Who Goes There? The Overloaded, Deluxe, Thing box art extravaganza!!  🛸💥🧐

This is the Overloaded Pledge (Deluxe Deluxe edition)… which includes all twelve characters in a glorious limited edition box!!

The Thing…

This remains one of my all-time favorite horror movies.



And now it’s an even better, second edition, board game?!?!  OK… stop the train… shut the screen door.. hold the press… You get the idea! 🗞

My love of science may well be traced back to this classic clip… endearing me forever to the marvels of the scientific method… and the idea that heating a blood sample with a paperclip can save your life! Or at least it’s supposed to!!

Classic The Thing video clip can be found HERE.

Please avoid this clip if scary, macabre, scenes or gratuitous 80’s cursing are equally upsetting to you!! Believe me.. I get it!  But this clip is SO classic!!  Wahhhhh.  MacReady!!

Side note – the near-constant screaming throughout the first 3 minutes of the clip is classic movie GOLD!

Gold… you hear me?!?! 🏅

Recipe for success:

Mix one part “The Thing” into equal parts fear and intrigue… bake in board-game shaped tin for 2 hours. Let cool and serve.

If you’d like to really impress your guests… serve on a 2nd Edition plate that makes the experience even better than the first edition (and answers a lot of the concerns people had).

Just sayin’ 😉👍🎉🎉

Summary of action

VERY well done take on a classic horror film… with plenty of improvements in this 2nd Edition release. Game ON!

Lazy retired guy note

OK folks…. As I have mentioned in other recent write ups.. I have a lot of projects (and trips.. haha) on the docket this month and as a result, some of these write-ups are going to HAVE to be a tad shorter. You know the drill.

ANywho… here are a few links to tide you over… I KNOW… you already miss my banter… admit it! 😂😁❤️

The original Kickstarter campaign page is HERE.

You can find a little overview by Certifiable Studios HERE.

And finally, a deluxe game unboxing by The Dice Odyssey can be found HERE. Please note that the only difference between the one being unboxed and the one I have listed here is the Thing limited Edition art on the box cover!

Who Goes There?

Perhaps… you do! Game ON! 💥


Ages: 14+
Players: 3 – 4
Play Time: 110 minutes – no range… just 110!
Publisher: Certifiable Studios
SKU: Certifiable Studios 001
At the time of this listing (JUNE 2021) this
exact version (Deluxe, overloaded, Thing art)
was selling for $299 on eBay. The standard box
art version was selling at $220. Yikes!
Our Price: $149.20
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Who Goes There? Deluxe Second Edition!! Yes PLEASE!! 😁🎉

Who Goes There? is a cooperative game of growing paranoia.

At the beginning of the game, all players are human and there is no reason not to trust each other completely, but as the temperature drops and mistakes are made, players start doubting everything and everyone around them.

You must build, trade, and upgrade to prepare yourself for the Antarctic Terrain, rabid dog attacks, crazed madmen…and most importantly, the alien entity that is now loose in the camp. Everything you build and upgrade has one purpose…keeping you alive and human! During the entire game, you will want to trade with other players and help each other build stronger weapons and better equipment, while also passing food and med kits around. Although, make sure your trust them, since trade is a huge opportunity for The Thing.

Staying inside may keep you from freezing to Death, but it won’t help you or your fellow humans win.

The only way to secure victory is by venturing out of the camp! The problem with that is, being away from camp is the number one way to come across The Thing…leaving you vulnerable and exposed to infection. Whether fixing the boiler, repairing the door, or fighting the frigid temperatures outside, you will all need one another to survive. But trust is a hard thing to come by when you must be wary of…Who Goes There?

description from the publisher

Changes in Second Edition:

  • A new Frostbite mechanic to help mitigate early player elimination.
  • Everyone now has access to keys in the storage deck or specialty decks that can help bypass a locked camp door.
  • Some of the duplicate events got revamped or replaced with new scenarios. (there’s even a new event class, Dubbed “Caution Events,” that occur at the end of the round.)

Added a buildable host test to the storage deck.

Additional information
Weight 12.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in

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