Perseverance Castaways Chronicles… Deluxe ALL-IN minis version… available in washed and unwashed varieties at an Upstart shop near YOU! 🎉❤️

This Upstart bundle includes two different offerings:

  1. The Deluxe all-in game without the wash
  2. The Deluxe all-in game with the wash.

The deluxe all-in versions include:

  • Episode 1 Standalone Game
  • Episode 2 Standalone Game
  • Chronicle mode
  • Solo mode
  • 8 Leader Miniatures
  • 113 Structure Miniatures
  • 1 Rally Marker Miniature
  • 64 detailed Dinosaur miniatures
  • 64 Soldier Miniatures (these are pretty detailed too, actually)
  • 20 Painted Metal Tracker Tokens – METAL!  Ohhhhhhh… hold me! I’m floating away!
  • 30 custom “squishy” Berry resources – sweeeeeeeet!!
  • Modular Tray System (fits sleeved cards)
  • Double-Sided Neoprene Dice Tray
  • Painted Temple Miniature
  • Hardcover Chronicle & Art Book
  • All additional content unlocked during the community adventure

I am SO ready for this game…

Two points (yes, I am caught in some sort of 2-point schema): 😂

  1. “Caught in an otherworldly storm, the luxury ocean liner you were traveling on ran aground on a mysterious dinosaur island…”
  2. Mindclash Games – everything they make is insanely well crafted and the gameplay is amazing.




Upstart related bits report

First, dinosaur miniatures… I mean, buy the game just for those – seriously! Sure the game play is great… and sure, the rest of the components are top-shelf. But really… DINOSAUR MINIS?!?!

Then you’ve got your squishy berry bits… I mean, one thing about my deluxe bits fascination is that I am all about the texture and the tactile experience… and well, little rubbery berries are just mana from heaven as far as I am concerned. I have a feeling you might agree… I mean, after all… you’re visiting Upstart, right? <insert grin here>

Next up we have the insanely cool painted metal tracker tokens… they are, quite honestly, wonderful.  Heavy, gorgeous, painted… well, you get the idea. 🎂

Finally (?), the sweet custom, neoprene dice tray with dinosaur landscape art… I mean, I may never leave my home again!

Try this experiment…

Open your Mindclash Games copy of Anachrony… then set that next to your copy of Trickerion all-in… and finally set this copy of Perseverance Deluxe alongside those two.

Now, tell me you’re not smiling ear to ear and brimming with the excitement of a kid in a candy store with a crisp $20 bill from your grandparents in hand to get all three to the table in the next two weeks. Go ahead… tell me… I’ll wait. 😆

For those of us who are more visually oriented… here’s a fantastic unboxing by Gavin at In the Den.  You can find the video HERE.

If you watch this unboxing and decide.. “Nahhhh… I’m good…” You have more self-control than anyone I know – myself included! 😬

Gameplay – Lord of the Flies meets Jurassic Park

The gameplay is, as always, fantastic! The deluxe-all-in bundle includes Episodes 1 and 2… and within the box are straightforward instructions for what you need for each episode… making set up a bit easier. Mind you, this is a Mindclash game… so there’s a BIT of set up… ahem… 😅

This game has a LOT of features that I love (smile)…. Hmmmmm… how does Drew decide what campaigns to back? I wonder. Hehe….

Dice Drafting

Roll up a dice pool… there are two types of dice (generic community dice and player-specific dice) that are marked with different die faces that correspond to different actions. You know how this works… Choose your dice with care! If you choose an opponent’s player-specific die because it is just too juicy to pass up, you’ll pay a penalty. The die selection tension (the DST) begins!

Dice Placement and space activation

Pick a die from the pool and place it on a community area that you’d like to activate on the game board. If indicated, add dinosaurs to the mix… There are a few rules associated with placement, but I’ll leave the details to you and the videos that follow.  I have SO many new games to upload!  Argh! Anyway… I like to think of this mechanic as “using dice as workers” because it fits better with my personal “I love worker placement” gaming proclivities! 😉

Carry out actions… and if triggered, dinosaurs attack! The overall board is divided into four columns… each capable of holding a certain number of dinosaurs before an attack (in that column) is triggered. As you might imagine, this adds to the tension’y goodness of trying to decide how badly you want to activate a certain area and balancing that against the likelihood of a dinosaur attack! Ohhhhh.. SO GOOD!  Of course, throughout the game you’ll be building up defenses against these future dinosaur attacks… but I digress.

On a momentary semi-related tangent… I really love the game dinogenics. But I have to say that I secretly wish that there would be more rampaging! Sure, my conservative play is working against that (smile).. but come on… I want to see dinosaurs frolicking about and destroying things. Well, in this game you certainly won’t be wondering, “is there EVER going to be a dinosaur attack?” Hehe…🍎

Anyway, the die-placement-driven actions and reactions continue… and once the die run out it’s time for the assembly… zone majorities are determined, rewards are given and everyone gets some resources from production and some votes. And votes… translate into points.. because after all, we are “Lord of the Fly’ing” it and trying to convince the survivors that our group should lead!

OK… OK… let’s go to the experts.

Here are some videos from a couple of my favorites  (yup, again with the “two” theme)… Rhado… and Paul Grogan over at Gaming Rules! (he does a full playthrough of Episode 2 with the game designers in another episode… but this Episode 1 rules run thorugh is a MUST if you want to learn how to set up and play the game without reading the entire rulebook).

Rhado’s run-through can be found HERE.

Gaming Rules! Video can be found HERE   (warning… he goes FAST in this one.. might want to browse the rulebook first).

Final analysis…

This is an EPIC dinosaur themed game from the brilliant minds over at Mindclash Games. Production value is OFF THE CHARTS… and gameplay is deeeeeeep. I am all-in! 💥


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 80 – 180 minutes
Publisher: Mindclash Games
At the time of this listing (JUNE 2022) the sun-drop washed
version was $280 and up, and the unwashed version was selling
for $210 and up.
My Price: Deluxe all-in with wash – $225

Deluxe all-in without wash – $170
Link to BGG:




Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles… like all Mindclash Games productions… this one is sooo sweet! 🍯

Caught in an enigmatic storm, a modern-day luxury ocean liner crashes ashore on an otherworldly island. As one of the ambitious survivors, you soon learn that the island is home to a multitude of majestic and fiercely territorial dinosaurs. With the cruiser beyond repair, you have no choice but to establish a foothold on the island, withstand the onslaught of the dinosaurs, and sow the seeds of what will one day become a strong and tenacious community capable of discovering the mystery of the island.

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles introduces the first two episodes in a series of euro-style dice-drafting / dice-placement strategy games. The saga will ultimately consist of four episodes, telling the story of a group of survivors becoming a mighty civilization on a hostile island. As each episode features unique characteristics and a different game feel, they are playable as standalone medium/heavy games but also as a continuous campaign. The theme and story unfolds through evolving game mechanisms across the episodes, also making the rules easier to learn. In the campaign mode, the outcome of each episode influences the next, but the game has no legacy elements and no hidden rules; the whole storyline is infinitely replayable.

In Episode 1, players are striving to develop and protect the foothold town of Perseverance, besieged by the dinosaurs of the island. By building walls, traps and settlements, mounting defenses and partaking in the early political power struggles of a forming community, players gain followers to establish themselves as leaders. Episode 1 introduces the signature dice placement / area majority mechanism that evolves and spans through the series, and also features a defense mechanism against waves of attacking dinosaurs, unique to this episode.

In Episode 2, the survivors have successfully defended the city of Perseverance, completing a massive wall to stop the dinosaur onslaught. Under the guidance of the ship’s senior officers, the players now set out to explore the surrounding wilderness, expand the settlement beyond the walls, and chart a path to the mysterious structure on the horizon. This Episode adds new actions to expand the core mechanism and allows for a deep customization of your Leader and faction through dozens of unique skills. The previous episode’s defense mechanism evolves into hex-based adventuring and expansion, allowing you to build outposts beyond the city walls, but beware – the dinosaurs are still not your friends…yet.

— description from the publisher

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Castaway Chronicles Deluxe

Washed, Without wash


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