So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

X-Odus: Rise of the Corruption Kickstarter Edition (includes ALL stretch goals) plus the neoprene playmat!!

Asymmetric, tactical, co-op with sweet art and solid thematic integration – Bring it!

I backed this game during the Kickstarter Campaign back in July of 2019 because the theme was awesome… the artwork was cool… and a sci-fi,. space-dwelling co-op really piqued my interest. And let’s remember… I really do not enjoy cooperative games. Or, as my friend Mike teaches his kids to say, “It’s not my favorite.” Mind you… Mike will also happily tell you that IF I am lured into playing a co-op, I have a BLAST every single time… but I still resist like the Borg are no big deal. ??

So anyway (smile)… this seemed like some sort of cooperative Xia: Legends of a Drift System  meets Star Wars: Rebellion meets the Grizzled (specifically in the sense that this is a HARD co-op to beat! And since I really love all three of those games I thought, “why not?!?” Worst case scenario I will have 6 extra games in my collection beyond the copy for myself… haha. Hey, I mean, I never said I was a good businessperson… just that I love games!

Well, I was NOT disappointed!  This game is a lot of fun! And to be honest… I think my original mash-up was spot on… it really did give me the feel of a three-way hybrid of those games. Or… at least.. in the way that my brain thinks about those games. Haha. ?

The double layered player boards are really well made and the combat board with built in dial is a sweet touch! The plastic insert holds everything in place in the box… and the neoprene mat really takes the visual aspect of the thematic integration to the next level.

I rarely carry the playmats that come with games (because they are hard to ship), but for X-Odus I felt that it just would not be complete without the neoprene play mat. Over on BGG a number of players comment on how the mat made all the difference… so I at least feel like there are other humans who think like me! ?

Are there too many minis in the world?

For those of you who feel like there are just too many miniatures in games these days… this one comes with standees to represent the ships. To be honest, I am a lover of all-things-mini… and yet even I have to admit that the standees are gorgeous. I included a pic in the gallery if you want to check them out…

Still, would I have preferred ridiculously detailed ships that I could have someone more talented than me paint? Yes. But, that option wasn’t available… and the game was just too dang sweet to pass up. So, here we are.

To my brothers and sisters who feel that minis are overwhelming the market… this game is for you! [and actually, it’s for me too… haha… just sayin’]

I was planning to write a bit about game play… but then I stumbled across this talk-through of a game play experience on youtube… and well… it’s such a great summary that I figured I would just post a link to the video and let you hear it for yourself.

I love to talk.. but when someone else says something in a way that feels right… I’ve learned to just shine the spotlight over on that individual.

So, here is a SOLID 3’ish minute talk-through of thoughts on the game by Michael Kelley at One Stop Co-op Shop – If you only read/watch/listen to one thing about this game… this should be it! You can find the video HERE.

And Michael gives us a fantastic view of the solo play in this video HERE.

Final countdown…

4… 3… 2… 1… lift off!!

This is a terrifically challenging, cooperative adventure with some really awesome space-ship driven asymmetry, some SOLID thematic integration, and some smooth, team-driven play mechanics that really make this game shine. If cooperative sci-fi adventures that also happen to have a solid solo mode sound like something that gets your hyper-drive fired up… check out X-Odus: Rise of the Corruption. You will not be disappointed.

Quick PS…

I did want to mention that there have been some concerns with the clarity of the English version of the rulebook. Just about everyone I read through noted that even with the clunky rulebook they were able to muddle through a round or two and then get into their groove once the game was on the table.

Fortunately, the publishers have responded to these concerns directly in the BGG forums and things are in the works to release an updated PDF rulebook that helps to smooth over some of the rough edges. And we all know how hazardous rough edges can be in space… ?


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 90 – 150 minutes
Publisher: Bored Game Ink
SKU: Bored Game Ink 001
$125 for base game plus playmat)
on eBay at the time of this
listing (AUG 2020)
Our Price: $69.75 (playmat included!!)
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


X-ODUS: Rise of the Corruption is a collaborative adventure and tactical game for 1 to 4 players, with a rogue-like mechanic and rpg elements, in a sci-fi setting.

This bundle includes the neoprene playmat (€20 as an add-on during the campaign)!

Set in the distant future, players take command of powerful spaceships, and explore the Galaxy to try and prevent an ancient entity known as the Corruption to rise and destroy all life.

The modular board of hexagonal tiles, revealed as the game progresses, along with the random enemies, allies, explorations and events, creates an always renewed experience. 
On top of that, each spaceship has a different role, and as you play and evolve, you get to choose new abilities with each level. Many of these synergize with each other and with other ships as well, creating a vast number of possible team combinations and ways to approach each situation.

The game is also highly cooperative, and generates a lot of player interaction around the table when strategizing, planning your next moves or simply fighting together against powerful enemies.

Finally, with immersive art, design and texts, each new game tells the story of a band of adventurers saving the Galaxy, and the hardships they face along the way.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in

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