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Things are coming full circle. When I first opened Upstart Boardgamer back in 2018, Everdell was one of the first handful of games I actually offered. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Everdell.. and, I have played it many times since it first came on the scene… with each expansion bringing even more joy and wonder to the table!!! Ā Eeeeeeeeek!! šŸ„° I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the Everdell world. The mechanics all come together elegantly… the theme is just oozing off the table… and the game looks stunning when it’s set up for play.

And, all the components are all just SO darn good! If you don’t know Everdell.. you need to get up to speed ASAP! That Complete Collection is CALLING! If you know Everdell but you need the storage box or the upgrade pack… or even just the wooden Evertree… I’ve got you covered. Of course… šŸ˜Š

Upstart offerings šŸ•Š

Please read through what comes with each item carefully… there is a lot going on in the Complete Collection and a few of the earlier KS specials didn’t find their way into the production… The Big Ol Storage Box is just the storage box.. not the pledge that also included the latest expansions on the initial Kickstarter run. I’ll spell it all out here, of course.. but please read through to be sure you know what you’re picking up! šŸ˜¬

Ok… let’s get it started…

The Complete Collection:

Get the Complete world of Everdell! This box containsĀ content from:

Everdell,Ā Everdell: Pearlbrook,Ā Everdell: Spirecrest,Ā Everdell: Bellfaire,Ā Everdell: Newleaf,Ā Everdell: Mistwood,Ā The Wooden Ever Tree,Ā Content from the Collector’s Upgrade Packs

(Glimmergold, Freshwater, Trailblazers) and the Everdell Big Ol’ Box of Storage (see below for contents of the Big Ol’ Box of Storage).

This Collection does NOT include the Deluxe Resource Vessels or Tales from theĀ Green Acorn.

The Big Ol’ Box of Storage:

1 Comprehensive Everdell Storage Box and the same Insert as the Complete Collection,Ā 17 Card Dividers,Ā 5 Corrin Evertail Alternate Art Cards,Ā 1 Comprehensive Master Rulebook (aka The Gilded Book”),Ā 1 Comprehensive Master Card Reference Booklet (aka “The Archive”),Ā 1 Comprehensive Scorepad,Ā 10 Wooden Occupied Tokens,Ā 18 Wooden Gold Occupied Tokens,Ā 20 Six-Point Shiny Metal Tokens,Ā 300+ Critter Meeple Stickers,Ā 5 Tapestry Art Signature Cards,Ā 8 Plastic Saddles.

Click Clack’s Upgrade Pack:

5 Corrin Evertail Alternate Art Cards,Ā 1 Comprehensive Master Rulebook (aka “The GildedĀ Book”),Ā 1 Comprehensive Master CardĀ Reference Booklet (aka “TheĀ Archive”),Ā 1 Comprehensive Scorepad,Ā 10 Additional Wooden Occupied Tokens,Ā 18 Wooden Gold Occupied Tokens,Ā 20 Six-Point Shiny Metal Tokens,Ā 300+ Critter Meeple Stickers,Ā 5 Tapestry Art Signature Cards,Ā 8 Plastic Saddles.

Wooden Evertree:

Um… just the Wooden Evertree. šŸ˜‰ā¤ļø

Kickstarter Campaign Link – to check out all the bits and bobs and to work on visualizing this game or those upgraded bits in your collection…

The original Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE.

Welcome to the world of Everdell… it is a wild and fun ride! So much amazing content and game play! Yes, please!! šŸŽ‰

Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 6
Play Time: 40 – 120 minutes
SKU: Starling Games – 002A/B/C/D
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Everdell ItemsThe Everdell Bundles are HERE! Pick up The Complete Collection… or the Big Ol’ Box of Storage now! Or, maybe just snag the Wooden Evertree or Click Clack’s Upgrade Pack! So much sweeeeeet gear! šŸ„°šŸ§

Dive tailfirst into the world of Everdell with the Complete Collection. Build a city of critters and constructions and explore the Emerald Valley and beyond; celebrate the Bellfaire, wonder at Newleafā€™s mechanical marvels, trek into the Spirecrest Mountains, explore the underwater depths of Pearlbrook, and chance the dangers of Mistwood. Play against automated opponents including the dastardly Rugwort and cunning Nightweave and meet heroes of renown like Corrin Evertail himself. Everdell is easy to learn, yet offers satisfying strategic depth and endless replayability. Will the sun shine brightest on your city?

Everdell Complete Collection contains 23 different types of Critter meeples, player powers for asymmetric play, Giant Critters with saddles to ride on, and an amazing array of pieces including wooden twigs, squishy berries, smooth pebbles, amber resin, glass pearls, and more. Featuring deluxe components, including the shiny metal point tokens and the wooden Ever Tree, this Complete Collection is the ultimate edition of Everdell.

The Complete Collection includes all content from:

– Everdell
– Pearlbrook
– Spirecrest
– Bellfaire
– Newleaf
– Mistwood
– Wooden Ever Tree
– Collector’s upgrade packs (Freshwater, Glimmergold, and Trailblazers)
– Everdell Big Ol’ Box of Storage

ā€”description from the publisher

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The Complete Collection, The Big Ol' Box of Storage, Click Clack's Upgrade Pack, Wooden EverTree


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