Western Legends with Fistful of Extras and The Good, The Bad, and the Handsome (Kickstarter Stretch Goals and game-play expansion)

One copy of the Kickstarter Edition of Western Legends along with the Fistful of Extras “expansion” that includes all of the unlocked stretch goals and The good, the bad, and the handsome expansion.  This is THE Western Legends to own!!!

Red Dead Redemption comes to the board game table!

OK… OK… That may be a bit of a stretch (smile)… but I wanted to grab your attention! And although there is decidedly less (i.e. no) egregious violence in Western Legends, they are both sandbox games where you exist in an Old West setting and try to accomplish a variety of different tasks/adventures to gain points.  What’s more, you get to choose which side of the law to live on!  Bulletproof, in-depth comparison to video game complete! Win! (hahaha… just kidding…)

This is a REALLY fun game!

Now I should admit that usually a Western themed game is not my “thing.” But in the case of Western Legends I have been forced to let go of that bias because this is a SOLID game!! I have quickly gone from “Western themes aren’t really my thing…” to “Hey pander, you mind movin’ yur hand away from that there pistol belt?” <insert tobacco spitting onto dirt floor  of barroom here>  Short story – I’m a FAN!

All players are basically looing to gather up as many Legendary Points as they can. For players that choose to be outlaws this means gathering up Wanted Points (since being a legend in the outlaw world likely doesn’t come from accomplishing good deeds and generosity and what have you…). In fact, legendary status in the Outlaw world comes from robbing banks, stealing from other players, and rustling cattle.  Starting to get that Red Dead Redemption vibe yet?  😉

On the other hand, players who choose the path of the Law earn Marshall Points on their path to becoming the greatest LAWFUL legend of all time.  These players earn points for wrangling cattle, arresting wanted players, and fighting bandits.  Who doesn’t like a game where the primary goal is to become the most famous person anyone in your orbit knows?!?!?! 😉 I mean, I know all the social media influencers out there are tracking… right?  Haha.


Each character has their own starting location, starting bonus, and legendary ability.  These asymmetric player characteristics really do a nice job of creating a fun story arc.  Things start with each player in their own predetermined section of the game board; often doing their own thing. But as with all good things, this can’t last forever (smile).  As the game progresses people’s plans start to overlap and/or are at odds with one another… and things start to get GRITTY! 😉

Of course, outlaw players may start the game by assailing someone straight out of the gate… but hey… they are outlaws after all!  Still, I recommend a gentle start… lest you create a game-long vengeance that takes you and your opponent down and leaves the path to victory clearly open for the other two players.  If you’ve had this experience, you know what I mean.  Spread that outlaw goodness (badness?) around…

Adjustable game length

One nice feature of this game is the ability to adjust game length by choosing a pre-set winning score tally.  The game features three possible end points in terms of length.  Short (at 15 points), average (at 20 points) and long (at 25 points). Now you can fit that Old West adventure into whatever time you have available!

One other thing to consider in estimating game length is the number of players. Yes… yes… I know that we all know this 😉 I bring it up here specifically because fewer players means fewer people to get in the way of your plans.  This means a faster path to victory.  Obviously as you approach the 6-player max, inter-player “activity” increases dramatically.  So, while 25-30 minutes of play time per player may be a pretty solid estimate in the 4-player range, expect that per-player estimate to be shorter in the 3-player world and longer in the 6-player world. You get the idea…

Turns, phases, guns… oh my!

Game play is split into the Start of Turn, Actions, and End of Turn phases. The Start and End of turn phases are about setting players up for the action phase, and story card completion/scoring/checking for end game condition respectively.  As one might imagine, the bulk of the gameplay takes place in that middle phase 🙂

I won’t get into the rules in depth, but the four basic actions available during the aptly-named ACTION phase, are:

  1. Move
  2. Use an action on a card
  3. Fight another player (arrest, rob, or duel)
  4. Take a location action


As in the video game mentioned in my introductory remarks, movement is limited by either your character’s maximum movement (if you’re on foot) or your mount’s max movement (if you’ve acquired a horse).  Ahem… ;-D

Use an action on a card

Some item cards, character cards, and poker cards are emblazoned with the word “ACTION” printed on them. These cards are used here.  These cards give players one-time abilities that they would not otherwise have access to.  A quick note on the design.  I LOVE the fact that the game’s designer added the word “ACTION” to the cards.

Perhaps I simply need more sleep, but far too often in games that have multi-use cards, I find myself thinking, “Wait… if I want to use this card for its special ability, which icon/text/picture am I paying attention to again?”  Anything in a game that allows me to focus more on gameplay and less on memorizing iconography or formatting is a WIN!  Small detail… but one worth mentioning.  I should also note that I have plenty of games that require endless iconography memorization, etc. etc. and I really enjoy them… it’s just nice when you don’t have to think sometimes 🙂

Fight another player

  • Step one – declare who you intend to fight and how the fight is going to go down (duel, rob, arrest).
  • Step two – reveal your poker cards to show how much of a fight you each put up!
  • Step the – use reaction effects to alter the outcome of the fight.
  • Step four – To the victor goes the spoils.Arrest that outlaw, rob that innocent cowpoke, or connect with that first bullet in a legend-making duel!

Take a location action

There are a variety of cool actions that add some real depth to gameplay at the various board locations!!  I won’t get into the nitty-gritty, but things like getting healed at the doctor’s office, reveling at the cabaret, prospecting for gold, robbing the bank, and wrangling cattle are all on the list!

Good, clean (mostly) fun in the Wild West

Western Legends is another WIN for the good people over at Kolossal games!  The theme fuses effortlessly with the game play and mechanics.  The artwork is well done and does a nice job of immersing you into the Old West. And the gameplay itself is solid!  Who wouldn’t feel a bit of pride in riding across town, robbing the bank, and then bragging about it at the local bar?  Or, perhaps catching a wanted outlaw at the local store while they were attempting to upgrade their pistol is more your speed?  Either way, Western Legends DELIVERS!

Yee-hawwwww!   [darn this immersive theme!!!]

Ages: 14+
Players: 2 – 6
Play Time: 60 – 90 minutes
Designer: Hervé Lemaître
Artists: Roland MacDonald
Publisher: Kolossal Games
Base game $75 at Kolossal. Fistful of Extras and
Good, Bad, Handsome expansion $70 EACH
on eBay at time of this listing – MARCH 2019)
Side note – this exact combo in original cardboard
box from Kolossal is on eBay for $499 right now.  Ha!
(my version is also in the original cardboard box, etc)
Our Price: $84.50
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This awesome bundle includes the Western Legends Kickstarter Edition base game plus both expansions from the Kickstarter campaign!

Western Legends is an open-world sandbox tabletop adventure for 2-6 players set in the American Wild West. Players assume the roles of historical figures of the era, earning their legendary status in a variety of ways: gamble, drive cattle, prospect for gold, rob the bank, fight bandits, pursue stories, become an outlaw, keep the peace. The possibilities are darn near endless.

How will you write your name on the face of history?

The Fistful of Extras includes:

  • 6 NEW Characters (Belle Starr, Isom Dart, Allan Pinkerton, Buffalo Bill Cody, Pearl Hart, and Bat Masterson)
  • 24 NEW Character Goal Cards (4 for each new character)
  • 24 NEW Story Cards
  • 6 NEW Player Miniatures (Cowboy, Gentleman, Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, Jesse James, and Scout)
  • 3 NEW Item Cards (Work Horse, Holster, and Peacekeeper – 6 cards each)
  • A cloth bag to hold your Legendary Tokens.

To see exactly which stretch goals were completed, visit the original Kickstarter campaign here.


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