Briefest Write-Ups in history begin anew!!

OK folks… it’s not the holidays… but things have resumed their frenetic pace… and I have not finished building my time machine… and well… I’m fighting an aging metabolism with boat loads of gym time and am slowly losing the fight <sigh>… and well… you know my life!

Poetic ramblings? Literary prose? Is there enough time, darn it?!?

Sadly.. not just yet. But someday…

someday… after I build my house and start to really relax! Hahahaha… 😂🙄

Valor and Villainy… what can I say? It is… as you likely know.. A-MA-ZING! 🥳

Yeah… I copied most of that from my brief “Ra” write up… 🙄 Lame… I know.

OK. Time is short. Let’s do this!

This Upstart offering has two possibilities.

First up is the Ludwik’s Labyrinth Deluxe Premium Bundle. This includes the deluxe version of the base game for Ludwik’s Labyrinth as well as the Antagonist’s Arsenal and the Premium Token Pack!







The second offering is simply a copy of the Deluxe version of Minion’s of Mordak. This is just the deluxe game and does NOT include the Arsenal or the Premium bits sachet. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Anywho.. the price is right and the game is sweet. Make it so!

Kickstarter Campaign Link – to check and see all the juicy bits!

I do want to at least post a link to the original Kickstarter campaign… so you can see for yourself how sweet this one is! 😉 The original campaign can be found HERE.

Again… sooo sorry, everyone! I’ll get back in the swing at some point… argh! 🥹

Ages: 12+
Players: 1 – 6
90 – 150 minutes
SKU: Skybound Games 003
At the time of this listing (MAY 2023) Ludwik’s Deluxe
Premium Bundle was selling for $199-249 on a variety of sites
and Minions of Mordak Deluxe was selling for $99-149. 🪐
Our Price: See above 😉 
Link to BGG:




lludwik's labyrinthValor and Villainy latest installment! This series is SPECTACULAR and the Antagonist’s Arsenal and premium bits that I’ve bundled with Ludwig’s Labyrinth are sweeeeet!

***Please note that Minions of Mordak comes by itself and does not include these two add-ons!***

Minions of Mordak:

The beloved king Shapiro has perished in a freak catapult accident, but not before his most suspiciously named and irrefutably trusted adviser, Evil Wizard Mordak, claimed credit for his “murder” and legged it through a hastily conjured portal to the WORLD OF ETERNAL AND UNCARING DARKNESS. Mordak promised the kingdom he’d return in 8 days with semi-phenomenal cosmic powers to take his rightful seat upon Shapiro’s ruined throne! A lofty promise for an amateur Wizard…

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak is a one vs many roleplaying board game for 2-6 players. One of you plays as the comically evil wizard, Mordak, and the rest form a band of Allies called the “Order without Borders”, who must halt his path of destruction! The game focuses on a strong and playful theme, capturing the best parts of a classic roleplaying game and boiling it into a one time play session. Every player will appreciate satisfying character progression. Spending Experience Points their team has earned and locating powerful Treasures to make their characters mightier with every passing turn!

Mordak has vanished into the WORLD OF ETERNAL AND UNCARING DARKNESS! This player will have a lot of fun, plotting secrets in the dark and throwing despair into the Allies’ plans in order to grow in power. They must hold nothing back, drawing upon all of their cunning and evil genius to win the game for themselves!

The Allies must locate three Ancient Shrines hidden among the land. For each of these Shrines diminishes Mordak’s power. Finding them all will reveal his location and commence a final battle for victory. They can explore the map at their own pace, however they will learn they must balance their ambitions with what they can handle! Exploring too quickly will fuel Mordak with threats the game-board has to offer, yet doddling will allow him the time to grow his cosmic powers! Ultimately the winner of the game is the victor of the final showdown between the Allies and their nemesis Mordak! Only the party which is better prepared and utilizes superior tactics will win the day!

Ludwik’s Labyrinth:

The Evil Wizard’s plans were in ruin. In celebration, Giuseppe the Caring Pizza Baron, offered the victorious Order Without Borders twenty victoriously-priced Sun-Fired Pizza’s and use of his world famous –Pit of Balls-! Anticipating an evening filled with balls and pizza. danger was the last thing on their minds. Danger however, is an insidious ingredient, which has a means of working its way into even the most well-planned meals…

Valor & Villainy: Lludwik’s Labyrinth is a 1-6 player co-op adventure game, where a band of noble heroes from The Order Without Borders must pursue the Mad Imp Lludwik into his terrible Labyrinth to quell the threat of a demonic invasion. Lludwik’s Labyrinth is a both a stand alone full co-op game, and a fully cross compatible sequel to Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
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Valor and Villainy

Minions of Mordak Deluxe ONLY – No add-ons! (this is the deluxe game by itself and does NOT come with Antagonist's or Premium bits), Lludwik's Labyrinth Deluxe Premium Bundle (this includes the Antagonist's Arsenal AND the Premium Token Kit)


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