Streets Deluxe Edition (includes the Kickstarter Promo Pack)!!!

Tile laying… bright and happy artwork that you can’t help but love… city building… I mean, what else could you want? 🏢💕

Oh I know… really fun screen-printed meeples and wooden money! OK.. you can have that too 😉😊🎉

This is a really fun, light-medium game that plays fairly quickly and will have you coming back for another round! Grab a few of those friends that don’t understand how you could possibly play On Mars and get them to the table. I promise.. they will love Streets! And, sure.. you like crunchy Euros… but believe me.. you will love this too. It’s so good!

Well… that wraps it up for this one, folks. 😂

One more thing…

Hipster meeples. Yes, hipster meeples.



We’ve got a winner here, folks. 🎰

You know you love tile laying…

You missed the Kickstarter or simply didn’t realize how much you wanted the deluxe edition… <sigh>

Now you’re trying to find it, but you’re shaking your head at the $55+ price tag.

So what do you do?

You pick it up at Upstart… right? I mean, that IS why I created the shop after all 😉❤️

Deluxe Kickstarters at prices that don’t break the bank. Well, at least not for the smaller games… 😬

Lame excuses for virtually non-existent write-up 🙄

I feel fairly confident that most everyone knows about this game… and given the number of new games I need to get onto the site and my limited time in NY due to that gig in The Bahamas… well… I am afraid I don’t have enough time to properly wax poetic about this really fun tile laying gem by Sinister Fish Games. So sorry about that, everyone. 😬

I’ll at least say this… hehe. This… is the first Sinister Fish game I’ve carried.. but it won’t be the last! The new Villagers is already on the docket.. and I plan to keep a close eye on Dave Clarke and his team. Ditto for designer Haakon Hoel Gaarder!! SUCH a fun and enjoyable game!!!

I will at least provide links to the original Kickstarter so you can triple-verify the contents of this pledge level. 😅

The link is HERE. A link to the BGG page for is below in the grid per standard protocol… I haven’t gotten THAT lazy 😉

I promise to try and do better in the future… just juggling a lot right now. 🙏

Argh! 🏴‍☠️🌴🏢🚸🎉


Ages: 10+
Players: 1 – 5
Play Time: 30 – 60
Publisher: Sinister Fish Games
At the time of this listing (MAR 2022) this was
selling for $55 and up on eBay and other sites.
Our Price: $42.45
Link to BGG:


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Streets Deluxe Edition… Tile Laying fun… colorful wooden bits… a game you’ll  come back to again and again.

Yes, please. 🥰

The city was once a small and sleepy town, but the affordable properties have attracted artists, startup companies, and families. Celebrities and influencers are moving in, and after some recent archeological findings, the tourist industry is booming. Street by street, the city is transforming into a centre of culture and commerce.

Players are investors creating attractive new streets in the growing city, investing in new businesses and homes. Some streets will become hotspots for hipsters, others will be dominated by tourists or families with children. Others still will become designated shopping areas. Where will your Microbrewery profit the most? What is the best location for a Toy Store? What kind of environments are the other investors creating, and can you exploit their work for your own gain?

As each street is completed, the people on it will move to new buildings that interest them – hopefully one of your buildings in an up-and-coming street. Can you compete with the hype of your rivals and grow your following over time? To earn the most money and win the game you need to manage your limited investment funds cleverly, planning ahead while keeping your mind open to fresh opportunities.

Streets is a tile-laying game where players build a city together. Each building has a simple valuation formula which earns money for the owner when the street is scored. Valuations are affected by the other buildings in the street, so smart placement is essential to maximise profit. On top of this, the city is populated by hipsters, families, shoppers and tourists, each with their own preferred building type. Cleverly located properties can benefit from the growing crowds of people who further increase the value of the buildings they visit.

Optional expansion modules add powerful asymmetric player abilities, and extra layers of strategy & tough decisions.

— description from the publisher

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