So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

**ALERT ALERT – one order of the Charlemagne box is slightly dinged on this last copy!!! **

Dark Ages Emperor pledge PLUS the metal coins and the upgraded resource cache! Ohhhhhhhh…. yes, please! 🤩

Sweet Miniatures galore!

Someone catch me… I’m feeling woozy. This is an incredibly immersive game replete with solid mechanics, engaging gameplay, the ability to create a HUGE game by fusing both Holy Roman Empire and Heritage of Charlemagne sets, and an ASTOUNDING 576 minis!!!







Let that sink in…. 🥰

Oh… and I’m including the deluxe resource set (121 realistic resource bits that I know I cannot live without) and the metal coins. Of COURSE!! 😁🎉

And as you might imagine… all the KS stretch goals included with the campaign are ALSO included here… you know how I roll. 🎢🤘

Yes, please… and thank you!

OK… just to clarify exactly what is included in this Upstart bundle I’ll break it out in a short list (since my poetic ramblings can be confusing…) 😬

  1. Dark ages: Heritage of Charlemagne
  2. Dark ages: Holy Roman Empire
  3. Dark ages: Metal Coin set
  4. Dark ages: Deluxe/upgraded resource cache

[N.B. I did not add-on the neoprene mats or the sleeves. As such, these are not included in the Upstart bundle!]

This is the Emperor Pledge Level from the original campaign, PLUS the metal coins and resource cache add-ons that were not included at the emperor pledge level.

What can I say about this game that you don’t already know?

Well, given my insane time constraints this month… not much. This is an EPIC game… hands down. Board and Dice have outdone themselves with this beast! 🥳

Beautiful components, solid artwork, wonderfully immersive theme (enhanced by all those wonderful minis, resources, map artwork, etc. etc.), and a solid solo mode by David Turczi. We all know how good those are… sweeeet! 💯

Speaking of designers… this beauty is a combined effort by Adam Kwapinski (Nemesis, Lords of Hellas, and Frostpunk) and Andrei Novac (Warriors and Traders, Praetor, Venice) – both SOLID designers and wonderful people to boot! I’ve worked with Andrei since I first started Upstart and have chatted with him many times over email and at cons… and he is another wonderful human in the endless pool of solid people in our hobby. 😊❤️

I am in his debt for helping me carry wonderful games from NSKN and Board and Dice when Upstart was just getting started.  Thank you, Andrei! I appreciate you, my friend! ☺️

Now where was I?

Oh yes… the game. Let me at least provide you with a few links to help get you settled. I recently accepted a part-time, as-needed, backfill job for the lead doctor on a remote Navy base in the Bahamas… and I have to head out on 22 September for my first stint… and well… there is much to do! So, write-ups have to be sacrificed this month. Sorry, everyone!

You can find a link to the original Kickstarter HERE.

This should help you better visualize the enormity of this game.. 😵‍💫

Here’s a wonderful (as always) tutorial and play through for the Holy Roman Empire set by Jon at Jon Gets Games. You can find the video HERE.

And, you can find a helpful unboxing video HERE… by Clint Conner. This is a great opportunity to see the components, the boards, the metal coins and the upgraded resources! Please note that the sleeves and the neoprene mats are NOT included with the Upstart bundle (although Clint has them).

My apologies again, everyone, for the suboptimal write-up! I’m off to work on my project list… wish me luck!


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 120 – 180 minutes
Publisher: Board&Dice
SKU: Board&Dice 002
Original KS campaign cost $207. I cannot
find this ANYWHERE in the after market!
Our Price: $225.00 (corner ding copy) 😬
Link to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


 **ALERT ALERT – this final copy has a slightly dinged corner on the Charlemagne Box**

Dark Ages Emperor Pledge PLUS the metal coins and upgraded resource pack! 🥰 

Dark Ages is a historically-based civilization-building game that features an innovative action selection mechanism. As long as your action markers remain on the board, you may be able to gain secondary bonus actions whenever you or another player repeat the action.

While Dark Ages features objectives commonly found in 4X games — encouraging you to explore nearby regions, expand your territory, exploit the resources, and exterminate your opponents — it does so featuring several Euro-centric mechanisms. Collect resources from lands under your control, using them to build up your cities and fortifications. Some building types provide several ways for you to gain important in-game advantages, while others enhance your military strength or simply score you victory points. As you expand your territory, you will lay claim to noble titles, acquire new technologies, and train your military units. Each region and leader offer asymmetrical choices with their unique abilities.

Dark Ages is actually two games: Western Europe (subtitled Heritage of Charlemagne) and Central Europe (subtitled Holy Roman Empire). While both versions feature identical gameplay, each focuses its attention on a specific part of Europe during the Dark Ages (Western and Central, respectively). As a result, the game board maps differ between the two versions, as do the lands in which players vie for control over along with the flavor of the inhabitants and leaders of those lands. However, by combining both versions, you can enlarge the map into an epic battle for superiority for five or more players!

Each game box is filled with finely sculpted miniatures of cities, fortresses, farms, and other buildings. The different types of troops — infantry, bowmen, and cavalry — are represented by unique miniatures.

The solo mode for Dark Ages has been designed by Dávid Turczi.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 20.1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

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