I am levitating again!!

Oh my… I am catching the vapors over here! Pop Fiction has knocked it out of the PARK with this one… truly! Amazing and fun game play… totally awe inspiring pop-up, interactive art… and storylines that are fun for the whole family. This is the whole package here, folks. Wow. Just, wow. 🥰

Now what exactly is on offer here at Upstart?

Well, it’s good that you asked…

This bundle includes the deluxe version of the game – which itself includes everything in the base game plus expansion 1 – The Eerie Crypt, 6 additional story cards, 8 additional creature standees, and 2 new player characters (the family dog and the neighborhood cat), as well as an extra dry erase marker and magnifying glass. Boom!

And… let’s not forget the Storycrafter’s kit! This beauty provides post-living-times standees of all the playable characters – including the dog and cat!  I do love a bit of zombie… LEVITATION, PEOPLE! Basically if your character passes into the afterlife during the game, you can continue to play on as a ghost! Brilliant!!! ☀️


And yes… I said “post-living-times” instead of “ghosts.” Hehe… it’s a bit of a tip of the hat to one of my favorite Zombie book series of ALL TIME – The Undead, by R. R. Haywood. Each book is another day in the story and there are 25 books so far. I read a LOT of post-apocalyptic fiction… and with a heavy emphasis on those post-apocalyptic times involving zombies.. and this book is the absolute best I’ve read in the genre… by a LONG stretch! Anyway, in the story one of the character’s refuses to call the undead “zombies.”

<insert ADD meds here>

Anywho, this add-on also comes with a map of the surrounding town… and a new scary character to chase your team through the hedge rows, and finally the piece de resistance… a customizable pop-up room! Boooooop… 🤯

Basic game construct

So… I won’t get in to the details at all.. but the basic gist of the game involves a story teller that guides players like a game master… but is not against them like they might be in a one versus many set-up.  This is more of a light and enjoyable family-fun RPG with a GM.  Which, back in the Olden Times we called a Dungeon master or DM.  Hehe.  I am getting old!

All praise Gary Gigax!! [I hear there’s a street in France named after him] 😉❤️

Anywho… where was I?

Ah yes.. I was going to ramble a bit more about the game and how you interact with the pop-up rooms and reveal different hidden areas and what not.. and absolutely beam while talking about how the backdrops for the different rooms can slide out (a sliding card with different features fits into the back of each storybook) and be replaced with different cards; thereby creating all sorts of nearly endless combinations and possibilities… and then I was going to take a Propranolol to calm down… hehehe… But instead, I’ll just transition straight into the curated video collection…


Here’s an awesome overview provided by “Inspired to Game,” with Lola and Sean!!!  This segment includes some phenomenal video work detailing the absolutely splendid pop-up rooms! The vapors, people! The vapors!

You can find the video HERE.

Next up is a SOLID unboxing by Matt over at HP Gaming – GameLINK!  Very nicely done! Scroll to 14:26 if you’d just like to start right off with seeing the pop up rooms in action!  Spoiler alert!!  Matt feels like I do…. Which is to say…. “Eeeeeeeeek!  This is so freaking awesome!!!” ☺️🎉🎉

You can find the video HERE.

Kickstarter Campaign Link – to check out all the juicy exclusives and to just ponder the wonder of the pop-ups…

The original Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE.


Ages: 7+
Players: 2 – 5 
Play Time: 45 – 60 minutes
SKU: Pop Fiction Games – 001
At the time of this listing (JAN 2023) the deluxe
game without the story crafter’s kit was
selling at $120+ on a variety of websites.
Our Price: $105.00
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The Shivers DeluxeThe Shivers Deluxe Edition is HERE! Oh my GOSH… this game is A-MA-ZING!! 🚀 And, I’ve tossed in the Storycrafter’s Kit to keep things real! 😉

Have you ever wanted to play a pop-up book? Have you been searching for a game that is filled with magic and mystery? Is your gaming group looking for something quick and fun without pages and pages of rules? Look no further!

The Shivers is a truly one-of-a-kind tabletop experience that features the magic of hand-crafted pop-ups, combined with just the right amount of spooky puzzle-solving mystery and role playing.

Using our patent-pending modular pop-up system, the mystery will unfold as you and your friends explore a magical mansion, as one of the members of the Shivers family. Each episode takes about an hour to play cooperatively, with one person taking the lead as the Storyteller. Once players finish one episode, a quick change of the system reveals the next story which will be completely new and unique: filled with new clues, puzzles, room layouts, and foes to vanquish.

The Shivers is fun and challenging for young kids, teens, and even older experienced game players. While most games have dozens of pages of rules and take many hours to learn and play, Shivers players have just a couple simple rules, and can get up and playing in less than 5 minutes. Similar to an escape room in structure and feel (but on a much smaller scale), players can get immediately immersed in the mystery, discovering the right path forward as they progress.

The Deluxe Edition includes an expansion room, 6 additional story cards, 8 additional creature standees, 2 new playable characters (standees and dashboards), +1 dry erase marker, +1 magnifying glass.

The Shivers StoryCrafter’s Kit contains everything you need to take your pop-up adventures to the next level!

The creative Storyteller will find plenty of uses for our poster-sized, intricately illustrated map of Fogmoor Cove—whether as a helpful player prop or as a source of inspiration for further explorations.

In the course of your travels through Fogmoor Manor, your players might just find themselves…well…living impaired! This is the pack for those times when your characters meet an untimely demise but want to keep the adventure going.

This set of Standees includes ghost art versions of all playable characters—including the Deluxe edition exclusive Shep the Dog & Ocean the Cat. You’ll also have a spooktacular new foe to chase around the house…inspired by a classic childhood series!

Finally, we arrive at the greatest possibility this kit includes. With a Blank Pop-Up Room at your disposal, you can craft any addition to Fogmoor Manor you can conceive. Will your haunted halls lead to a Spooky Solarium, an Arcane Auditorium, or perhaps a Ghoulish Garden? It’s all up to you! This room features our signature magnetic flooring for easy setup and modular gameplay and includes a blank story card to get you started.

—description from the publisher

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Weight 8.1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in

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