So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Wonderland’s War… designed by the fabulous trio of Tim Eisner, Ben Eisner, and Ian Moss… and published by wonderfully awesome James Hudson and his teams at Druid City and Sky Bound… (breathe)… is HEERRREEE!!!

As I have been trying to do with all new listings, let’s talk about what is included here before I start rambling. 😬

This Wonderland’s War bundle includes the DELUXE (Kickstarter Exclusive) edition of the game with the Upgraded Premium Chips as well as the Promo Card Pack.

You can check out all the specifics of the Deluxe pledge on the original Kickstarter campaign page HERE


“The looking glass has shattered, madness is being drained from the inhabitants, and war has come…” OK I fully admit that after reading this one introduction sentence and secure in the knowledge of “Eisner involvement” as well as “Hudson related publishing and production” I backed the campaign. 😬🥰

If you’ve been around Upstart Boardgamer for any amount of time… or if you’ve read through all the old game listings… you certainly know that I LOVE Tim’s work… and that I have been a loyal and faithful follower of James’ work from the first Druid City Games campaign… through the next phase that I like to call the “Sky Bound stop-over” …and now continuing on to be part of the Hudson magic back with Druid City full-time!! 😊

Of course, as per the usual… it doesn’t hurt that I’ve met and chatted with both Tim and James many times and I love their energy, their kindness, and their positivity.  Yeah, you know how I roll!!! 🤩

ANYway, back to the game…

I won’t get into all the specific mechanics as the videos that follow do a fantastic job of that… and well, as I’m spending my last few days in The Bahamas trying to balance turning over my job and the entire medical department, packing up my belongings and getting them shipped and loaded into my suitcases, and enjoying my first ever days on the island WIHTOUT a pager on and not on call… time feels compressed. Ha!

I know… I know… you’re tired of hearing me talk about being so darn busy. And guess what? SO am I!  I need to do a better job staying retired and focusing on Upstart! 🧘

The other day my niece, Madison, said “Uncle Drew… you retired from the Navy to be home near all of us and you left again! You’d better stay home this time!” That girl is a smart one, folks… and when she’s right… she’s right and there’s no arguing with her on that! ❤️

So, getting back to the game… ahem… which I seem to have trouble doing today… this is a wonderfully fun, theme filled adventure featuring one of my absolute favorite mechanisms – bag building – along with drafting and deck building and area majority stuff… and well.. you get the idea. I’m leaving the “deets” to the experts below…

Look at me being all cool… “deets.” Soon I’ll refer to Instagram as “Insta” or “The Gram” – whichever is cooler at the moment… 😂😂

And the components?

Well… the artwork throughout the game is fantastic!!  The ol’ thematic strings are being pulled in this one, my friends and I LOVE it! The miniatures for the player characters are chunky, detailed, and perfectly “through the looking glass!!!”

The Premium chips are chunky and add that delicious “click” as you’re rummaging around in your bag hoping that you’re looking good for the win.

If you’ve played Orléans Deluxe Edition… then you know exactly what I am talking about. 🎯

AS you would expect, the quality of the board is on point.. the box is well constructed, has space for the premium chips (WIN!), and is gorgeous.

OK… let’s turn it over to the experts…

Here’s a SOLID review from two new members of my favs list… Amy and Maggie of ThinkerThemer.  How have I not found these two until now?!?!  I always love finding new media creators who are spot on! This fantastic rules overview/gameplay review clicks with me on so many levels. Sweeeet!  OK… OK.. that’s enough gushing. You can find the video HERE.

And here’s a playthrough with Becca Scott of Game the Game… featuring James Hudson of Sky Bound (now back to Druid City) Games, Kiki Aimerito of Girl’s Game Shelf, and Ivan Van Norman of Hunter’s Entertainment. This is a fun and entertaining battle royale between some real gaming characters! SO FUUUUUNNNNN!!!!! The video is HERE.

OK team… it’s time for me to wrap this up and get ready for the day. A couple of good friends are taking me out on their boat (as I haven’t been able to go out any distance on a boat the entire time I’ve been here due to.. that’s right… the pager and being on call) and I cannot wait!

At this point I think I have two more write ups (Mission Catastrophe and Foundations of Rome) and then I’ll be ready to upload the new content and get things ROLLING!

Hope you are all well.

Wonderland’s War…. A gorgeous, looking-glass themed adventure with beautiful artwork, an immersive theme, deluxe components, and some elegant mechanics by Tim, Ben, and Ian. All systems GOOOOOOO!!!

Ages: 13+
Players: 2 – 5
Play Time: 45 – 125 minutes
Publisher: Druid City Games
At the time of this listing (JUNE 2022) this was
selling for $449 on eBay! WHAT?!? And the retail
version without the premium chips was selling for
$119 – $229! I also saw the promo card pack
selling for $54 alone!  YIKES!  Well… we can’t have that!
I did my best to undercut the current prices… hope
it helps!!! 🙂
Our Price: $165.75
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Wonderlands War Deluxe!!! And of course, the premium chips and the promo pack… 🤓

The Looking Glass has shattered, madness is being drained from the inhabitants, and war has come to Wonderland. Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Jabberwock, and Cheshire Cat must gather all that they can while playing nice at the Hatter’s Tea Party before going to battle!

In Wonderland’s War, 2-5 players take the role as a faction leader who has been invited to the Hatter’s tea party. Drink tea and eat cake as you move around the table drafting cards to gather your forces, build your towers, upgrade your leader, and recruit Wonderlandians to your cause — but one must be careful as shards of the Looking Glass are spread throughout Wonderland. Once all the plates are empty, the Tea Party is over and war begins. Use the forces you gathered to battle your enemies in familiar locations, but make sure not to draw your shard chips or your towers will fall and you will be out of the fight. Can you muster enough strength to win the battle, or will you just try to gain region bonuses for set scoring throughout the game instead?

After all the battles have been fought, a truce is called and everyone meets back at the tea party to plot their moves for the next fight. After three rounds, the faction with the most points will be crowned as the new leader of Wonderland!

— description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 16.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 9 in

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