So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Missed the Kickstarter but itching for battle!?!?!?!  Look no further!

This is the Monster Pledge level of Monster Lands!!  And, the Heavy Weapons Expansion and Promo cards are INCLUDED!  Please visit the original Kickstarter campaign page here for the low-down on this level. Please note that most eBay sales of Monster Lands are at the “Leader” pledge level 😉

Monster Pledge?  Huh?

Basically, this means the game includes all the wooden tokens, all the Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goals and upgrades, and all the cool bits! This is the TOP tier pledge (if you are uncertain about pledge level precedence).

Also included is the Heavy Weapons Expansion that expands the game to FIVE PLAYERS!  This expansion also includes some new upgraded weapons and what not; but from where I sit, the 5-player uptick is THE most awesome part of this expansion!  Finding a game that is engaging and fun AND allows for 5 players can sometimes be difficult.  Adding the Heavy Weapons expansion is a really nice option!!!

And finally, you get the promo cards from the Kickstarter campaign!  (thank you for those, Daniel!!)

Sweet components!!!

This game DEFINITELY scratches the deluxe components itch.  I mean, really.  The bits are ENDLESS!  Quality cardboard chits and tokens and what feels like a million sweet, wooden disks pour from the box!!!  Each mercenary is represented on the game board by their very own caricature-containing wooden disk so you can keep track of which brave mercenary is out there reclaiming the Queen’s lands and such. SWEET!

And, these wooden components come preprinted in the box!  You do not have to sit there and apply endless stickers for hours!  You know what I mean.  Sitting there applying those stickers as your OCD wreaks havoc each time the sticker doesn’t lay perfectly centered!  Sweat beading on your brow.  The paperclip applicator you rigged up trembling in your hand.  Haha.  Some of you know what I am talking about.  Yeah…

In any event, the components are fantastic!  Picture that scene at the beginning of a Dice Tower video where Tom pours all the components onto the table in slow motion… and picture that scene running on and on and on as more and more components come toppling out.  That should get you close to the volume of components that this game has to offer!  It is a “bits junky” dream come true.

So how about the game play?

This is a SOLID, SOLID dice-as-workers placement game.  Hands down!

I really enjoy rolling dice and then using them as workers. From the first time I played Euphoria I knew I was hooked!

What I don’t enjoy as much is a game where unmodified dice rolls are the sole determinants of a battle or what have you.  Sure, if that’s just a slice of the game, I am all-in!  But, if the primary mechanic involves a healthy dose of random dice results that can’t be readily attenuated… I start to get antsy.  Haha.  I should admit that this is primarily because I stink at rolling dice in board games! Now, get me to a craps table in Vegas, and it’s an entirely different story.

Now, where was I.

Dice and Battle!

In this game there are a few tweaks that add to the dice placement mechanic. First, the dice come in different colors and these different colors directly impact how and where you can use these dice.  You’ll be balancing yellow/red/purple dice to build the right team for each task you hope to carry out.

I also really enjoyed the way that exploring lands and battling monsters plays out.  You can jump right in and take the first shot at the monster; hoping for an easy kill or trap. Or, you can set yourself up as the second player to encounter the monster – hoping that your predecessor will fall short of destroying it.  This sets you up to fight an injured monster – which is a really nice path to an easy victory.

Of course, if your competitor defeats the monster then you wasted your dice placement on an area where there is no glory. BUT you’ll get a consolation prize in the form of items scavenged from the land as you wander back to your base camp mumbling curses under your breath at the success of your adversary! 😉

“Roll a one!!  Come on… roll a one!!!  I want that monster worn down when I get my shot!”

“ARGH!  You are always rolling 6’s… I’m going home!”  😉

Believe me, this is a game where friendly jeering and shouting takes place as the battles unfold.  You simply can’t help yourself… the theme is immersive… and the tension mounts as those dice start flying.  Seriously!  If you play this game and you don’t find yourself hoping for the defeat of your fellow players… well, I just don’t know what to say.  Are you sure you’ve been playing Monster Lands??!?  😀

Healthy modifiers for those pesky low-value dice rolls.

Poisons, health potions, venoms, traps, and weapons help to modify the odds of success in battle; so you’re not completely at the mercy of the dice.  Of course, if you spend all of your time gathering modifiers while your friends trounce monsters left and right, you might not fare too well in the end game scoring.

You can trade-off using dice to gather these supplies in hopes of a more successful battle in the next round! Or, you can race unabashed into the abyss and throw caution to the wind!

There are many paths to victory in the engaging and creative mercenary adventure that awaits you in the fantastic realm of Monster Lands!

One last note.  I had the privilege of meeting Daniel Schloesser and the team at Essen Spiel 2018.  They are a WONDERFUL, welcoming group of people who are really enjoy making great games!  Everyone who visited their booth came away with a smile… and more often than not, a copy of Monster Lands under their arm! 😉  My many thanks to Daniel and his team for allowing me to carry this game in my shop… and for being so patient with a total industry noob!!!  Bravo!


Ages: 12+
Players: 1 – 4
Play Time: 60 -120 minutes
Víctor Fernández
Gorka Mata
Sergi Solé Pascual
Daniel Schloesser
Artists: Enrique Fernández Peláez
Publisher: Second Gate Games
SKU: Second Gate Games 001
MSRP: $165 on eBay (US) without Heavy Weapons (~$30) and Promo cards
Our Price: $144.50
Link to BGG: Monster Lands


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Monster Lands is played over a maximum of 6 rounds, each divided into 4 phases  

  • Dice Pool Generation  
  • Deployment  
  • Adventure
  •  Clean-up  

At the beginning of the game, dreadful monsters are holding the Queen’s lands ransom and you are commissioned to fight them and free the Lands.

Your Clan Progress Track is the base for your actions, here you record your glory and reputation. In the Dice Pool Generation phase you collect dice from the track and all your mercenaries.  These are your tools to prosper.

Load up at the Citadel:

You will use your dice to take actions using a “worker-placement” mechanic. In the Citadel, your dice allow you to improve your clan, acquiring traps, shields, potions, venoms, mercenaries, and more. The timing of your dice placement and the type of dice you use affects both yourself and other players.

All of the mercenaries, resources, and items you acquire go back to your clan base, and once you feel equipped enough, you go out to the wilderness and face the monsters.

Fight for the Queen:

Outside the Citadel, your dice become battle tools. You roll them in missions and battles, aiming to surpass target values. Careful, though, the choice of position in the battle is strategic, you compete with other players to take down the monsters or free the lands. 

You will have many opportunities to manipulate your dice results and increase your chance of success, using a multitude of items and abilities. You cannot simply hope for lucky rolls to snatch the crown, you will need to carefully manage your resources and do some proper planning to be successful.

If you capture or eliminate a monster or re-conquer a land, you will reap substantial rewards in form of glory and money. Use them to improve your clan even more. At the end of the game, the crown is handed to the clan with most Victory Points, which are generated by glory, reputation and a few more aspects which enrich the game even further.

Additional information
Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3.5 in

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