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I know this isn’t a major revelation to most solo gamers.. but, this game is AMAZING! Many of the reviewers and media folks reference Legends of Zelda and Tomb Raider as the vibe they feel when tackling Relics of Rajavihara… But, for me, it’s Incan Gold all the way! Mind you… there isn’t a push your luck mechanic here at all… other than pushing your luck by thing, “I’ll tackle just one more puzzle before I go to bed tonight” and then playing for another 30 minutes because it took you three tries to get the win on that last puzzle! Hahaha.

Anyway, for me, the artwork, the overall vibe, and everything about the experience brings me back to warm memories of laughs and fun playing Incan Gold with my friends.

Now, you don’t have to wax nostalgic for this to be a wonderful game… as it is fabulous in its own right! If you’re a solo gamer and you don’t already have this SOLID game in your arsenal… I think today may be your day. It is goooooooood!!!  🎉🎉

Now what exactly is on offer here at Upstart?

Well, it’s good that you asked…

This bundle includes the base Relics of Rajavihara game and the Thrill Seeker’s expansion pack, as well as a copy of Montalo’s Revenge.

Since Relics has been around for a bit… let’s hop straight to the videos!

No one needs to hear me blather away about how awesome this game is.. I mean, most of us already know, right? Well, that’s my assumption anyway.. haha…

So, without further ado, here’s a great Rhado video that lets you see the basics of the base game and a quick puzzle solve for one of the 50 scenarios. This game is just such a darn good brain burner!  And the chunky blocks… and wooden bits… Sweeeeeeeet! The texture of everything just fits together perfectly. Swoooooon…. đŸ„°

Now, where was I?

Ah yes
 Rhado!  The video can be found HERE.

One really great point that Rhado makes is that while this is a solo game, it is a lot of fun to solve the puzzles with another person! I mean
 a solo game that can be fun for two? Yes PLEASE!

Montalo’s Revenge Overview

A great overview and play through of the new expansion – Montalo’s Revenge – by Edo over at Edo’s Game Previews
 (a subset of Gaming With Edo).  Wait.. what? Now I’M confused… hehehe… 😂 That sentence was a mouthful!

Spoiler alert – Edo really LOVES this game
 and I can completely relate! Both the original and the new modules that Mantalo brings are fantastic!

Bring on the snakes!!! Yes PLEASE!

 where was I?  Ah yes
 the video. Haha.  It is HERE.

Kickstarter Campaign Link – to check out all the bits and bobs and to work on visualizing this game in your collection…

The original Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE.


Ages: 12+
Players: 1
Play Time: 15 – 60 minutes
SKU: Crazy Like A Box – 001
At the time of this listing (JAN 2023) this
bundle was selling at $75+ on a variety of websites.
Our Price: $58.00
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Relics of RajaviharaThe Relics of Rajavihara Deluxe Edition is HERE! And, Montalo’s Revenge decided to join in! Oh, why not… even the Thrill Seeker Expansion popped on by! 😉 These three craft SUCH a sweet, puzzle’y solo or team adventure! Yes, please!! đŸ„°đŸ§

You’ve discovered an ancient palace filled with treasures, but you’re not the first to arrive. Your arch-nemesis has beaten you there. Bent on power and with thoughts of world domination, you must stop him before it’s too late (and collect some of those treasures along the way)!

Relics of Rajavihara is a solo campaign-style game, but also a single play solo adventure game. Make your way through 50 levels of puzzling adventure, spread out over 5 floors, each floor introducing new challenges, and each level harder than the last. Then, once you’ve reached your nemesis and put an end to his devious plot, you’ll unlock a new world that will allow you to play an infinite number of single play solo adventures that you’ll be able to take part in creating.

Shift and slide blocks to complete the goal on each level. You’ll have to find ways to navigate through obstacles and line blocks up in order to climb, descend, and complete the goal for each level before you advance to your next level.

Montalo’s Revenge

Returning to Cambodia after receiving a mysterious letter detailing Professor Montalo’s previous theft of the powerful Seer Stone, you find yourself in a trap set by his vengeful son, Arioch.

He has created an even more dangerous set of traps than you faced previously. So, this is Montalo’s revenge

30 new levels. 3 additional new elements.

Are you up for the challenge?

Thrill Seeker Expansion Pack

20 Additional levels to challenge your brain! Master these puzzling levels and collect lots of gems along the way.

—description from the publisher

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 7 in

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