Human Punishment: The Beginning plus the Deluxe upgraded poker chips!!!  Sweeeeeet!!

As I have been trying to do this year… I will start with the details of what is included in the different options for this game. This one is easy.. hehe… as I have 12 copies of the full game with stretch goals and all that jazz PLUS the deluxe upgrade (the poker chips) and I then have an additional 12 copies of the Deluxe Upgrade by itself.

The “full game plus deluxe upgraded poker chips” is the “Leader Pledge (deluxe all-in) from the Kickstarter campaign. You can find the original Kickstarter HERE for more information on what’s in the box, what stretch goals were met, etc. etc.

I should note that Godot Games has asked that retailers not sell below MSRP for the game and the chips for the first 90 days… and as the MSRP of the Base Game on their page is €64.95 and the deluxe upgrade (poker chip set) is €44.95/unit, this means that the bundle (chips and game) is $111.90 and the Deluxe upgrade alone is $45.77.

BUT, since I am not a huge fan of those numbers and I simply HAVE to come in lower than eBay listings… I am going to toss in a $30 shipping credit coupon for the bundled game plus upgraded poker chips option. So long as this bundle is in your cart, the coupon will work… even if you buy other games! And to make life even easier, I’ll create a coupon code for the extra poker chips alone for $15.

The coupon code for the bundle (base game plus poker chip upgrade) $30 shipping credit is PUNISHMENTREDUCER30

Clever… I know.

And the $15 coupon code for the poker chips alone is POKERCHIP$15DOWNGRADE

Ahem 🙄

And now onto the chatter… hehe.

The much anticipated prequel to the Human Punishment Social Deduction party game that released in 2018!! The original game did very well and is ranked at an impressive 114 in the party game category… As a ready reference, One Night Ultimate Vampire comes in at 116 and there are 661 numbered listings.  When I first looked at this campaign.. these numbers definitely pushed my interest from “hmmmmm…” to “Ah yes… I need this.”

Of course, had I played the original game I would have done what so many others had done… backed this one IMMEDIATELY!

Let’s start with the basics…

This is a MASSIVE and exceptionally engaging social deduction, semi cooperative game with a lot more game-table goings-on than most social deduction games I’ve played… and it is really quite wonderful! 🧁

It needs to be said that after you set this game up on the table… you are going to take a deep breath… your heart rate is going to increase a smidge… and then you’ll open the rule book and start to realize that this isn’t the sort of social deduction game your parents played!

This game has a LOT going on… and perfectly melds a full-blown board game experience with the social deduction’y goodness that many crave…

The first time you play this game you may need a bit more rules review pausing than normal… as you learn the iconography, the different phase particulars and what have you… but if you’re like most players… you’ll pick it up by round two and then you’ll be itching to get it back to the table after that first game.

Review video that makes my banter unnecessary… whew.

Here’s a great overview of the game by Jesse over at Quackalope. The video is HERE.

And here is a fantastic, high quality rules overview by SilentBeutlin. While it’s not detailed enough to play the game without a rules read… it is a MUST VIEW prior to cracking the rulebook (in this Upstart’s opinion). I always find it easier to ingest detailed rules when I have a very clear idea of how the overall game works… and this video is perfect for just that!

You can find the video HERE.

Production quality and bits data

Where to begin!  This game has a HUGE table presence! The artwork fits the gritty, post-machine-apocalyptic world theme… and the color scheme just works really well! The acrylic standees are well-crafted and fit perfectly into the rest of the dystopian, machine-world vibe… and the deluxe poker chips are gorgeous! The game board, player boards, and card quality are all on point… and well… there you have it! 👍

I will say… despite what anyone else may be saying (hehehe)… you NEED those deluxe poker chips. There is a lot of moving data chips and enemy unit chips and health chips around… and handling the poker chips just adds that tactile component to the experience that I really LOVE! You know what I mean…or at least I think you do! You are here at Upstart Boardgamer after all… 😉❤️

OK, my friends. It is time for me to move onto the next listing… always so much to be done to keep the Upstart ship sailing on an even keel! Thanks for always being so wonderfully supportive!


Ages: 14+
Players: 3 – 6
Play Time: 120 – 180 minutes
Publisher: Godot Games
SKU: Godot 001A/B
At the time of this listing (JULY 2022) this bundle was selling for $110 on eBay
Our Price: $111.90 for the bundle and $45 for the deluxe upgrade alone (before shipping coupons!)
Link to BGG: Human Punishment The Beginning

Human Punishment Deluxe Upgrade




Human Punishment: The Beginning and the Deluxe Upgraded Poker Chips!! Yes please! 😄

Human Punishment: The Beginning is a stand alone game and the Prequel of Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 and it is a semi-cooperate, social deduction & pick-up and deliver hybrid!

3-6 players try to avoid the secret Machine revolution, but Machine spies are everywhere and they try to corrupt the Human players. There are also Outlaws, Fallen and Legion just as in Human Punishment and every faction works for their own goals.

This game features a new mechanic called CWS (Connecting World System), which gives you the option to combine Human Punishment: The Beginning with Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 to experience an epic theme night with YOUR OWN outcome!
The Beginning is a fully stand alone game, but you can also combine it with Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0.

Fight Machines, build Apex, avoid Deus X Machina and don’t become corrupted by the Machines. Rewrite the history of Humanity!

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Human Punishment

Deluxe all-in Leader Pledge (base game plus poker chips), Deluxe upgrade (poker chips) only


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