fantastic little game that is sure to please just about everyone. The basic rules of the game are simple… and yet the game still manages to deliver a bit of that old nail-bitey tension that I really enjoy!! 😬

If you’ve played Trekking the National Parks (another solid title by Underdog Games), then you already know how this unfolds…. But if you haven’t, start by imagining the offspring of a summer romance between Tokaido and Parks. 🐣

As always with my comparisons… this is not to say that Tokaido and Parks aren’t AMAZING in their own right (I own both and LOVE them!). Similarly this is not to say that Trekking the World doesn’t have its own well-deserved place at the table!

I just like to get you in the right frame of mind… (you know, by grossly oversimplifying the various aspects of any given game and sort of taking my newbie approach to “this sort of reminds me of these games” and giving it an air of credibility; despite my lacking any true knowledge of board games or the industry… hehe) 😇

Route-taking, souvenir-snagging, suitcase-packing goodness.

The game plays out on a map of the world that depicts numerous destinations. Your goal is to travel the world, visit these destinations, buy souvenirs, and win! You might even take a tour or two along the way to bolster your path to victory!

All players start the game at an airport. A what? You remember these, right?  They are like huge buildings located impossibly far from their parking lots… and filled with endlessly long corridors that lead you to uncomfortable seats and long lines… “Now boarding group G…. group G you may now board.” 🤣🤣

While standing at the airport you find yourself carrying a small handful of three “trek” cards. These cards feature an icon representing one of 5 different travel-related images as well as a number from 1 – 3. More on how these cards work shortly… Let’s begin our journey.

Move. Then draw two cards, take a tour, or go on a journey.

Well, that’s the rules in a nutshell everyone!  Enjoy!


MOVing right along. At the start of every turn IF you have any Trek cards in your hand AND you are able to make a legal move… you must move. When you move you will use the numerical value on your Trek cards to take steps along the various paths. If you would like to visit a destination that is 4 steps away, then you discard any number of Trek cards needed to get to a sum of 4.  So, a value 3 and a value 1, or perhaps two value 2 cards… or even four value 1 cards!

Regardless, you MUST move the exact number of spaces represented by the value of your cards.  You cannot, for example, discard two value 2 cards and only move three spaces. You must move four.

Also, you cannot move through (or end up on the same space as) any of your opponent Trekkers. I mean, the other kind people who are traveling at the same time; and who may have just purchased the last Aunt Annie’s pretzel in your wing of the airport. Just sayin’… no need to be too worried about how their doing in the game… 😉

If you land on a destination that features a souvenir (colored cube) you will add this cube to your over-stuffed suitcase. There are four different types of souvenirs; each represented by a different color cube (white, yellow, red, blue). As you collect souvenirs you will become eligible to possess the “most souvenir” card for each of the four types. But if on a subsequent turn another player ends up with even more than you, they will claim the card! Think “the longest road card” in Catan. In addition, at game end you will earn points for having completed sets of all four souvenirs (colors).

Movement is done… now what?

Once you land on a destination you must choose one of three actions.

Draw two: As your post-movement action you can simply draw two cards from the Trek card deck. Of note, there is no hand limit… so although you start with only 3 cards you can build up a full armament of Trek-tastic cards. This is not the worst idea since they are the primary currency of the game!

Take a Tour: At any point in the game there will be 5 tour cards on display. Each of these tours corresponds to a specific location on the map. If you are at that location when you finish your movement, you can take a tour of the specific destination. The cost of the tour is paid in Trek cards and is determined by the iconography.  So, for example, you might have to discard two Water Trek cards and one Roman Column Trek card in order to tour the Grand Canyon. [I anxiously await “Trekking the Universe” where one of the icons is the “Star” Trek card.


UH… ANYway, if you are able to pay for the tour, you will claim that tour card and the victory point total represented in its lower right hand corner. This is a wonderful way to score some serious points!!!  Wink-wink…

Go on a Journey: If you choose this action, you will discard any two Trek cards displaying matching icons. So, two water cards or two camera cards… etc. Then you get to activate one of the two Journey cards that are on display. These cards are randomly selected at the beginning of the game and each offers some special power when activated.

For example, you might be able to move your Trekker 4 spaces without spending any Trek cards and THEN collect 2 cards from the Trek card deck. Or, perhaps you will have the option of taking a tour at a discount… or be granted the ability to head straight to an unoccupied airport space! These journeys are sweeeeeet!!

There are a few other small bits and pieces to the game but that is the 95% solution, my friends! This game takes me about 7-10 minutes to teach and even the most “I only play video games” cousin can learn and enjoy this game all in the same night! It’s TRUE!

Speaking of video games.. here are a few videos for those of you who do not enjoy my prose…

[AKA for the more visually oriented learners in the group. I mean, I KNOW you all love my banter! 🤣😁]

The ever-enjoyable Rodney Smith from Watch it Played gives us the 15-minute run-down on set-up and game play. The video is HERE.

Brittanie Boe from BeBoldGames also does a wonderful job of summing it all up HERE.

[Semi-related side note.. I have met each of these fine humans at various gaming cons and they are both WONDERFUL people!!! Hooray for wonderful people!]

And finally an unboxing video by Ed Linder over at TMJ Productions. Ed gets credit for posting the only English-speaking unboxing video that was under 10 minutes! Seriously! I mean, we’re not unboxing 7th Continent here folks! 🤔😅

Anyway, the close-up video of the components is beautifully done and really gives you a very solid idea of how vibrant the artwork and coloring is. Bravo!

[side note, according to the video, he didn’t back the game and he doesn’t know how to play it… hehe… but by gosh, he expertly takes it out of the box and displays the components… so it’s a win for me! The video is HERE.

Final call for boarding for flight DL1353… Final call… please head to gate 33…

The rules – streamlined.

The gameplay mechanics – simple, elegant, tension’y-goodness-filled.

The experience – travel the world without wearing a mask AND do so while enjoying a drink and snack of your choice from the comfort of your own home!! Sweeeeeeet!

This is a FANTASTIC game and we could all use a little travel-boost this season! Sure, this may not be the right time to travel the globe in real life… but it is certainly high time for a Trekking the World grand adventure! Grab your suitcase, Cousin Schmitty, Grandma Belle, and your Trek cards, and let’s hit the road!

Game ON!

Ages: 10+
Players: 2 – 5
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Designer Charlie Bink
Standard retail version available on
Amazon for $50 at the time of this listing (OCT 2020).
My price for the Kickstarter exclusive edition? Lower…
Our Price: $38.50
Link to BGG: Trekking the World


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Trekking the World Kickstarter Edition with the All Who Wander Journey card pack!!

Gleaming monuments and sunrise vistas await your arrival as you traverse the globe to experience its many wonders. Will you explore ancient ruins deep in the jungle, or go wild on a savanna safari? Build your bucket list of destinations and take a whirlwind tour to visit them all – but hurry, your fellow travelers might just beat you there!

In Trekking the World 2-5 players compete to be the ultimate globe trotter by racing to visit world-renowned locations and collect rare souvenirs along the way. The game spotlights 48 real-world destinations, each beautifully illustrated and accompanied with educational passages to inspire your next getaway.

—description from the designer

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

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