So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Valor and Villainy: Minions of Mordak Deluxe Kickstarter version…

Grab your bag of holding and let the adventure begin!

This is another SOLID production by James Hudson and the team over at Skybound Games. Hip hip… hooraayyyy!!!! Sorcerer City… Tidal Blades.. Valor and Villainy: Minions of Mordak!!  When will it end?!?!?  Hopefully NEVER!

If you know me at all, you know I am an avid backer of everything that James and his team do. They are an amazing team of creators… and they happen to also be an amazing group of humans! Something I have said before on the site and that I am sure I will continue to say.

Whenever they put forth a new game… I back it instantly… and I then go back and review the game, the rules, the components and any other intel I can gather on the game. And every single time, I come away knowing that I backed another solid game that delivers on the fun, sweet-component, interesting mechanics trifecta!

The storyline is no different here.

Valor and Villainy is an absolutely awesome RPG-style game that boils everything that is great about Dungeons and Dragons down into an approachable and enjoyable afternoon tabletop game!


Mind you… I am also very happy to engage in multi-hour D&D campaigns… so I am not saying that this replaces D&D – Oh the humanity! Haha. Rather I am simply noting that for lovers of D&D who might not have as much time on their hands these days… this is a wonderful way to scratch that itch in a fun, light-hearted afternoon… AND, your friends that aren’t necessarily the biggest D&D fans will love it too! As I said… WINNING!

Side note #2 in an effort to not offend my fellow D&D lovers.

This is not a copy-cat of D&D… nor is it anywhere near the breadth and wonder of the D&D universe. I’m just saying that playing this game gives me the same warm/happy vibe that I get from D&D.. without the eternal worry of my long-crafted and seasoned character getting his head chopped off… hehe.

Components are GORgeous. Of course.

This is another beautiful production by the team at Skybound. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chunky, double-layer player boards, engraved dice, exquisitely crafted miniatures, gorgeous Game Trayz inserts, a metal initiative token, and the cardboard loot chest to boot!! This deluxe version ROCKS. I mean… it’s Sky Bound… what did you expect?!?!?! 🎸

If you’d like to get a peek at everything that comes with this beauty, you can check out the original Kickstarter campaign HERE.

VIDEO CORNER… presented after less text than usual due to eternal retired-guy laziness and a somehow perpetually busy calendar <sigh>

Awesome preview of the game, by Christina and Melissa over at Girls Game Shelf!  Lots of solid, informative conversation about the game, a great look at the components, and plenty of energy! Love this video!! You can check it out HERE.

Another solid preview/review of the game can be found HERE by Quakalope Reviews. This channel offers some REALLY wonderful content… you might want to spend a little while browsing around their YouTube channel after you watch the video… you might just decide to join the 20,000+ subscribers.

Final sentences

Valor and Villainy: Minions of Mordak will sit proudly on my shelf amongst the other brilliant games by the team at Skybound! Of course, I may actually need to reserve an entire rack of shelves for this powerhouse publishing team… hahaha. Seriously… I am sure there are more amazing titles to follow… stay tuned!


Ages: 12+
Players: 2- 6 
Play Time: 90 – 150 minutes
Artist: James Van Niekerk
$80-140 on eBay and other sites
at the time of this listing (JAN 2021)
Our Price: $59.50
Links to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


valor and villainyValor and Villainy: Minions of Mordak! RPG fun in an engaging, tabletop adventure… Sign me UP!

The beloved king Shapiro has perished in a freak catapult accident

…but not before his most suspiciously named and irrefutably trusted adviser, Evil Wizard Mordak, claimed credit for his “murder” and legged it through a hastily conjured portal to the WORLD OF ETERNAL AND UNCARING DARKNESS. Mordak promised the kingdom he’d return in 8 days with semi-phenomenal cosmic powers to take his rightful seat upon Shapiro’s ruined throne! A lofty promise for an amateur Wizard…

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak is a one vs many roleplaying board game for 2-6 players.

One of you plays as the comically evil wizard, Mordak, and the rest form a band of Allies called the “Order without Borders”, who must halt his path of destruction! The game focuses on a strong and playful theme, capturing the best parts of a classic roleplaying game and boiling it into a one time play session. Every player will appreciate satisfying character progression. Spending Experience Points their team has earned and locating powerful treasures to make their characters mightier with every passing turn!

Mordak has vanished into the WORLD OF ETERNAL AND UNCARING DARKNESS! This player will have a lot of fun, plotting secrets in the dark and throwing despair into the Allies’ plans in order to grow in power. They must hold nothing back, drawing upon all of their cunning and evil genius to win the game for themselves!

The Allies must locate three Ancient Shrines hidden among the land.

For each of these Shrines diminishes Mordak’s power. Finding them all will reveal his location and commence a final battle for victory. They can explore the map at their own pace, however they will learn they must balance their ambitions with what they can handle! Exploring too quickly will fuel Mordak with threats the game-board has to offer, yet doddling will allow him the time to grow his cosmic powers! Ultimately the winner of the game is the victor of the final showdown between the Allies and their nemesis Mordak! Only the party which is better prepared and utilizes superior tactics will win the day!

~Description from Publisher

Additional information
Weight 11.2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in

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