The most interesting hexagonal-shape-based pieces EVER!! 🆒🎉

Hamlet is a fantastically fun game with a really cool resource sharing aspect that I can’t recall seeing in other tile placement games. Mind you, I’m relatively new to the hobby.. soooo.. take my insights with a grain of salt… but seriously, the sharing aspect really brings a whole new dynamic to the table! 🧂

In the game you and your friends are attempting to build a grand church at the center of your Hamlet… and, in doing so your home will be elevated from mere Hamlet status up to an actual township! I mean.. who knew that one of the defining criteria of a Hamlet was having no central place of worship or meeting hall?!?!  Certainly I didn’t!

Ah yes… I can already feel the shoulder shrugs and eye rolls of my myriad friends living outside the U.S. I know… perhaps it is not surprising that a guy from New York has NO idea on the ol’ Hamlet –> Town dynamic <sigh>… Many apologies, my friends! I owe you each a beer at next year’s Essen Spiel! 🍻

ANYway, as the game progresses you and your band of merry townies… er, Hamleties(?) go about building up the Hamlet to better support your construction endeavors (and to make a bit of coin)… and, once the entire church is built, the game ends… and the winner is heralded as the Founder of the new town.

I’ve played this game a few times now and each time I come back wanting to play again. This one hits quite a few wickets for me… as I really enjoy a good tile-laying game, AND I love activating spots with workers… and resource management, and all of it!

Of course, the resources here remain on the board and are shared between players… so it’s really more about managing WHEN you’ll need the resources as compared to managing your own pile of resources. This creates a LOT of tension’y goodness… but can also set you up for many deep sighs if you’re timing is off and the resources are depleted each time your turn comes around.

So pay attention! Otherwise, you’ll be generating those resources for the table each round as your projects remain unbuilt and your efforts at being the new Founder go unfulfilled!

From a table presence perspective, this game really makes a splash.

The odd-shaped hex-based pieces are incredibly thoughtful… and come together to make some interesting town shapes by the end of the game. The artwork is SOLID and goes well with the overall theme of the game. The screen printed wooden bits (workers and donkeys and other bits and bobs) and metal coins are wonderful and fit well with the overall aesthetic. This game may not be the most blinged out game I’ve stumbled across during my relatively short gaming career (hehe).. but it holds its own quite nicely.

Let’s take a look at the game bits… 🧩

Here’s a great unboxing video by David – the games designer – who I had the pleasure of meeting at PAX Unplugged last year (DEC 2022)!!!  He goes over assembling the various Church bits as well.  It’s all here folks!  And I should note – not surprisingly – that he is a wonderful human!

I had been gushing about Hamlet (which I played at Essen Spiel) to my buddies… and so, we headed over to the “Hot Games” area… (or whatever it was called) when we attend PAX Unplugged in December of 2022. We lingered around a bit waiting for a copy of Hamlet to open up… and when it did we popped into our seats and dove right in.

We’re sitting there talking through a rules clarification or something when David walks up and asks if he can watch along. Of course we have no idea he’s the designer… haha… but we’re making conversation and trying to be inclusive to the experience… and in reply to one of us asking him if he had gotten a chance to play Hamlet yet, he revealed that he was, in fact, the designer!!

We paused play… OBVIOULSY… asked him about his journey into board gaming… and, of course, asked if we could get a picture with him. ☺️ He was super friendly and we all had a great time sharing stories and laughs and just getting to know each other a bit. This is the sort of thing that makes going to gaming conventions just so much dang fun! Of course it’s also awesome to meet new gaming friends and spend time with people already in the friends’ universe… but meeting designers and talking with them about their games is ALWAYS a blast!

Now… where was I… ah yes, the unboxing video. Hehe. You can find it HERE.

Other video goodness!! And a link to the original Kickstarter…

Here’s an epic play through with a bit of a rules teach with Paul Grogan over at Gaming Rules! I could watch his videos for days!! You can find the video HERE.

And finally… you can find a link to the original Kickstarter campaign HERE – in case you want to check out precisely what comes with the Founder’s Edition 😊

Well folks… that’s a wrap! Hamlet is a fun-filled, tension’y goodness generating, enjoyable gaming experience complete with awesome, unique tiles and sweet upgraded bits.

I’m all in! ❤️

Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 60 – 90 minutes

David Chircop

Nick Shaw (solo mode)

Dávid Turczi (solo mode)

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Hamlet Founder's EditionHamlet: The Village Building Game is here! And not surprisingly its the Kickstarter Deluxe Founder’s Edition! Boooop! 🚨

Hamlet is a medium weight competitive village builder where players are communally turning their Hamlet into a bustling little town. In this tile placing game, players construct buildings that everyone can use to create materials, refine resources, earn money and make important deliveries to construct the Hamlet’s big landmark – the Church.

The game features irregular shaped tiles that connect together without a grid to form a village that is completely different every time. The tile placement organically creates interconnecting paths that the villagers use to transport resources across the village. This leads players to construct boards where no two games will ever feel the same. Since the buildings are communal, this also creates a fluid economy, where players are always working hard to provide the village with the resources that are most needed.

The game is designed by David Chircop (Petrichor, The Pursuit of Happiness). It plays between 1 to 4 players, and comes with a solo mode designed by Nick Shaw and Dávid Turczi.

—description from the designer

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