So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Dig your way OUT! Complete with the Officer Buster mini-expansion from the Kickstarter campaign!

This is a really fun (and silly) light game that will bring you lots of laughs and smack-talk without any stress about winning… Sure, its fun to win. But with this game, it’s all about the experience. Well that’s how I feel anyway ??

INCREDIBLY FUN artwork by The Mico!

I admit it. I am a Mico junkie… I mean, his artistry just brings games to LIFE! And, Dig your way Out is no exception. From the gang-member standees to the board and cards themselves, The Mico recreates a truly immersive prison experience! Now, mind you, I have never actually BEEN to prison… but still… it’s how I picture it. Although maybe it’s a bit cleaner in his artwork… hahaha. ?

A quick note on Standees

Normally I prefer plastic miniatures to standees across the board; but I have to admit that these standees just sort of work for me in this game. I think it’s because they blend seamlessly with the game board artwork… thereby making them feel less stand-off’ish.  Haha.  See what I did there? Anyway, you know what I mean… sometimes a company goes for plastic minis that just look awkward on the board. Other times, they go with Standees and everyone screams (hopefully internally), “Why not minis?!?!?!” But in this case I think the people at Borderline made the right call. Just sayin’. As always, my opinion truly means nothing… but still.. there you have it!

 ? vs ??

One thing I’ve learned about prison life… uh, in this game… is that you have to keep your head on a swivel! You’re off swiping a spoon to help dig that tunnel to freedom… but your cellmates might be stockpiling knives to take you out. So, do you keep that spoon intact as a digging implement, or file it down to a worthy shiv? Oh wait, there are no shivs in the game… uh… like I said, I haven’t been to prison or anything… 😉

In fairness, although the classic twisted-plastic-bag and the sharpened plastic spork handle shiv varieties are not part of the game, you CAN make a hatchet by pushing a screwdriver through a length of wood… or strap a sharpened metal bedframe edge to a short piece of wooden dowel to make a proper knife! Please and thank you! ❤️?

Hahahaha… I have been stuck at home for too long… and I need more sleep. Clearly.

Anyway, no need to worry about which item to swipe. You can always snag the spoon and then trade cigarettes for a knife later. Yes, that IS part of the game. Trading cigarettes for things. I LOVE THIS! Not too many games can claim a cigarette economy. I don’t smoke… but if I was in prison I’m pretty sure I would… and for sure I’d be all about the cigarette economy.

Characters move throughout the prison, searching/trading for items they need to help them in their escape… all the while either looking to avoid a fight… or perhaps roaming around TRYING to instigate a fight to stymie other players. It’s all up to you! Are you the quiet brooding type who is focused on getting that job in the prison library and spending quiet nights in your cell, digging with your spoon? Or are you the rough-and-tumble type… roaming the prison looking for fights and visceral glory?!?!

Either way, go ahead and let that inner inmate out!!  You can never be too prepared… so why not try out your different approaches from the safety of your living room? This is the same reason I love Dead of Winter. It’s survival prep 101 ?‍♂️?

Not quite a party game… but definitely on the lighter side of things.

And this is actually one of the more awesome qualities of the game, in my opinion! You can get a 4-player game in in under an hour pretty easily. Since the game has a light feel to it, most people aren’t sitting there suffering from AP while they try to decide whether they should join the first gang they come across (yes, you can join a gang! Too cool… right? I know) or wait and see if a more appropriate kindred-spirit gang comes along. Choices, choices.

If you make decisions with a bit of levity and your gaming group isn’t hyper-focused on the win, you could easily play this as a 30-minute filler. It’s a ton of fun… in a silly, light-hearted way. Sure the theme isn’t exactly the most Hallmark-movie material… haha… but you get my meaning. It’s just a funny take on a prison break. [rhyming included free of charge] ??

Video time!

Tantrum House Playthrough!

Wrap it up already, Drew… and get some sleep for gosh sakes!

Generally I prefer medium to heavy weight Euros… and, I’m not really into party games… but I do like a nice, lighthearted filler. And this one fits right into that spot for me! In terms of weight, levity, and slightly off-color theme… it reminds me a lot of The Bloody Inn; a “fun” little game based on a macabre slice of history where you run an Inn that has a penchant for guests to go missing ??

Anyway… if you’re looking for a fun, filler’ish game that will have everyone laughing and bickering and carrying on like they would during the 3rd and 4th rounds of Ca$h ‘n Guns, then Dig your way Out might be exactly what you need!

Crips for life, yo!


Ages: 14+
Players: 2 – 6
Play Time: 40 – 45 minutes
Publisher: Borderline Editions
SKU: Borderline Editions 001
€35 (plus international shipping)
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of this listing (APR 2020)
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So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Dig your way OutDig your way Out! Do you have what it takes to make a prison break?!?

Dig Your Way Out is a game created by David Simide in which you play the role of an inmates trying to escape from prison. Be the first prisoner to dig your hole. Craft tools with salvaged materials, buy them with cigarettes, or extort them from other players, the end justifies the means!

The main goal is to reach the required tunnel points (which can change according to the number of player) representing the progress of your tunnel.

On their turn, a player has 2 actions, which they can choose to spend in:

  • Searching: he draws the number of Search cards indicated on the place he’s in
  • Moving: he rolls the die to determine where he can go
  • Joining a gang if he has the matching accessories, and get their passive buff
  • Crafting if he has the corresponding cards
  • Playing an action card
  • Extorting another inmate (extortion is divided into 2 stages:
    • Intimidation in which the attacking player names the tools he wants to extort (a shovel, a pick or a spoon). The targeted player may then cooperate and give it right away, avoiding combat. Or defend himself, launching combat.
    • Combat: Taking turns, the two players play before them Weapon cards form their hand, beginning by the defender. Once a player can’t or won’t play a Weapon card, they lose the combat.
    • If the defender loses, they have to give to the attacker the Tool they ask for. If the defender doesn’t have this card in hand or if the loser is the attacker, the winner picks one card, randomly chosen, from the loser’s hand. The loser takes 1 Beating.

Some actions can only be performed in certain locations:

  • cell block: dig, place one and only one Tool card (Spoon, Pick or Shovel from your hand on your Prisoner board. You immediately score the number of Tunnel points indicated on the card.
  • recreation area: Buy and sell, the local currency is cigarettes.
  • infirmary: Heal, remove 1 beating.(a player with 1 beating can’t perform the craft action, a player with 2 beating can’t perform neither the craft nor the dig action.)
  • cafeteria: steal a spoon.

Dig your way out requires you to constantly be aware of what other players have in their hand. Thus you can know who to extort and who is a threat for you.

Although picking up tools or weapon is visible to everyone, there are plenty of ways to prevent other inmates from being too pushy: action cards, gang passives and above all your background card.

Background cards are powerful one-shot abilities, which can change the game when used at the right time. And this is even more true when you belong to the relevant gang.

– description from the publisher

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 2 in

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