Posthuman Saga Deluxe with the Outcast promo pack, the Wanderer Hero add-on, the Settlements tile sheets, and the Resistance Expansion!!  This is the Mega-Mutant All-in pledge, PLUS the wanderer hero add-on.

N.B. The Deluxe version of the game includes the base game box plus a box of deluxe components (the black box shown in the Kickstarter campaign). These two boxes are stacked together in a sleeve labelled “Deluxe Edition.”  Also, please note that the Settlements tile sheet replaced the “Loot locations” tile sheet spoken about during the campaign.

All of the listings for JAN 2020 are going to be bare bones just so I can get everything uploaded!!  My sincerest apologies to those of you who enjoy my poetic waxing and emoji-laden banter!! ?

Short story – this is a really fun game with an incredibly sweet theme… and a lot of attention paid to thematic integration!  The artwork is gorgeous… and the storyline is good fun!

I’ll come back and update this listing later… but for now, I will at least provide a link to the Original Kickstarter campaign so you can get a feel for this wonderful game! The link is here!


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 30 – 120 minutes
Publisher: Mighty Boards
SKU: Mighty Boards 001
$189 – 299 on eBay at the time of this listing (JAN 2020)
Our Price: $115.00
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You are a survivor in a near-future Europe that has collapsed under the weight of its own political errors, in the wake of a bloody class-war fueled by genetic modifications. In Posthuman, you journeyed to the last bastion of organized human society in the area: The Fortress. A year down the line, you have become an active part of that society and honed the skills you need to fulfill your role there, but the mutants are gaining ground…

Posthuman Saga is a standalone survival game in the Posthuman universe. You play a seasoned member of the Fortress’ militia, sent out beyond the defensive perimeter to explore and hopefully reconnect with outposts the Fortress has lost touch with, while searching for scavengable sites along the way. You have to forge across a crumbled land where resources are spare and mutants roam the ruined mansions and forests alike.

Like the initial Posthuman, this is a sandbox-style survival journey, but the game system in Posthuman Saga differs from that of the first game in the series. Players win by completing various objectives that suit different characters and playing styles. It has an emphasis on tactical choices on two levels: the journey expressed through an innovative modular tile map puzzle and the individual story and combat encounters. The latter are fast, card-based affairs involving tough choices with future consequences. Posthuman Saga boasts over one hundred, finely crafted story scenes with a simple, push-your-luck mechanism that supplements the emergent narrative afforded by the game. Mutation is a way of life in the Posthuman world, and it can have its advantages, but it can easily get out of control…

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in

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