Another great game that brings together hardcore gamers and their friends and family!

[And, I’m selling the KS edition – with the bonus TIme Warp Expansions and Solo mode – Start stringing the lights!! ]

Before I get into the game itself… I’d like to mention that I’m selling it at the KS price… but since that isn’t enough of a discount for me… I’m tossing in a $20 credit toward shipping – the code is TREKTHRUHISTORYFORLESS! And yes… the exclamation point is part of the code 😉 If this title is in your cart, this coupon will take $20 off the top as a credit toward shipping or holiday gift budgeting or whatever you’d like to use it for 😉

This is an absolutely wonderful light/medium weight game that delivers enough strategy and depth to keep seasoned gamers happy… while at the same time being straightforward/light/fun enough that your family will actually return to the table after the holiday dinner dishes are cleared!

Come on… you know what I mean!!!

Your extended family are all together for the holidays… you have a few choice games out in the trunk of your car (or in your suitcase in Mom’s spare room). Dinner is finished, and everyone is in a jovial mood. Suddenly talk of playing a game starts to fill the air… Could this be it?

Will they finally indulge your hobby (obsession) and play a board game?!?!?! 🤓😊🥰

Is THIS the year?!?! You think to yourself, “I definitely need a win after all this COVID madness!!” 🤞🎉

You dash out to your car (or scurry off to your suitcase) and gleefully return carrying Rising Sun in all its glory… only to find that they’ve already started shuffling the ol’ Uno deck.

Oh, the humanity! 😩

Take your meds and tell us about the game already, Drew!

OK… OK… Trekking through History is a fantastic little game that is sure to please just about everyone. The basic rules of the game are simple… and yet the game still manages to deliver a bit of that old nail-bitey tension that I really enjoy!! 😬

If you’ve played Trekking the World (another solid title by Underdog Games), then you already know how this unfolds….

Now as to the gameplay and what  not… it’s another new-game-a-palooza… sooooo…

I’m afraid there won’t be much of a write up here. In fact… the only extra bit I’ll toss in is a link to the original Kickstarter page so you can see what you’re getting with this beauty… You can find the link HERE.

Final call for boarding for flight DL1353… Final call… please head to gate 33…

The rules – streamlined.

The gameplay mechanics – simple, elegant, tension’y-goodness-filled.

The experience – travel through history AND do so while enjoying a drink and snack of your choice from the comfort of your own home!! Sweeeeeeet!

Game ON!

Ages: 10+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Designer Charlie Bink
Available on Amazon for $50 at the time of this listing (NOV 2022).
I’m trying to avoid dipping below the KS price.. so, $20 shipping credit
for this one with coupon code – TREKTHRUHISTORYFORLESS!
Our Price: $50.00
Link to BGG: Trekking through History


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Trekking through HistoryTrekking through History Kickstarter Edition with the Time Warp Expansion and Solo Mode!!

We designed Trekking through History for gamers and non-gamers to play together. The goal was to make a game inviting for non-gamers, but with a little subtlety under the hood for gamers.

In the game, you go on a three-day tour of human history, traveling thousands of years in a time machine to experience great moments from our past.

The game takes place over three rounds, each representing one day of your trip. Each day, you visit a series of historical events, spending a different number of hours at each.

On each turn, you choose to visit one historical event, and spend a certain number of hours doing it. Doing so will yield benefits, like checking off items on your itinerary for points, and earning Time Crystals so you can bend the space-time continuum on future turns.

Along the way, you’ll also score points for visiting historical events in chronological order.

The player with the most points after three rounds wins.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 in

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