So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Holy Mackerel!! 🐟

I just found this gem hiding behind boxes and other sundries in my stockroom/workspace/headquarters!!! Clearly I am not the able business person I thought I was… haha. Oh well, business schmizeness… I’m just here to bring great games to people.. let’s face it. 😉❤️

Anyway, when I found these games I was immediately drawn to memories of the very early days of Upstart Boardgamer… and of me reaching out to Sarah and Will Reed to say, “Hi! I would love to carry your game in my shop… can we work something out?” I’ve remained friends with them ever since.. although as I am thinking about it, I suppose we fall into the modern classification of “friends over social media who haven’t met yet but one day they will meet and it will be really,really cool!” 😬☺️

They are wonderful people… and I’m really happy that my Upstart inquiry resulted in some regular connection and friendship between us. As you know if you’ve visited Upstart before… I really enjoy the aspect of our hobby that allows us to meet wonderful people! 😊 And since I’m talking about these wonderful people, I should probably share a link to their show with you all!!

“Rolling With Two” is a show where Will and Sarah focus on how the game performs at the two player count, discuss the accessibility of the game, and also provide some insight into what they liked (or weren’t huge fans of) about the game. You can check them out HERE.

I won’t bore you by blathering on about gameplay and what have you… instead I’ll move things along to that part of the write up where we check out some curated videos… 🎥

Video goodness!! And a link to the original Kickstarter…

Here’s a fantastic overview of rules and game play at Three Minute Boardgames.  If you’d like to see the components and get a solid feel for the basics of game play and mechanics, this video is for you! And, it’s only 3 minutes long… so yes, you have time to check it out!  😉 I really love the three minute format. Sure, it’s a bit fast and furious.. but since I can’t summarize what I had for dinner in under 3 minutes, I always come away impressed! 😂❤️

You can find the video HERE.

And, what write up would be complete without a little Rhado thrown in for flavor? Exactly.

So… let’s check in with Rhado Run’s Through for a more detailed look at the game. You can find Rhado’s video HERE.

If you’d like to hop forward to Rhado’s Final Thoughts… this next link is for you! The video is HERE. Spoiler alert… he and Jen really enjoyed it! 🎉🎉

And finally… you can find a link to the original 2017 Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Well folks… that’s a wrap!  Oaxaca… a wonderful gem of a game that took far too long to get into the site!  Ach! I will do better!  Uh… hopefully.  Hehe.

I’m loving this game! ❤️

And, I also love pulling something off the shelf that might be new to my game group.

Oaxaca is a great find… and great find + wonderful people = Upstart must-have! 😊


Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 20 – 40 minutes
SKU: Undine Studios 001
At the time of this listing (JAN 2023) this game
was selling for $35 and up on a handful of websites.
Our Price: $28.00 
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So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

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OaxacaOaxaca: Crafts of a Culture is here! And it is WONDERFUL! Time to add this limited-print-run gem to the ol’ collection… trust me. ☺️

Among the many reasons that Oaxaca (pronounced wah-HA-kah) is well known are its exquisite handicrafts. Drawing upon generations of tradition, as well as Oaxaca’s vast quantities of raw materials, entire families within this state in Southern Mexico dedicate their lives to perfecting their craft. You are a family of skilled Oaxacan handicraftsmen preparing to sell your artisan wares to eager tourists at a bustling tianguis (a large, outdoor market) within Oaxaca City.

Can you lead your family to a distinguished position with your exquisite craftsmanship, or are your crafts common for the culture?

Specialize in specific craft types to create more desirable handicrafts. The player who has the most valuable collection of crafts in their Market Stall at the end of the final round is the winner.

—description from the designer

Additional information
Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

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