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Yokohama Deluxe 2nd Edition and Yokohama Duel Deluxe – two INCREDIBLY beautiful and fun games by the good folks over at TMG!!

Socks officially knocked off! 🧦🧨

Metal coins, wooden trade and shop houses, silkscreened imports, dry-erase score boards (in Duel), and gorgeous artwork at every turn make each of these a TRULY deluxified game in their own right!!

Way back when….

I pledged for a deluxe copy of Yokohama during the original deluxified campaign. In fact, I actually pledged for 2 copies. Before Upstart Boardgamer was even a twinkle in my eye… I would regularly back a Kickstarter campaign for 2 or 3 copies; knowing that my friends would ultimately regret backing and would be searching for a copy at a fair price. I would – as it was my friends and not a business (smile) – sell them my extra copies for exactly what I paid for the games during the KS campaign… and from this pattern, the idea of helping even more people quickly followed… 😉 Sure… it hasn’t been profitable yet.. but by gosh, I am having fun… wonderful people are getting amazing games at fair prices… and well… that’s really all that matters!

And here we are…

Anyway… the moment I opened the box and started going through the components… I knew this was a keeper. All the wooden bits… the metal coins… the silk screened meeples… wahhhhh!  And then… when I got it to the table… an amazingly well-designed game that flows beautifully each and every time. Ohhhhhhh…. Sooo sweet! 🧁🚀

So, as one might imagine… as soon as I created Upstart, I shot TMG a note and asked if I could be recognized as a retailer despite my lack of a Brick and Mortar establishment. They demurred… and I understood… of course!  But each and every campaign, I would send a short note to their campaign manager/retail order handler and see if things might have changed.

Finally, during the Yokohama Duel Deluxified campaign (and Yokohama Deluxified Second Edition release), they basically said, “Darn it, Drew… OK… OK… you are in!”

I’m not kidding when I say that I marked the date in my calendar and told everyone I knew that I had achieved a massive landmark that left me BEAMING!!!  Thank you, TMG!!! I remain over the moon!! 🌜🎉

Game Play… soooo good!

Rather than waxing poetic (even moreso than I already have), I’ll leave the gameplay to the videos below. I figure that most people know a bit about Yokohama and maybe they’re just looking to finally score a copy of the Deluxified version. Or, they’ve come searching for copies of the Deluxified Duel version of the game… yearning for a tight two-player experience that the base game wasn’t the best at delivering.

Mind you… I should at least note that Yokohama is one of my top games of all time. It’s very hard for me to create a list of my top 5 or my top 10 or a top 3… but, one thing I am certain of is that Yokohama is on all of those lists!

I’d sum up the deluxified version as “Elegant mechanics meet awesome components and beautiful artwork… and by Gosh there are metal coins!!!”  And I’d sum up Duel as, “A very nicely crafted two-player version of the amazing original… that really delivers!”

And… there you have it… now let’s take a look at some…


A great Yokohama Deluxe unboxing by Daniel at Life of a Boardgamer can be found HERE!! Warning… this might be the first edition… and I honestly don’t now what the differences (if any) might be.

Yokohama How to Play by Paul Grogan at Gaming Rules! Paul ALWAYS delivers… and I remain a faithful follower of his incredible work. You cannot go wrong with his how to play video HERE.

Yokohama Duel Deluxe Unboxing by verSPIELT!  This is a German language video… so if you don’t speak German it may be a tad difficult to follow the dialogue.. but the videography is very well done and really displays the game perfectly! You can find the video HERE.

Tom at Slickerdrips (we all know he is one of my absolute favorites) reviews Yokohama Duel HERE.

And since I can never get enough of Slickerdrips’ videos… HERE is Tom doing a play-through of Yokohama Duel

Another classic go-to source for me (after a thorough rules read) is Rhado.  He does a wonderful run-through of Duel HERE.

And so…

If you’ve been considering snagging a copy of Yokohama Deluxe… and you’ve told yourself over and over that the deluxe components don’t matter… because you are a purist… and all the hype is irritating…. I’d politely suggest you reconsider. Each of these games are simply gorgeous!!! And, as noted above – the game play is on POINT! 👉🤩

As far as this Upstart is concerned – the hype is warranted! [Formal disclaimer:  I am a component junkie and I’m not sure my advice should necessarily be taken unless you want shelves full of deluxe and collector’s edition games. You have been warned!] ⚖️


Ages: Yokohama – 14+  Duel – 12+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: Yokohama – 90 minutes  Duel – 45 minutes
Designer: Hisashi Hayashi
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Tasty Minstrel Games – 003-Main game
Tasty Minstrel Games – 003-Duel
Yokohama Deluxe is selling for $150+
and Yokohama Duel Deluxe is selling
for $90+ on eBay and other sites at
the time of this listing – May 2021
Our Price:
Yokohama Deluxe Main Game – $92.50
Yokohama Duel Deluxe – $65.50
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Yokohama Deluxe 2nd Edition and Yokohama Duel Deluxe have arrived!!

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