Trickerion Collector's Edition

Trickerion Collector’s Edition

“The Prestige” meets the table

Like the film from 2006, you take on the role of an illusionist competing for prestige against your fellow magicians.  Unlike the film, you and your former partner to not fight bitterly after your assistant dies and one of you performs a teleportation trick. Hahaha… That aside, this is an absolutely AMAZING game, and the Collector’s Edition version will blow you out of the WATER! 💦💦💦

Due to insane time constraints related to my impending retirement from the US Navy and the 1,000,000 things I have to get done before that epic day, I will have to forego my usual poetic waxing about the game, the play, the components, and what have you. <insert collective sigh here>

I am sure for many of you this may come as a welcome surprise… hahaha. But for those who enjoy my prose, you have my apologies. Please know that once I retire and can focus on the shop, I will once again add some color to these product listings 😇

In fairness… this is one game that really doesn’t need much introduction.

Trickerion is a SOLID game with a stellar reputation. It is HEAVY and crunchy (despite being described on the Kickstarter page as Medium-weight), and it is filled with goodness. Dahlgrad’s Academy brings even more fun to the table; as well as a few more rules to learn… haha. And the Collector’s Edition simply takes the whole shebang over the TOP! 🎉🎉🎉

This is an Upstart’s DREAM game!

This package includes everything ever released for Trickerion, plus Dahlgaard’s Academy, two sets of metal coins (recommended quantity for Academy play) and all Kickstarter bonus content in a large, uniquely numbered alternate art box. Yes!

Raging Spirit Signature trick card re-print

If you’ve been following the buzz… Mindclash is releasing an errata pack to correct some minor printing issues. I have requested replacement packs for the shop copies, but if you order before I get them in, I obviously can’t include them in your shipment. But, all is not lost.  I spoke with Dorka from Mindclash and he said that customers can simply go to the google docs page they set up, and list my kickstaerter email address (drdrew@rocketmail.com) or my name (Drew Schiemel) under the “Company” section of the document.

The link to the google docs is *HERE* 

If you have any trouble at all, please shoot me a note and I’ll help get you squared away! I want to be sure you have exactly what you need!

Revised Rule Book

Mindclash released a revised rulebook shortly after the Kickstarter campaign fulfilled – and you can find it *HERE*


As I noted in a previous write-up… a wonderful person and purveyor of Upstart Boardgamer (Weena!!) suggested I add some links to run-throughs or play-throughs or what have you and I am making that a routine part of all write-ups going forward! Here they are!

Tom Heat – Slickerdrips – Full (and lengthy) play-through of Dahlgaard’s Academy expansion can be found *HERE*

Rhado Run-through is *HERE*

These gentlemen are like the Ying and Yang of my board game video viewing… 😁

In Summary

AMAZING GAME! Ridiculously cool artwork! Total thematic immersion! Sweet components! Limited Edition Collector’s Edition! Metal coins! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 60 – 180 minutes
Publisher: Mindclash Games
SKU: Mindclash Games 001
Selling in the vicinity of $300 on eBay
at the time of this listing (NOV 2019)
Our Price: $175.75
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Trickerion Collector's EditionTrickerion Collector’s Edition!! Sweet Holy Mackerel…. this set is AMAZING!! 🥰

Trickerion – Legends of Illusion is a thematic, medium-heavy Euro-style game of rival stage illusionists. In this game, you are a Victorian-era magician, with a team of apprentices and specialists you can assign to various tasks using worker placement and simultaneous action selection.

These tasks include collecting magical components, expanding your assortment of Tricks, and preparing magnificent magic shows in the Theater for you to perform at the end of each round. Performances can earn you money, but ultimately, you are in it for Fame: the more famous you are, the better Tricks you can learn, and the Magician with the most Fame points will win the game.

The Collector’s Edition, was only available during the Kickstarter campaign.


– Trickerion – Legends of Illusion base game
– Trickerion – Dahlgaard’s Academy expansion
– Trickerion – Dahlgaard’s Gifts add-on pack
– Module – Dark Alley
– Module – Duel of Magicians
– Module – Magicians Powers
– Uniquely numbered alternate art box – velvet Box Lid
– Revised core rulebook
– Two sets of Metal Coins
– Custom linen pouches
– All unlocked stretch goals

Stretch Goals:

– Solo Mode
– 4 new Magicians
– Double Decker Plastic Trays
– 2 Academy Shillings
– Dawn of Technology mini expansion
– Extra Special Assignment cards, Extra Prophecies, Extra Dark Alley cards, extra Class Room and Practice Room tiles, etc.
– Mystery at the Academy unlocks
– Double sided Alternate Art Main Board
– Workshop Contraptions Module

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 6 in

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