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Privacy Information

This privacy statement was updated on August 31, 2020 [it was edited for typos – no substantive content changes were made].

Hi all… nothing special in here.  Just standard verbiage about privacy and what have you.  I don’t retain any credit card info on the site (and all of the processing happens off-site at PayPal or Stripe), the site is SSL protected, and I don’t sell or use your info for anything except shipping you games, contacting you if there is an order issue, and sending you email updates if you signed up for the distro. And now onto saying that same thing in far more words…. 😉

Information Collection and Use

When you place your order Upstart Boardgamer collects enough information to allow me to process your order and contact you about that order if needed.  Any information stored in the “My Account” section of the site is retained on secure servers at my website host, GoDaddy, Inc.

My website does not store information associated with your credit card (card number, expiration, CCV, etc).  All credit card information – including that information saved as part of your sign-in-controlled account on Upstart Boardgamer – is retained on the Stripe servers. Stripe is an established provider of internet payment processing and other business services.  Of course, you can also use PayPal to pay via your account or a credit card. Again, information entered for PayPal transactions is not retained on my host’s servers.

Information Sharing (aka Information Disclosure)

Upstart Boardgamer does not sell, rent, share, or otherwise divulge your personal information to anyone – period. If I get to the point where I have staff, they will obviously have access to name and address information as they pack orders and such, but that will be the only access/use – ever.   Of course, Upstart Boardgamer having an extensive staff is rather unlikely, but hey… anything could happen! ?

In any event, we won’t share or use your information in any manner other than to ship your order, contact you about your order, or send you an email abut new games added to the shop if you signed up for the distro.

Uh, if the FBI comes looking for you and serves me with a warrant… well, you get the idea.  Standard stuff.


Upstart Boardgamer’s website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection throughout the site and the website is hosted on secure servers at GoDaddy, Inc.  Secure Socket Layer encrypts all of the information contained in the personal password protected “My Account” section of the website as well as all of your personal billing information as it travels over the internet from the site to Stripe or PayPal for processing.  Bottom line – we’ve got you covered with industry standard security technology.

Minors (broadly defined as humans under 18 years of age)

Upstart Boardgamer will not knowingly collect personal information about or sell any products to customers under the age of 18 without express parental or legal guardian consent. If you are visiting this site and you are a minor, please ask a parent or legal guardian for assistance.  If you’re a teenager with a job and credit card but you still live with your parents/guardians and you want to buy a game, I would still ask that you run it by your parents or guardian and have them let me know it’s cool.  I’m not trying to be difficult here.  I want to help EVERYONE get the games they want, but I also don’t want to upset anyone’s parents, family, legal guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.?

Of course, Upstart Boardgamer cannot prohibit minors from utilizing the site, so any parental or guardian assistance that might be offered on the visitor’s side of the equation would be most sincerely appreciated ?  [Side note: I’m a pediatrician – although not a parent. So, I get it. You want your childrens’ information kept offline and you’d prefer that they not manage their own budgets (or use yours for purchasing board games), and so do I!]

Anytime a visitor purchases a game from Upstart Boardgamer, leaves a comment or review, or uses the site in any way, they are representing to Upstart Boardgamer that they are 18 years of age or older.  As always, if there are ever any issues, please contact me straight away.

Email Distribution List

Visitors to the website are only added to the email distribution list if they request to be added.

There is no automatic data collector for any of your information so you will not be unwittingly added to any distribution lists or otherwise. Please note that there is a box for signing up for the distribution list as part of the check-out process. This box defaults to “checked,” however, this can be easily unchecked prior to completing your purchase.

If you sign up for the distribution email and later decide that you would rather not receive any emails from us, just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the distribution email.  Hopefully it goes without saying, but, if you run into any difficulty whatsoever, please email me forthwith and I will get it straightened out!  I will also (as always) email you back to let you know it’s taken care of.

If you ever send me an email and I don’t respond, it is likely I didn’t receive the email or that I have no access to same due to some far-off vacation “assignment.”  I’m very type-A about appropriate responses to emails and other forms of communication, so if a note sent my way is met with silence, that is NOT the norm; please reach out through an alternative means (Facebook, Twitter, phone) if needed.  My contact info is on the Contact Us page.

I think that covers it.


My condolences to anyone who had to read that from start to finish… my copy leaves much to be desired ?