This bundle happily includes the Mercado de Lisboa game as well as the Queen Variant card for use with the parent game – Lisboa!! Sweet as pie! 🍰

I have two offerings here… both include the Queen Variant mini-expansion card for Lisboa (the original, super-crunchy board game that started it all). I have a handful of the numbered edition copies of Mercado de Lisboa… and then a handful of the same game without the numbered edition factor. I’ve priced the numbered editions at just a hair more than the un-numbered versions… just to keep things fair… Rest assured, they are the exact same game other than the limited numbered edition factor and both come with the Queen Variant card for use with Lisboa.

In-cart coupon!!

And, to sweeten the pot (since I am restricted to advertising the game at $39.99 due to contractual agreements with Eagle Gryphon… I will also kick in a $6 credit toward shipping with each copy. Just be sure that the proper copy of Mercado de Lisboa is in your cart and use the appropriate shipping coupon code:

For the NUMBERED edition, use coupon code SHIPPINGSAVESIX!!  [the TWO exclamation points are part of the coupon code… 😉]

For the standard, non-numbered edition, use coupon code SHIPPINGSAVESIX! [please note that this code only has one exclamation point]

Sorry for the slight variation there… but I couldn’t figure out how to make the coupon work with both and yet also be restricted to having only one or the other in the cart. Send web development help ASAP! 💻🔥🚒🚑

“Extra extra… read all about it… city-building section of Lisboa goes it alone!!” 📰

I’m not sure if there were Hollywood-style contractual disagreements with salary or what not… but the city-building section of Lisboa decided to break off from the main game title and explore the free-agent path. 🎥 Hahahaha…

All joking around aside… Mercado de Lisboa is essentially a stand-alone version of the cool tile-laying, city-building component of the larger, heavy-Euro parent game – Lisboa. And I must say, it works really, really well!!! The basics of the game are quite straight forward… but the depth is definitely there. I think the publisher’s categorization of this game as a “thick filler” is on point!

Open a stand, bring customers, open a restaurant, take a coin.

I won’t get into the actual game play as this one is pretty straight forward… and, there are some great how-to-play videos out there (links below). But… since I DO love to talk/write…. I’ll at least say….

The basic gist of the game involves opening market stands and then working to bring customers to your section of the market (based on the goods they seek) and then earning money as a result of fulfilling their “order.”

Bonus money can be earned at stands with surrounding restaurants that support their stands produce sales (for example, a pizza parlor near a tomato stand would be supportive… but a pizza parlor near a fish stand would not. Of course, a sushi restaurant would support a fish stand.

Additionally, any stand near a pub gets a boost in cash productivity through the indirect support that all pubs provide to nearby stands. I guess the idea is that after a few drinks, customers are more likely to splurge on tomatoes or fish or what have you… hehe.

ANYway, the opening of stands and the fulfilling of customer “orders” is the primary way to earn coins (aka points)… and if you can’t work either of these into your turn, you can either open a new restaurant (hopefully in support of your stands), or you can just take one coin. Not a power move… but hey… things happen. 🧐

Let’s take a look at a couple of solid how-to-play videos… as they do a better job describing the gameplay than I possibly can!


Here’s a solid how-to-play video by Carlo at All You Can Board… a concise overview that will have you up and playing in no time! You can find the video HERE!

The game also has a pretty solid solo mode where you play through a series of games in hopes of earning increasing fame; due to your natural marketeer skills and such no doubt… 😉

Jeremy of Man vs Meeple does a fantastic job of teaching the basics of the game, looking at the components, and playing through the solo game… You can find the video HERE.

Game on!

If you’ve ever wanted to tell people that you played a Lacerda game in under an hour… this is your shot! Mercado de Lisboa is a fun, fast-playing, tile-laying game that features smooth, elegant gameplay, a simple teach, and a nice bit of depth. WINNING!

I think you’re supposed to put an ampersand or a number sign before that or something to be cool… I’m not sure. I’ll look into it for next time! 😆🤓❤️


Ages: 8+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 30 – 45 minutes 
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games
SKU: Eagle-Gryphon Games 004
$45 and up on various sites at the
time of this listing (MAY 2021)
Our Price:
Numbered Edition – $43.50 before the
$6 shipping coupon.
Standard edition – $40.00 before the
$6 shipping discount. And, both come with
the KS-exclusive Queen variant card for Lisboa.
Link to BGG:




Mercado de Lisboa… here comes a filler with a pleasant, mild brain-burn. Sweeeeeeeet!

Modern day markets offers to their visitors various kind of stands, restaurants, and services.

In Mercado de Lisboa, players buy stands in the market, open new businesses that influence those stands, and bring customers to them.

Mercado de Lisboa is a thinky filler title, a tile-placement game based upon the Lisboa city-building system in which players pay money to own stands in the market, open restaurants next to them to improve their profit and bring in customers that earn money for players with matching stands. Mercado de Lisboa is a fast-paced game, very straightforward and easy to learn rules with deep tactical choices.

~Description provided by the Publisher

Additional information
Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Mercado de Lisboa NUMBERED Edition, Mercado de Lisboa (not numbered)


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