This is the DELUXE version of Minerva produced as a Kickstarter campaign that ended in July 2017. Pandasaurus knocked it out of the park with this rendition of Hisashi Hayashi’s Minerva. As a ready reference, Hisashi is the creator of Yokohama… another game whose Deluxe version is a delight to bring to the table!!! Anyway, this deluxe edition of Minerva includes s number of goodies. According to the Kickstarter campaign, “…shiny metal coins, special Spot UV on the box, upgraded wooden goods tokens, a special numbered edition, and it will never be reproduced for sale again.” I should note that the publisher was fine with me purchasing a few copies to sell in my shop, although I had to pay full Kickstarter price.

Still, compared to the going rate on eBay right now for the Deluxe version of Minerva (averaging just over $100 per copy at the time I am writing this description – 11 OCT 2018), I think my pricing is fairly reasonable 🙂 Anywho, in addition to the Deluxe components noted above, the stretch goals during the campaign added the following: a plastic insert for easy storage, custom, silk-screened assistant meeples, and upgraded coin art… although admittedly I’m not sure what the exact art upgrade was since I’ve only seen the final product 😉 I only have a few copies as I knew that buying at the full KS price would limit my ability to offer these at ultra reasonable pricing.


Ages: 10+
Players: 1- 4
Play Time: 60 – 90 minutes
Designer: Hisashi Hayashi
Artist: Ryo Nyamo, Franz Vohwinkel
Pandasaurus Games
MSRP: Selling on eBay for $80
Our Price: $55.00 
Link to BGG: Minerva


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Can you feel the presence of the virtuous goddess Minerva at your back? There is nothing in the Roman Empire that her silent, guiding hand has not touched. Our great cities are blessed with her gifts: arts, trade, and strategy. If you wish to build in the Empire, you must heed her call to create a city worthy of her mark.

In Minerva, players are state managers deployed by the Roman Empire to develop flourishing cities in the image of Rome to enact its policies. The manager with the most prosperous city will be in the favor of the Empire and the goddess herself.

To create the most prosperous city, players race to build military and cultural facilities to assist cultural activities and construct temples and layout the city so that it is worthy of its temples.

But all of this requires resources and gold. And only building impressive buildings won’t get anyone far without any inhabitants. The players will have to build living quarters so that the other buildings can have an effect. Minerva is a game by designer Hisashi Hayashi (Trains, Yokohama) for up to 4 players in under 90 minutes.

Minerva is a unique tile-laying resource-management strategy game that relies on cunning spacial strategy and intense competition for timing of actions between opponents.

Hisashi Hayashi is a master of deep thoughtful game-play.  We’ve long been fans of his work, even before we became his friends when we met at Tokyo at Game Market two years ago.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Trains and Yokohama are two of the very best strategy games ever created.

In Minerva the actions seem so very simple.  Use your resources to purchase available buildings from a supply.  Place those buildings into your city.  Place residences to activate the buildings in your city in a single row.  Gain more resources.  Buy more buildings.  Eventually gaining Temples and getting big VP bonuses.

Then you play the game and you realize it is a real brain burner.  In what order should I place buildings?  Do I place buildings to maximize resource gathering, or do I want to think about creating spaces for Temples to score end-game VP points.  Should I spend my Glory tiles on assistant tokens so I can reactivate previously placed residences or do I save them to try and score end of round VP?  Should I cash in now on a building that I don’t need to prevent my opponent from a large VP move?

The possibilities go on and on.

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