So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Canvas Compilation!! This bundle includes the base game, the Premium wooden-bits upgrade (the one with the SWEET easels!!) and the Kickstarter exclusive mini-expansion card pack! Soooooo sweet! 🧁

OK folks… we’ve got a guest write-up-writer this time around!

Please welcome Frankie LaFave… of Super Board Sunday podcast infamy… to the Upstart loyal write-up readers club!

As I have written about here and there (smile), Upstart has allowed me to meet some really wonderful humans… and the crew from Super Board Sunday are definitely in that cohort. Christian and Brian (also from the show) were amongst some of my very first customers back in 2019! And over the past couple of years we have gotten to know each other well.. have played some virtual board games… chatted about life… and I even met Brian when he drove down to New York from New Hampshire to pick up a huge game order!

Later, as they formed Super Board Sunday, I met Frankie and Jim… and we’ve all continued to grow as friends ever since. Wonderful humans… great show… what’s not to love?

If you haven’t checked out their podcast, you can give it a whirl HERE

Their easy-going banter, incessant tangents, and thorough reviews of games and the industry make for a solid show! And, I send them some giveaways from time to time… so you might just be able to pick up a sweet new game for nothing 😊🎉

OK… without further ado… I present… “The typographical musings of Frankie LaFave in B flat: A contemplation on art history and wooden bits”

Step up to the easel and see if you have what it takes… 🖼🖌

We’ve all wanted to be prolific painters in our lifetime. Monet, Van Gogh, Kahlo, Dali. Hell, I’d even settle for half of Bob Ross’ talent. Canvas gives you those talents, even if they are only fleeting.

In Canvas, you are going to be creating your masterpieces with the use of illustrated transparent cards to prove your painting prowess. Aside from the wonderful illustrations at the top of each card, you’ll find various symbols among the swatches of paint at the bottom of the cards.

As you draft the cards in search of inspiration, you’ll also want to keep your eye on those symbols. You’ll gain ribbons depending on how those symbols show up in the three cards that spark your inner O’Keeffe.

The more ribbons you acquire, the more points you’ll receive. This will come as a surprise to no one, but the person with the most points, wins!!

Yeah, Yeah!! But what about those bits?? 🪵

The Kickstarter edition steps up the painter-y feel! 🎨

You could have cardboard palette tokens, but why would you want those when you could have wooden tokens that look like they’re ready to create the perfect color on? Paintings don’t just lie on a table, so why would you want your Canvas masterpiece to lie on the table?? The Kickstarter version comes with small wooden easels for your work in progress.

Those ribbons you will so desperately be working for, no longer cardboard chits! They are wonderful, screen printed, wooden tokens! ❤️🎉

As if those easels, palettes and bits weren’t enough, there’s also 10 exclusive transparent art cards and 8 award cards! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, this great game about art can be displayed AS art!! It has a built-in hanger that allows you to put this masterpiece about masterpiecing (??) up on your wall!

Step back and appreciate the wonder you just created… 🖼👍

Canvas is a great wind down to a game night. You and your friends can stand about with your glasses of wine and muse over what each artist’s motivations were. Or, you could cut them down for the rubbish they are passing off as art. I’m not your boss, you do what you want.

Canvas is a simple, beautiful game that belongs in anyone’s collection. If you want it to be part of your collection, you better act fast, cuz the paint won’t stay wet for long!! 💥


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 5
Play Time: 30 minutes
Artist: Luan Huynh
$108+ on eBay and other sites
at the time of this listing (FEB 2021)
Side note…the premium upgrade pack
alone is listing at $60 on eBay. Crazy!
Our Price: $68.25
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So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


CanvasThe ALL-IN Canvas compilation! This bundle includes the base game, the Premium wooden-bits upgrade (the one with the SWEET easels!!) and the Kickstarter exclusive mini-expansion card pack. Paint ON.

In Canvas, you play as a painter competing in an art competition. Players will collect art cards, layering 3 of them together to create their own unique Painting. Each card contains a piece of artwork as well as a set of icons used during scoring. Icons will be revealed or hidden based on the way players choose to layer the cards making for an exciting puzzle. Paintings are scored based on a set of Scoring cards which will change each game. Once players have created and scored 3 paintings the game ends.

On your turn you may take an Art card or make a painting.

Art cards are selected from a row of cards in the center of play. Each of these cards has a cost associated with their position. After selecting an Art card you must pay its cost by placing an Inspiration token on each of the cards to its left. If you do not have enough Inspiration tokens, you may not select that card. Any tokens on the card you have selected are kept for future turns. The far left card costs no Inspiration tokens to take.

If you have three or more Art cards you may chose to make a painting.

Select 3 of your art cards, arrange them in any order and then score them by comparing the visible icons on your painting to the Scoring conditions.

Once all players have made 3 paintings the game ends.

The player with the most points wins!

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in

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