The Isle of Cats Bundles are HERE! 🎉🎉

First up… bundle A!!  This bundle includes the Core Game, the Late Arrivals, and the Kickstarter Pack 1… plus, the bag of fish and the bag of cats! I mean… how can you NOT have those two bags of meeples.. or is it ceeples and feeples?  I don’t know.. I’m too tired to think straight.  😅 ANywho (smile) this is essentially the Veteran 2 pledge PLUS the bags of cats/fish.

Bundle B – for those of you who already have the Isle of Cats base game and the stuff from the 2019 Kickstarter campaign – This bundle includes the 2-minute big box, the kittens and beasts expansion, the boat pack expansion, and the Kickstarter Pack 2… plus, you guessed it.. those SWEET bags of fish and cats! 🐟❤️🐈

There’s really not much else to say… 😬

You KNOW this game.

You NEED this game.

You DON”T HAVE IT YET… or else you probably wouldn’t be here… right?  I think that all tracks… 😉

SO, why not pick up a copy… this HAS to be on your shelf!  It just HAS to!!!  Honest! 😇🥰

Bags of cat and fish meeples!!!!  Seriously! 🥰

Lame excuses about short write-ups and all… <sigh>

Sadly (?), all of the listings for this month (March 2022)  are going to be bare bones just so I can get everything uploaded!!  My sincerest apologies to those of you who enjoy my poetic waxing and emoji-laden banter!! 😬 Between The Bahamas gig and managing Upstart and trying to spend time with family and friends and all that jazz… I have a lot less time.  BUT, I will do better!  I promise!

March is hereby declared the month of short write-ups and links to the original Kickstarter campaign and the relevant BGG pages – thank you for the suggestion, David!

The Kickstarter campaign link is HERE.

BGG links are in the grid below – as always!  Game ON!


Ages: 8+
Players: 1 – 6
Play Time: 60 – 120 minutes
Publisher: The City of Games
$140-179 for the 2-minute box bundle MINUS the bags of cats/fish
$90 – 115 for the core game/late arrivals bundle MINUS the bags of cats/fish 

…at time of this listing (MAR 2022)… of course 😊

Our Price:
$122.50 for the 2-minute box bundle (Veteran Two PLUS bags of cats/fish)
$87.75 for the core game/late arrivals/KS pack 1 PLUS bags of cats/fish
Links to BGG:




The Isle of Cats is Baaaaacccckkk! Two great bundles! Ohhhhhh…. So Sweet. 🧁🎉

The Isle of Cats is a competitive, medium-weight, card-drafting, polyomino cat-placement board game for 1-4 players (6 with expansions).

In the game, you are citizens of Squalls End on a rescue mission to The Isle of Cats and must rescue as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. Each cat is represented by a unique tile and belongs to a family, you must find a way to make them all fit on your boat while keeping families together. You will also need to manage resources as you:

  • Explore the island (by drafting cards)
  • Rescue cats
  • Find treasures
  • Befriend Oshax
  • Study ancient lessons

Each lesson you collect gives you another personal way of scoring points, and 38 unique lessons are available. Complete lessons, fill your boat, and keep cat families together to score points, and the player with the most points after five rounds wins.

Note: The Isle of Cats: Kickstarter Edition is a compilation item consisting of The Isle of Cats base game and The Isle of Cats: Kickstarter Pack, each of which are available as separate items and listed individually in the BGG database.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
The Isle of Cats

Core Game, Late Arrivals, KS Pack 1, bag of fish, bag of cats, 2-minute Big Box, kittens/beasts, boat pack, KS Pack 2, bag of fish, bag of cats


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