So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Fantastic Factories and the Kickstarter exclusive promo cards bundle! YES! ??

Colony meets bright, colorful Crisis-like theme… with a healthy dash of classic engine building and dice placing goodness!

This is a super-fun, fast-playing, dice placement, engine building game that will be a welcome addition to your medium-weight collection!!! The artwork will have you smiling… but not as much as the sheer happiness-generating effect of a solid turn of using resources to build buildings and then using those buildings to generate other resources and on and on in an EPIC turn!! I can hear the engines revving!! ??

And, adding to this FANTASTIC game is the fact that the people who designed it are all-around amazing humans! I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph (one half of the designer duo who created this masterpiece) at a mutual friend’s house for a board game night in Seattle a while back.

He was smart, articulate, and as nice as can be. Plus he was pretty dang good at board games! ? I could not be happier for the tremendous success that he and Justin have experienced with this game!!!

Basics of play… just the basics!

Set up the game by laying out 4 blueprint and 4 contractor cards. Each player grabs their player board, 4 dice in their color, a metal and two energy. Players also get 4 blueprint cards to start things off and a player aid! Bam!

During the game you will work like a bugger to create the most efficient (and kick-butt) factory that you can!

  1. Market Phase – Gain blueprints or contractors. Easy enough.
  2. Work Phase – Roll your dice and get started taking those actions!
    • Building cards – basically, pay resources and discard appropriate blueprint cards to add buildings to your most fantastic factory. You can build as many buildings as you’d like in a given turn, but you can’t have two of the same building (with some clearly explained exceptions).
    • Headquarters – take basic actions on your player board. Use the dice you rolled as workers to generate energy, draw blueprint cards from the top of the shuffled, face-down blueprint deck (not the marketplace!), or mine for metal! This portion of the game gives me the same satisfying chemical flood that I experience when making great use of my dice in the game Colony! Sooooo satisfying!
    • Activate cards – Time to fire off those building cards you’ve been adding to your factory! Each card can only be activated once per turn… Some have actions that do not require a worker (die) to be placed on them… others operate just like your headquarters in terms of generating goods for dice and what have you.
  1. Once everyone has placed all their workers and completed all their actions… it’s time to discard down to 12 resources and ten cards in hand. Pass that first player token.. and let’s kick off another market phase! Ohhhhhh… I am telling you… this game is FUN!!

The game ends… sadly.

Game end is triggered when one player has manufactured 12 or more goods or has built 120 or more buildings in their factory compound. Finish the current round… then play one last full round… and we’re off to final scoring!

I LOVE when a game end works like this.

There is nothing quite so frustrating as a game that ends the second someone meets the game end condition. Now, with that said, I LOVE Scythe and Euphoria and they both have that sort of “oh hell… it’s over!” ending. So maybe I need to rethink my statements… haha.

Perhaps it’s frustrating when a game ends abruptly and you are not in the lead! Honesty. It’s not so great right now… ?

But, all of that aside… it’s nice to have that one more round to try and squeak out those few last points! Bravo!

Bonus points for the fact that this game can readily be played in under 1.5 hours with four players at the table! Mind you, I love me a long, crunchy Euro… but sometimes you want something with a little meat on the bones that doesn’t take forever to play. The playtime on this beauty is SOLID for a game with medium-weight depth! Win, win, win!

Final factorial…

This is an incredibly fun, fast-paced, engine building dream! But don’t take it from me… check out these videos and hear other people croon over the awesomeness that is Fantastic Factories!

Video production segment ?

Tom Vasel review over at the Dice Tower can be found HERE. Yes, he LOVES it! In fact, he feels the company “hit it out of the ball park!” ⚾️

Rhado’s final fantastic thoughts can be found HERE.

Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 5 
Play Time: 45 – 60 minutes
Publisher: Metafactory Games
SKU: Metafactory Games 001
At the time of this listing (AUG 2020)
selling for $28-35 on a variety
of sites – without the KS exclusive cards.
Our Price: $24.75
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So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

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Fantastic Factories plus the Kickstarter exclusive promo cards!!  

Race against other players as you try to build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest amount of time. You must carefully manage your blueprints, train your workers, and manufacture as many goods as possible in order to achieve industrial dominance!

Fantastic Factories is a dice placement, engine building tabletop game for 1 to 5 players and takes 45 to 60 minutes to play.

Players build a set of factories into their compound and then roll dice to use as workers. With over 35 different blueprints, you can discover endless inventive and creative ways your factories can work together.

Different factories have different worker requirements. Some require a pair of matching dice. Some require a specific value. You aren’t stuck with what you roll, though. With training facilities you can manipulate the values of your dice in order to figure out the optimal placement of all your workers! Each turn is a satisfying puzzle to solve.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in

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