This is the base Wendake game!!  If you’re looking for the exapansion, check out the listing for Wendake: New Allies! 

I love this game!

OK.  Let me start of by apologizing if it seems a bit convenient that I love all the games that I carry.  I know that can start to seem a bit… well… concerning.  But, the issue stems from the fact that I generally only carry games that I would like to add to my personal collection!  So, that means that most of the time I am going to really like the games I carry.   Anyway, the point is… please accept my apologies for always being AMPED the heck up about these sweet games!!

Unique mechanisms abound!

Straight out of the gate I really enjoy the way the Action Board works in Wendake. In fact, it is this same action board that drew me to Wendake back when it as first on Kickstarter in 2017.  Our fun begins with a 3×3 grid of action tiles waiting to be activated.  When you select actions, your wooden action markers must ultimately form a straight line along the tiles.  That is, you must select actions that are in a straight row, a straight column, or a straight diagonal between opposing corners!  This really forces you to think carefully about which actions to take and when to take them!

Adding to this careful decision-making pressure is the fact that activated tiles will flip to their “ritual action” side at the end of a round.  Note – all tiles have the same ritual action on the reverse.  And finally, if you thought you were finished weighing those decisions; all tiles slide one slot down at the end of a round and are replaced by a randomly determined there tiles at the top of the board!  This means that your bottom row comes off the board, and the two remaining rows slide down to free up that top row.

Time to upgrade those action tiles!

Now in player order people may choose to swap out one of their standard action tiles for a new, shiny upgraded version!  Generally this is always win… but there are some tradeoffs occasionally.  Now, you take whatever three tiles you have in front of you (some combination of original tiles and possibly an upgraded one) and you shuffle them up and lay them out randomly along the top row of the board with their primary action side facing up.

I love everything about this Action Board! The 3×3 tile grid and its required action alignment (rows, columns, diagonals).  The flipping of used tiles that don’t flip back until you use them again.  Shifting that bottom row of tiles off the board at the end of every round and creating a new, random top-row.


What about those scoring tracks?

Scoring in Wendake is split between 4 possible paths.  Ritual, Economic, Mask, and Military.  At the beginning of each game, these four scoring areas are randomly paired.  So that in one game you might pair Masks with Economic scoring and Military with Ritual.  But in the next game Military might be paired with Masks. And so on.  When tabulating final scoring, players look at the paired tracks separately and for each they only score the LOWEST track!  So let’s assume that you are playing a game where the Mask and Economic tracks are paired.  You are just knocking it out of the part on the mask track, but your Economic score is 8 at the end of the game.  Yeah.  You’re getting 8 points from that pair.  Argh!

This is a really great way to encourage everyone to do a little of everything.  And every time this comes to the table everyone loves that aspect.  Of course, when we’re getting close to end-game scoring and someone has a single track that is trailing by 5 or 6 points… they might not love it all that much.  But, you get the idea 😉

What does Wendake New Allies bring to the table?

Well, I haven’t played this one yet… but it looks like this expansion brings a lot of goodness to the game!

The New Allies are here, and they are here to help it would seem!  New Alliance actions allow you to trade rifles with the French and English ships, move European patrols through your lands to increase your area control game, and sell those same rifles back to the game for points in certain tracks (driven by where your loyalties lie at the time).  Yes.  Your alliances can shift throughout the game.  So, if you really need points on that Mask track and allying with the French will allow you to trade for rifles and sell them to gain points on the Mask track then it might be time to consider leaving your English compatriots behind 🙂

Turn Cards

Another cool addition that comes with the expansion is the new Turn-order cards.  In the base game, one of the actions you were able to take involved placing an action marker on the turn-order track.  This drove turn order for the following round.  And so, the first player to place his action marker there went first, the second person to do so went second, and so on.  Pretty standard fare.

In the expansion, each turn order spot has a turn card associated with it such that where you choose to place your action marker effects which of these cards you will acquire.  You;’d really like to go first next round, but the card aligned with the 3rd player spot is just to sweet to pass up!  So, even though you’re the first to play on the turn order track, you take the third spot and score that awesome card!  Most cards have an immediate alliance action.  All cards have a permanent game effect that is available for use in each subsequent round.  Not bad… not bad at all.

So, there you have it.  A solid base game (Wendake), and an expansion (New Allies) that adds a decent amount of depth to the gameplay without over-complicating things.  This looks like another win for the Post Scriptum and Placentia Games team!!


Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 60 – 120 minutes
Danilo Sabia
P.S. Martensen
Alan D’Amico
Paolo Vallerga
Placentia Games
Post Scriptum
SKU: Post Scriptum 001
Wendake base game – $45-50
Our Price: $40.00
Link to BGG: Wendake

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Wendake is the name that the Wyandot People use for their traditional territory. This population, also known as the Huron Nation, lived in the Great Lakes region together with the Iroquois, Shawnee, Potomac, Seneca, and many others. In this game, you explore the traditions and everyday life of these tribes during the 1756-1763 period when the Seven Years War between the French and the English took place in these territories.

But the war is truly just a backdrop to the storyline and is only a marginal aspect of the game; the focus is on life in the Native villages, fields, and forests. In this game, you won’t find the traditional teepees since those were used by southwestern tribes who moved their camps to follow the herds of buffalo. The Natives of the Great Lakes were sedentary, living in long houses. The women farmed beans, corn, and pumpkins, while the men hunted beavers in the forests, mainly to sell their pelts as leather.

In the game Wendake, you are placed in the shoes of a chief of a Native American tribe. You have to manage all of the most important aspects of their lives, earning points on the economic, military, ritual, and mask tracks.

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