So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Sometimes the pre-fab, publisher description is just too on point to pass by…

“Mission Catastrophe is a game for 1-6 alien crew (YOU) scrambling to keep the ship functional as a group long enough to get yourself into a working Escape Pod. The game ends when you escape or when the Ship Integrity is fully compromised and the ship explodes, sending everyone into space.”


I LOVE the dry “sending everyone into space” closer.

No exclamation point… no fanfare… Just the simple facts stated plainly. I LOVE IT! [and I loved the subtle humor peppered throughout the original Kickstarter campaign as well!]

You can find the original Kickstarter campaign HERE.

The Upstart package includes the Deluxe Kickstarter base game and the Maximum Danger expansion (which is conveniently contained within the main game box). As always, all Kickstarter stretch goals are included (smile). The commemorative coin is included as well! 😁🎉

The Deluxe Maximum Danger version includes all of the following: The same great 1-6 player game, but BETTER (w/expansion), a Gametrayz robot docking station, 6 robot miniatures, new characters and minis, many more variable roles, additional Solo/Co-op Scenario, more modules(who designed this ship??), and shields for the ship. It’s about time. 😂

Onward and upward!

Mission catastrophe is a super-fun light/mid-weight game that plays well with 1-6 players… it can be run in semi-cooperative, team play, or solo mode. The gameplay is smooth, the components are solid, and well… running around a failing spaceship frantically trying to gather items and keep the power on so you can launch your escape pod is just crazy, zany fun!!!

Peter Vaughn is a wonderful human…

…and I was SO excited to be able to support Peter and Brad (designer of Rise of Tribes) in their exciting new shared adventure… Cardboard Alchemy!!! ❤️🎉🎉🎉

I met Peter back when he was working with Breaking Bad Games… and after seeing each other at a handful of gaming cons, a friendship began. As I have said time and again… one of the things that makes this industry so darn awesome is the people… and Peter is most assuredly on that list of wonderful humans!!

The last time we actually had a moment to sit and chat was at Gen Con back in 2019… where he taught oand oversaw a full game of Dwellings of Eldervale for my friends and I…

Yikes, that was three years ago! ARGH! 😬

And we tried to get a game to the table at Dice Tower West in 2020 (I think it was 2020… right before the pandemic shut everything down)… but we each got caught up… and trying to sync schedules at a con is always tricky work – haha – so… no dice there. Bad pun not intended (but left in for full transparency). 😉

But still, we’ve kept in touch over email and of course we chat here and there about the latest Cardboard Alchemy campaigns… but darn this pandemic! I know we are all excited to get back out there and reconnect with friends in the board gaming community!!! I am with you! Wahhhhh…

[I should note that I will have copies of Flamecraft here in the shop once it releases – of COURSE! You know… in case you’re already thinking forward to the next Cardboard Alchemy masterwork!!]

A short break for videos

If you haven’t yet heard of this wonderful game and wanted to get a quick and fun overview… check out this video by Sean at Quackalope. You can find the video HERE.

Alex from Board Game Co. had this to say during his Kickstarter preview for the game:

Mission Catastrophe is a light zany and fun pandemic in space, where your ship is slowly self destructing as you need to get off and escape. Working together…. but also understand that you’re the only one who’s actually getting off the ship… need to be a team player but also selfish enough to win. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s also cooperative and teamplay modes as well, with powers, abilities and multiple modes of play, Mission Catastrophe has you covered.

You can check out the full video HERE.

And, here’s a wonderful unboxing video by So Many Games So Little Time. You can find the video HERE.

Please note that the commemorative coin and extra dice aren’t part of the Upstart bundle.

Theme ooze…

This game is well named. From the very first moments of the game, that tension’y urgency starts to sneak in around the edges of your careful (?) planning…. And after a few rounds you can feel the frenetic mad-dash set in!

The “zany space disaster” theme really shines in this environment!!! And, it really helps to pull you into the unfolding drama!

The quirky miniatures that represent the alien characters and the artwork are right at home here too… and all told, these tasty bits of attention to detail add to that immersive “who the heck built this dang ship?!?!” and “Wait. Is the engine room powered?” wonderment. 🦄

Mission Catastrophe! Lightweight space disaster… where only the threat of being ejected into space can keep you going. Ohhhhhhhhh…so nice! 🧁🚀💥

Game ON! 🎉


Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 6
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Publisher: Cardboard Alchemy
At the time of this listing (JULY 2022) this was
selling for $150 on eBay – Original Kickstarter price
for this deluxe maximum danger version was $78.00
Our Price: $92.50
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Mission Catastrophe Maximum Danger Deluxe Kickstarter version! A fast-playing, semi-cooperative, race against the vacuum of space! Sweeeeeet! 🍰❤️🎉

You took the job on the Deep Space Mining Vessel Casimir because you needed a paycheck, not because it was exciting. Lucky you! Now that the asteroid you were mining has been inadvertently turned into high-velocity, flaming death headed straight for your ship, you have plenty of excitement! The ship is doomed – you and your crew mates need to keep it running just long enough to get supplies and head to an escape pod. Just don’t tell them that there’s only one.

In Mission Catastrophe you’re a member of the alien crew on a doomed ship. You’ll need to use the ship modules, your unique role ability and the Operations Cards you obtain to collect supplies and find the remaining working escape pod before the ship takes so much damage that it explodes. Fixing the ship is an option – it may even be an imperative – but spend too much time on repairs and you’ll be watching one of your crew mates escape while you float in the cold vacuum of space.

Mission Catastrophe includes additional ship modules, crew member roles and modes of play to provide a unique gameplay experience every time.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 4 in

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