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** 🧨 PRE BANTER ALERT –> Both FINAL GIRL 2 bundles ship for FREE within the contiguous United States!! Just add your choice to the cart, and free shipping will automatically apply. Other games in your order will still be charged shipping, but these behemoths will ship for free. BOOM! 🧨 **

Hello everyone! OK. I traveled.. a lot.  I goofed off… a lot. I went to the gym a few times! The shop website crashed completely for 24’ish hours…


But all is good! I’ve just been busy with other tasks and life and family and fun and that pesky gym (pfffft)… and I am finally back in the Upstart saddle! But, in the spirit of time-crunching reality… I’ll be brief!

Final Girl! If you like horror movies and fun… they’re simple is nothing better! There, I said it!

I have two Upstart bundles for this insanely amazing game.

First up is the Final Girl Epic All-in Pledge!

This insanely huge and delightful bundle includes the following:

Series 1 Franchise Box: Final Girl Core Box, S1 feature films: The Happy Trails Horror, The Haunting of Creech Manor, Slaughter in the Groves, Carnage at the Carnival, and Frightmare on Maple Lane. The S1 Cast and Crew Box, S1 Bonus Features Box, S1 Game Mat Set

Plus other Series 1 Goodies: S1 Lore and Scenario Book, S1 Miniatures Box, S1 Vignette Film Box – Terror From Above, S1 Mystery Box, S1 Gruesome Death Book Set (5 books), Paula Final Girl Promo Card

AND ALSO… The Series 2 Booster Box and goodies: Final Girl Core Box, S2 Feature Films: Into the Void, Panic at Station 2891, A Knock at the Door, Once Upon a Full Moon, Madness in the Dark, and Terror from The Grave. As well as the S2 Cast and Crew box, S2 Bonus Features Box, S2 Game Mat Set

Plus other Series 1 and 2 goodies: S1 Vehicle Pack, S1 Bird Miniatures, S2 Miniatures Box, S2 Vehicle Pack, S2 Mystery Box, S2 Zombie Miniatures Pack

WOW.. that is a LOT of game, folks!

The second bundle is the Series 2 Collection Booster PLUS bundle!

Please note –> This is the Series 2 Collection Booster pledge from the original campaign with the following add-ons: S1 Gruesome Death Book Series, Paula Final Girl Promo Card, and the Kickstarter Exclusive S2 Mystery Box.

This booster bundle includes the S1 Storage Box (ALERT! There is NO Series 1 game content – this box is just for storage of the Series 1 components that you already own): The storage box comes with the empty S1 cast and crew box, empty S1 bonus features box, and an empty game mat box inside. I’ve also got the replacement storage trays pack for this S1 box. As well as the S1 Gruesome Death Books (5 books), Paula Final Girl Promo Card, and the S1 Correction Pack.

This bundle also includes the Series 2 Booster box and goodies: Final Girl S2 Core Box, S2 Feature Films: Into the Void, Panic at Station 2891, A Knock at the Door, Once Upon a Full Moon, Madness in the Dark, Terror from The Grave, S2 Cast and Crew box, S2 Bonus Features Box and the S2 Game Mat Set.

Whew!  Another SERIOUS bundle… and remember, the COLLECTION BOOSTER bundle is basically all the Series 2 gear, a few Series 1 goodies, and an empty storage box and trays for Series 1. You must have Series 1 gear if you want to pick this bundle up AND be able to play Final Girl! 😅

Original Kickstarter Campaign…

So sorry for the short write-ups, my friends! But at the very least.. here is the link to the original Kickstarter so you can get a better look at what all comes in each of the two bundles! The link is HERE.


Ages: 14+
Players: 1
Play Time: 20 – 60 minutes
SKU: Van Ryder Games 001ALL-IN and 001BOOST
At the time of this listing (MAY 2023) the Epic All In was listing for
$350-400 and the Collection booster bundle was listing
for $320 and up. 😉
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Final Girl 2 is heerrreee!!!! And shipping is FREE on these two bundles! 🥳🥂 🎉 The wait has been long and arduous.. but it is over! See the write up for bundle details!!  Wooo hoooooooO!!!!!

The highly-thematic and highly variable horror game for one has returned!

Step into the shoes of the girl of your choice and move, search, and fight your way to victory by eliminating the killer and surviving the night.

Prepare to square off against all new horrifying killers like The Evomorph, The Organism, The Intruders, The Big Bad Wof, The Ratchet Lady, and Zombies in iconic locations like The USS Konrad, Station 2891, Wingard Cottage, Storybook Woods, and Wolfe Asylum.

Playing on a famous horror movie trope, Final Girl is a solitaire-only game that puts the player in the shoes of a female protagonist who must kill the slasher if she wants to survive.

The Core Box, when combined with one of our Feature Film Boxes, has everything you need to play the game. Each Feature Film Box features a unique Killer and and iconic Location, and the more Feature Films you have, the more killer/location combinations you can experience!

In game terms, Final Girl shares similarities with Hostage Negotiator, but with some key differences that change it up, including a game board to track locations and character movement. You can choose from multiple characters when picking someone to play and multiple killers when picking someone to play against. Killers and locations each have their own specific terror cards that will be shuffled together to create a unique experience with various combinations of scenarios for you to play!

NOTE: The 2022 Kickstarter for Final Girl: Season 2 included a 13 card Final Girl: First Printing Correction Pack of corrected cards for the first printing of Final Girl: Series 1. The cards mostly fix typos and are not required to play the game. The cards were corrected for the second printing of Final Girl: Series 1.

—description from the publisher

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Final Girl

Series 2 Epic all-in (complete Series 1 and 2 gear – see listing!), Series 2 Collection Booster Plus (NO Series 1 base game and limited series 1 gear – see listing!)


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